How to organize a kitchen cabinet: 15 tips to keep everything in place

How to organize a kitchen cabinet: 15 tips to keep everything in place
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Do you need help knowing how to organize a kitchen cabinet? By adhering to some foolproof practices, you will learn how to keep everything in its proper place. Check out practical tips below and see tutorials and inspiration photos that will help you in this mission!

15 tips on how to organize a kitchen cabinet efficiently

The organization depends not only on your available space, but also on the items you have. Thinking about that, Ruche Organização has separated amazing tips to help you take advantage of every corner. Check it out:

1. keep the items you use the most handy

Always keep the items you use most in the kitchen visible and accessible, so you don't waste time looking for something you use frequently.

2. bet on organizer baskets

Baskets are the ideal solution to keep items organized and easy to handle. Measure the available space and purchase baskets according to your storage and space needs.

3. keep less used items in higher places

The least used items can be arranged in the least accessible places and in higher places. This way you ensure free space for what you need to use more often.

4. arrange glasses in rows

Keep the glasses organized in rows, so that they are accessible and easy to identify. Also try to separate them into categories according to their specific purposes, such as regular glasses, wine glasses, draft beer glasses, and more.

5. dishes stacked by purpose

Arrange the dishes in piles and, if possible, use appropriate organizers for this purpose. Also separate them by set, keeping soup plates in one pile, regular plates in another, and so on.

6. use airtight jars

Hermetic jars are perfect for storing groceries, "Identification labels make it easier to locate and should also, if possible, have the expiration date of the products", says Claudia Tavares, from Ruche Organização.

7. hooks to help in the organization

Hooks are a great alternative for hanging items such as spice organizers, lids, and even paper towel holders. This way, the internal space can be better used without compromising the shelves.

8. keep pans in a place that is easy to handle

Pans are usually stored in cabinets or drawers at the bottom. They are indispensable items that need to be easily accessible and organized for easy removal.

9. upright platters and Pyrex

There are specific organizers for this purpose that help keep the pieces balanced and in their places.

10. organized plastic pots with lids

No more searching for jar lids, you can organize them with their respective lids or arrange them one inside the other, separated by size and shape, and fitting the lids into a specific organizer.

11. organized cutlery

If possible, keep the flatware in separate drawers from the utensils, leaving the most frequently used in meals in the top drawer.

12. mugs hanging on hooks

A great way to save space in the cupboard and keep things organized is to use a mug organizer. The mugs can be hung by their handles on hooks, leaving free space to arrange the plates in the set.

13. American games arranged together

Store sets of American sets in packages with viewfinders for easy identification. In addition to being accessible, the sets are organized in a compact way.

14. fold dishcloths and tablecloths

Keep dishcloths and tablecloths neatly folded and arranged in an easily accessible place. If you prefer, use hives or organizers to better accommodate them.

15. sealed and identified spices

The spices need to be well sealed and identified. It is important that they are kept in an accessible place, as well as the salt, to make cooking easier.

Take the opportunity to discard items that are unused or broken, so as to free up more space for storage. Plan the organization by considering what will be used more or less to define the spaces.

How to organize a kitchen cabinet

Check out the following amazing tutorials that will help you organize different spaces and make your routine easier:

How to organize groceries

By using organizing jars and baskets, storage is proven to be more complete. Pay attention to how you arrange packages and what really needs to be stored in the efficient airtight jars.

How to organize kitchen drawers

This very complete tutorial teaches you how to organize your kitchen drawers. From the folding of the dishcloths to the cutlery organizers, everything has been designed to optimize space and save time.

Organized pans

The video shows the challenge of organizing pans in a small space.

Accessories for organization

You will learn about accessories that are often used to keep everything in its place. The result is a well-organized and space-optimized closet to fit all your things!

Allies in the organization of kitchen cabinets, the organizers have a wide variety of models and sizes. Bet on models made of acrylic or transparent plastic for easy viewing of items and cleaning!

35 photos of kitchen cabinets organized in a practical and efficient way

Check out the following practical and effective ways to organize your closet, whatever its size. You'll be surprised at the different possibilities for keeping everything in place!

1. keep the most used items accessible

2. always keeping glasses in a row

3. and dishes stacked and separated by category

4. cups can be arranged on the cabinet shelf

5. or hung on hooks

6. keep cutlery organized by type

7. and accommodated in organizers

8. to make them accessible

9. just like kitchen utensils

10. that they must be clearly visible and available

11. rails can be arranged horizontally

12. stacked on top of each other

13. or vertically, for better viewing

14. pans must be easily accessible

15. and can be stored side by side with their respective covers

16. or stacked, when in more compact spaces

17. pots can have their own space

18. and be arranged with or without a lid

19. groceries should be arranged in glass jars

20. and identified by small plaques

21. or stickers

22. making items accessible

23. and with easy identification

24. use for both food

25. how much for spices

26. baskets are perfect for keeping everything in its place

27. making smart use of closet space

28. separating by food types

29. and making it easy to see

30. be in more spacious closets

31. or in narrower models

32. use all the available space

33. making the most used items accessible

34. to ensure good storage

35. and make your routine easier

And to keep your kitchen even more in order, count on organizers and know how and when to use them.

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