Frozen party: step by step and 85 enchanting ideas

Frozen party: step by step and 85 enchanting ideas
Robert Rivera

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Released in 2014, the movie Frozen has won a legion of kids fans. Telling the story of cute and cuddly characters, many children end up wishing for the feature film as their birthday party theme. Light tones, snowflakes and the lovable snowman Olaf are the main elements for decorating a Frozen party, as well as the use of vibrant colors and flowers.

Check out a selection with several decoration suggestions for you to get inspired. Also, watch some videos with tutorials that will help you to make the decorative elements, souvenirs and others at home, without having to spend a lot. Get inspired in this freezing adventure!

85 ideas for a Frozen party with passion

Souvenirs, centerpieces, decorative panel, personalized items, candy holders, and many other elements, get inspired with dozens of ideas for a beautiful, graceful, and shiny event:

1. simple but charming Frozen party

2. glamorous, event with an incredible panel of balloons

3. personalized candies with the world's most beloved snowman

4. decorate the table with Frozen characters

5. several cold porcelain Elsas and Annas decorate the table

6. blue hydrangeas match the theme perfectly

7. charming and well crafted centerpiece

8. blue decorative panel with paper snowflakes with metallic effect

9. don't forget to decorate the guests' tables with small ornaments

10. Is it hard to choose who is cuter, Olaf or the moose?

11. personalized and well-crafted candies

12. woody tones lend a touch of warmth to the decor

13. decorate the background with crepe strips in the colors of the party theme

14. Do you want to play in the snow?

15. the ice castle decorated the top of the fake cake

E.V.A. snowflakes and hearts with glitter add sparkle to the party

17. not only blue and white, decorate with pink and lilac colors

18. use a snow-like material to put on the floor

19. charming decoration that mixes several elements in harmony

20. make use of supports that match the decoration

21. deluxe Frozen party with amazing and sophisticated composition

22. decorate the table with little decorative lights

23. Isn't this the most amazing cake you have ever seen?

24. Lara chose her favorite movie to star in the event

25. well elaborated Frozen party full of rich details

26. amazing composition with different colors

27. notice the snowy trees that decorate the table exquisitely

28. perfect combination of pastel shades

29. invest in a simple but well-done decoration

30. Aren't those Olaf candies cute?

31 The arrangement of the elements resulted in a luxurious Frozen party

Explore your creativity and dare to decorate!

33. if possible, hold the event in a more open location or outdoors

34. simple decoration can also be as charming as the event requires

35. a vintage cabinet becomes a great ally in decoration

36. add more color to the composition for a warmer touch

37. use your furniture to support ornaments and candies

38. make a tulle skirt for the side table

39. do-it-yourself decorative items with little spending

40. Frozen party is composed with several colors in sync

41. use creative ideas to compose the decoration

42. add cheerful and vibrant tones to the composition

43. sunflowers, whether artificial or not, will add an even more beautiful touch to the party

44 On the table, on the panel or on the curtain, put little Christmas lights

45. paper flowers you can make yourself at home!

46. note the cotton candy packs with Olaf stickers, simple and creative!

47. rich and harmonious compositions with blue and purple tones

48. use a themed towel for the event

49 Many decorative items can be made with colored paper and E.V.A.

50. deluxe Frozen party decoration

51- Increase the decoration with colorful and textured flags

52. make cardboard cones with lots of glitter to resemble snowy mountains

53: Incredible, luxurious and impressive Frozen party!

54. giant Styrofoam snowflakes decorate the panel

55. use glass and crystal items you have at home to decorate the table

56. cardboard and E.V.A. snowflakes and mountains are some inexpensive ideas

57 Your bedside table also embellishes the look of the Frozen party

58. beautiful and simple decoration with a mini snowflake curtain

59 - Include the totems of the main characters in the event

60 - Fake cakes, besides not making a mess, add charm to the decoration

61. add lamps to the party scene

62: Impress your guests with an authentic party!

63. tulle is a perfect fabric to make the table's panel and skirt

64 - Wasn't little Olivia's birthday just delightful?

65. colorful snowflakes suspended with nylon string

66. special lighting highlights strategic points of the decoration

67. make use of the material that is used for filling to refer to snow

68. a freezing adventure to celebrate the birthday!

69. get balloons that already come with snowflake texture

70 What about this amazing faux cake in gradient?

71: Frozen party version for boys' birthdays!

72 With a black pen, draw the faces of the little snowmen on the balloons

74. chandeliers add luxury to Frozen party decor

75. the arrangement of the decorative elements is delicate and simple

76. an inexpensive and creative idea is to have princesses on a tube and a tulle skirt

77. miniature artificial trees decorate the Frozen party scene

78. candies, cakes and other personalized treats make the table even more beautiful

79. flower-shaped paper shapes for the candies

80. decoration is graceful with provençal furniture

81. buy a panel with the characters to decorate the background

82 - Blue is the main tone of the Frozen party

83. Isn't this the most beautiful decoration you have ever seen?

84. take the dolls of the birthday girl to compose the decoration

85. super luxurious and glitzy Frozen party!

One more beautiful than the other, your Frozen party will conquer everyone with its delicate look and nice decorative items. Because many events require a bigger pocket, check out some videos below to create the decorative items and souvenirs yourself in a practical way and without having to spend a lot.

Frozen Party: Step by Step

One of the biggest problems in throwing parties is your budget, so check out 10 videos with simple and practical tutorials that you can do yourself without having to invest a lot of money and using few materials.

Frozen Party Candy Holder

Besides serving as a support for the party's sweets and snacks, the item will give a more charming touch to the table. To make it, you don't need much skill. Use hot glue to better fix the materials.

Frozen Party Centerpiece

Cachepots, white and light blue tulle, and hot glue are some of the materials used to produce these beautiful and delicate centerpieces. You can also use them as souvenirs for your guests!

Crepe paper pompom for Frozen party

Perfect for hanging in the party venue, learn with this quick and easy tutorial how to make giant crepe paper pom-poms. Get the material in light blue, lilac, and white tones and use nylon string for hanging.

Paper Snowflakes for Frozen Party

Essential for decorating a party inspired by this movie that takes place mostly in snow-covered areas, here's how to make snowflakes using only white craft paper and scissors.

E.V.A. souvenirs for Frozen parties

Can be used as candy holders to decorate the table or as charming souvenirs for the guests, learn with this tutorial how to make the characters in E.V.A. The process requires a little more skill and patience, but the result will be amazing!

Bubble with tulle for Frozen party

Whether you want to decorate the tables or the place setting, watch this quick and practical video on how to create these beautiful items and enhance the decoration of your party with more grace and charm. No mystery, production requires few materials and skill.

3D paper snowflake for Frozen party

Requiring a little more patience and skill, learn how to make beautiful 3D snowflakes to decorate the tables, the billboards, and the venue. Use a sturdy cardboard sheet, and choose shades that match the party theme!

Frozen Party Tablecloth

To hide that ugly table that doesn't match the Frozen party decor, check out this tutorial that explains all the steps on how to create a custom tablecloth for this event. Finish it off by applying several snowflakes of varying sizes.

Tree branches for Frozen party

Perfect for adding to your birthday party decor, here's how to make these tree branches for decoration. Easy to do, paint them white with a special wood paint. Our tip is to hang some snowflakes and finish with glitter!

Ladder for sweets and snacks for Frozen party

Making use of recycled milk cartons, learn how to make this little ladder that serves as a decorative support for the party's sweets and snacks. Easy and practical to make, you need few materials such as hot glue, tape, E.V.A., and a barbecue stick.

With all the suggestions it will be difficult for your Frozen party not to be enchanting or dazzling. Make use of lots of glitter and snowflakes in your decoration, as well as dolls and images of the nice characters that are part of this feature film. Come be part of this freezing adventure and enchant all your guests with your party!

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