How to make bats for Halloween: templates and fun tutorials

How to make bats for Halloween: templates and fun tutorials
Robert Rivera

The most horrifying time of the year is coming and you are already thinking about the decoration you will make for your celebration? Then, you can not fail to follow the tips on how to make bats for Halloween that we have separated. Check out videos with step by step and molds to choose your favorite!

How to make bats for Halloween

Below you will find tutorials that show various techniques to create your own bat. With affordable materials and a lot of creativity, you will guarantee a special touch in your decoration with these scary little guys:

How to make a bat out of cardboard

With a template, scissors, and pencil, you can make several little bats using a single sheet of black cardboard.

Make a bat that flaps its wings using a clothespin

Creativity is not lacking in this video, so we brought you this amazing way to make a bat that flaps its wings using a clothespin.

Sustainable Bat made from PET Bottles

This model, besides being super-different, also has a decorative appeal. The bat is made of a PET bottle, painted with paint, and even gets eyes and ears. To finish, use a spiral to attach it wherever you want and make a very realistic decoration.

Bat folding

Pay attention to the folds you make in the paper so that the bat gets the right effect, and the finishing touch with the little eyes makes the result even more fun!

Bat with toilet paper roll

Turn toilet paper rolls into cute little bats! As in the tutorial, vary between one whole roll for one bat, or divide it in two to differentiate the sizes.

Bat line in TNT

TNT and scissors: this is all the material you will need to make a bat clothesline. The idea is great and is perfect for decorating walls and tables!

The techniques are varied and very creative. Choose your favorite or bet on various models of bat to decorate different spaces of the decor. You will be surprised with the result!

Bat templates to print for Halloween

Next, check out the bat molds we've separated to help you get hands-on and make fun little bats. Together with the tutorials you've seen, each one will be even easier to make!

Now that you know how to make one of the main stars of the party, get inspired with cheerful and creative Halloween decoration ideas to boost your production!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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