How to fold elastic sheeting: learn step by step

How to fold elastic sheeting: learn step by step
Robert Rivera

The elastic sheet is practical in everyday life, but when it comes to folding and organizing the closet, the piece can become a real nightmare.

If you also have a hard time folding your elastic bandage, here are some precious tips: an illustrated step-by-step guide and a video with the correct (and easiest) method for folding your elastic bandage that will make it ready for the closet, simple, fast, and organized:

How to fold elastic sheeting

- Step 1: Place your stretchy sheet on a large flat surface, such as the bed. Position the sheet with the elastic part facing up.

- Step 2: Fold the sheet in half, bringing the bottom part up. Match the bottom corners and seams with the top ones. Arrange the corners and edges to form a neat rectangle.

- Step 3: Fold the sheet in half again, this time from left to right or vice versa, making sure to hide the elastic.

- Step 4: Fold your sheet again at the side, now in three equal parts, forming a long rectangle.

- Step 5: To finish, turn the sheet horizontally and fold it again in three parts, forming a square... That's it. The elastic sheet is perfect and flat to go in the closet!

Video: How to fold elastic bandage sheet

The video teaches one more option on how to fold an elastic sheet to make the household routine easier. By following this step by step, you will also get a sheet folded correctly and ready to be stored in an organized way.

With these precious tips, you'll be able to fold your elastic sheet the right way, making it much easier to keep your bedding organized and saying good-bye to cluttered closets, as well as making the housekeeping routine easier.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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