Garden lighting: know the types and be amazed with 35 photos

Garden lighting: know the types and be amazed with 35 photos
Robert Rivera

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Garden lighting allows outdoor spaces to be functional at night, as well as beautifying the space and providing more security. The lights add a special touch and transform the landscaping, producing a different look than during the day.

With the application of lights, it is possible to enjoy your garden at night with parties, dinners, and leisure activities, as well as highlighting trees, shrubs, and paths. To do this, check out how to bring life and add charm to your garden when it gets dark, with a list of types of outdoor lighting and several photos of illuminated gardens for you to get inspired:

Types of Garden Lighting

The lighting equipment should be suitable for use in outdoor areas and harmoniously coexist with the landscaping, so learn about types of garden lighting for you to use in yours:


They are medium or tall columns that provide lighting. They are ideal for general illumination, diffusing light throughout the space. There are several models that stand out in the garden with their shapes and styles. Some are sustainable and economical with the use of solar energy. They can be made of iron, aluminum, or metal.

Strings of Light

They are stylish accessories in which lights are hung. They can be arranged in various ways, hanging from trees, pergolas, or columns in the garden. They create an incredible effect on the decoration and general lighting of outdoor environments. Various types of lamps can be used, such as colored or white.


They are indicated for illuminating and marking paths, steps, and stairs. With a beam of light directed downward, they add safety, visibility, and beauty to garden circulation. They can be floor, wall, or small poles. Their use is perfect for creating harmony in lighting levels and providing a clear view of paths.

Skewers Luminaires

There are several styles of skewer fixtures, some with directional beam. They are great for use as decorative lighting to highlight plants in garden areas with lining, pebbles, or exposed soil. They have the advantage of practicality in installation with a "skewer" type ground fixing system that easily enters the soil.


Widely used in decorative lighting in gardens, they are indicated to illuminate a specific point, because they emit a strong and focused light. They are usually installed on the ground, with the light coming from the bottom up towards a point. They are ideal to highlight objects such as statues, vases, bushes, and trees.

Ground embeds

They are installed in small holes in the garden, so they require more planning for their installation. They have resistant characteristics, with a long useful life. They illuminate from bottom to top and are indicated to highlight architectural details, such as textures and coverings. They can also illuminate corridors and passages through the garden.


They are fixtures fixed exclusively to the wall and are very practical to be used in external areas and gardens. They provide an indirect and soft vertical illumination. Indicated to light passages, balconies, walls, and walls around the house.

Floor lamps

They are suitable for illuminating the garden in a general way. Distributed along the length of the space, they make the whole environment bright. With their small size, they can easily be arranged on the ground and in flowerbeds, placed on the lawn, ground, or floor.

Underwater luminaires

They are made with materials suitable to be installed inside pools, fountains, and water mirrors in the garden.


In addition to illuminating the environment, they also serve as decorative pieces in the garden. They can be easily arranged in the external area, either on the ground or hanging from trees or pergolas, since they do not require electrical wiring. They have various styles and give a welcoming touch to the garden. They are great for decorating parties and receiving friends outdoors in your home.

The different types of garden lighting allow you to create various lighting effects and are perfect for making your garden even more beautiful, elegant, and charming.

35 pictures of garden lighting

Transform your garden at night with various forms of lighting:

1. highlight plants and textures with garden lighting

2. light transforms the garden's scenery at night

3. create a cozy atmosphere with lighting

4. enchant with wonderful strings of light

5. floor markers to illuminate and indicate paths

6. light up flowerbeds and trees to create highlights

7. sconces produce a special effect in the garden lighting

8. enhance colors and textures of plants with lighting

9. more charm for your home with garden lighting

10. the light composition must integrate aesthetics and safety

11. use ground inlays to light trees and paths

12. mix different types of lighting to create amazing effects

13. value and highlight entrances, steps and paths

14. create points of interest by illuminating trees

15. make the most of the garden also during the night

16. soft and stylish lighting

17. floor lamps give a modern touch to the garden

18. provide a clear view of the staircase with lighting

19. illuminate the plants in the pots with spike lamps

20. give the garden a special touch with wall sconces

21. for a large garden spread several types of lighting

22. accentuate the landscaping and illuminate the passage at the same time

23. in smaller gardens, highlight vases with lighting

24: Sophistication in the garden with the illumination of plants and statues

25. a garden to relax and enjoy the evening

26. explore lighting in fountains, water features, and pools

27. stunning garden with illuminated pool

28. spike lamps to illuminate small plants in the garden

29. a charming garden also at night

Create contrasts of light and shade with garden lighting

31. floor beacons combined with floor inlays

32. soft lighting, with highlighted points of interest

33. palm tree accent lighting

34. more beauty for the garden with lighting

Combine sconces and spotlights for a stunning effect

Garden lighting combines functionality and beauty, by enhancing shapes, colors, and textures in your home's outdoor environment. With it, you can transform your garden, add value to your property, ensure visibility, and enjoy the night outdoors much more.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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