How to clean sneakers: learn 7 quick and easy tricks to do at home

How to clean sneakers: learn 7 quick and easy tricks to do at home
Robert Rivera

Not everyone knows how to clean sneakers, but learning tips for cleaning shoes is essential, since this item becomes more durable, not to mention practically new every time it is sanitized. To do the cleaning without suffering, also avoiding the risk of staining or damaging the fabric, check out some specific tips on how to clean sneakers with simple and quick tricks.

To learn how to clean sneakers it is first necessary to analyze the type of fabric of each piece. This initial information will direct what type of product or technique should be applied when cleaning common dirt, bad odors or even specific stains. These are easy and useful tips for our daily lives. Who brings the tips on how to clean sneakers is Sandra Cavalcanti, from Dicas daCheck it out:

How to clean white or light-colored sneakers

In the first item on the list of how to clean sneakers is the classic white sneaker, or the lighter colored ones. As with clothes, some care is fundamental to avoid yellowing or staining the white sneaker even more. To clean, you need to mix detergent with hot water. Get a brush, preferably with firmer bristles, and scrub all over the material, including inside. A very good trick is to useuse a few drops of white vinegar directly on the stains or even on the inside to remove some of the bad odor, if any.

Another tip is to use one teaspoon of detergent and another of ammonia, dissolved in 150 ml of water. Rub to remove the dirt and then just rinse and remove any product that is still on the sneaker and put it to dry.

How to clean leather sneakers

Leather sneakers or shoes also deserve every care. To clean them a clean, dry cloth is needed. A simple solution of water with vinegar can be used to restore the pairs to their most natural color. To remove stains you need to use alcohol for darker shades. Make-up remover milk is indicated to moisturize white leather shoes.

How to clean suede sneakers

Suede shoes are easier to clean. Soft dirt can be removed with a pencil eraser, the same kind kids use at school. Just rub it on the mark and little by little the stain will be removed.

Be careful with the excessive use of water when cleaning suede, because it can really ruin the fabric. Sandra's tip, in this case, is to mix a tablespoon of hair conditioner with two tablespoons of water. Mix it well and apply it all over the shoes, leaving it for 15 minutes. After that, just use a damp cloth to remove the excess of the product. Vinegar can also be useful for removalof stains.

How to clean insole and shoelace

In addition to learning how to clean sneakers, you also need to sanitize your insole and shoelaces. In the case of the insole, the tip is to brush the material with powder soap, rinse, and then put it out to dry in the sun. If the insole has a bad odor, the recipe is different: you should soak the pieces in a container with a bit of baking soda and let them rest in water for a few hours.The shoelace can also be washed by hand or in the washing machine. The best thing is not to rub it so much, because the dirt is easily removed in the first wash.

Sneaker Cleaning Products

After the homemade tips on how to clean sneakers, it is worth remembering that the market offers some specific products for dry cleaning shoes. The ideal is for you to read the instructions from the manufacturer of the sneaker to know how to clean that particular fabric. This care is essential to avoid damaging the product and preserve its life span.

Eliminating bad odors

Vinegar and baking soda are important allies for those who want to learn how to clean sneakers and remove bad odor. It is also important to remember that brushing, when cleaning the sneakers, must also be done internally, since it is natural that the dirt and sweat of the feet promote this mixture of stains with the unpleasant smell. In some cases it is also indicated to put the sneakers exposed to the sun.Sunbathe once a week, as this also helps prevent bad odors.

Other cares for you to learn how to clean sneakers

Another detail that makes all the difference when it comes to learning how to clean sneakers is the filling. Many people forget, but the truth is that some fabrics, such as leather or plastic, become deformed after washing or more intense cleaning.

To prevent the shape of the shoe from changing, it is necessary to fill it internally with fabric or other material that can also be moistened when cleaning - and that maintains the shape of the shoe. This trick is fundamental so that those marks and stripes do not stand out after the shoe has dried completely. By following these tips, you will certainly have clean and smelly sneakers and shoes! Enjoy!and also see creative tips that will teach you how to organize shoes.

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