How to care for peace lilies and bring nature into your home

How to care for peace lilies and bring nature into your home
Robert Rivera

Easy-to-grow plant, the peace lily, with scientific name Spathiphyllum wallisii It is known for its power of purification, since it helps to eliminate impurities from the air and also to absorb negative energies. It can be grown in pots or next to walls, and is a good option to decorate indoor or outdoor environments. See care tips and beautiful pictures to have this plant in your home:

How to care for and maintain a peace lily

  • Light: live well indoors, with indirect light. Outdoors, they should be grown in the shade of larger plants. They do not tolerate direct sunlight that can burn their leaves
  • Humidity: It appreciates warm and humid places, such as bathrooms or kitchens. It can be grown in air-conditioned spaces, as long as you spray its leaves with water daily.
  • Watering: It appreciates frequent watering, 2 to 3 times a week. Its soil must be kept moist, never waterlogged. Its leaves can wilt due to lack of water, but just rehydrate its roots and its exuberance will return.
  • Fertilization: Your substrate should be kept rich in organic matter, so fertilize from time to time during the warmer months of the year.
  • Temperature: is a plant that appreciates mild temperatures, around 20°C, so project the plant during colder days and avoid growing it in places with a lot of wind.
  • Toxic plant: Due to the presence of calcium oxalate, it is a toxic plant in contact with mosses. Keep out of reach of children and animals and wear gloves when handling or pruning its leaves.

20 ideas on how to add the lily of the peace to your decoration

The lily-of-the-pearl is a wild choice to ensure a more charming and lively environment, whether outdoors or indoors. Check out a selection of ideas with the plant:

1. bet on a vase with the plant

It is widely used in feng shui

3. for its meaning that symbolizes peace and harmony

4. sophistication in decoration

5. having a plant indoors is a smart bet

6. how about a hanging garden?

7. ideal for any available space

8. ensuring peace in a cozy room

9. the ideal decorative object

10. corner of peace and aromas

11. embellishing the tea tray

12. a beautiful indoor bed of peace lilies

13. beautiful, it is the highlight of the environment

14. decorating a minimalist environment

15. it also goes well with a more rustic decoration

16. plants everywhere

17. in the shade, it can result in a beautiful outdoor garden

18. vertical garden for the pool area

19. large living wall for the balcony

20. green is the right bet for a brighter environment

A versatile and stylish plant, the peace lily is easy to grow and low maintenance, making it a good option for those who wish to add plants to their home decor.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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