How to plant and color your garden with the lovely hydrangea

How to plant and color your garden with the lovely hydrangea
Robert Rivera

The hydrangea is a species of plant that blooms beautifully and can come in many colors. Thus, it is a great option for your garden. Learn how to care for this passionate and enchanting flower.

The Meanings of Hydrangea

The hydrangea carries a very important meaning. It symbolizes devotion, dignity, and purity of feeling. In addition, it can also be associated with abundance and prosperity.

The colors of the hydrangea

Although we find many hydrangea colors around, the flowers are not naturally colored. They get these different colors because of the pH of the soil where they are planted:

Red Hydrangeas

Although called red hydrangeas, these flowers have a dark pink color. To get the color, you need to give them a boost by adding dolomitic limestone to the soil for some time. This will raise the pH level of the soil and the flower will not absorb aluminum. Also apply a 25-10-10 fertilizer to stimulate the reddish hue.

White Hydrangea

White hydrangeas are classic and perfect for making up a garden. To get this color, you must make the soil as alkaline as possible. Dolomite limestone can help whiten the flowers.

Blue Hydrangeas

The blue color of hydrangeas is very popular, but for the flowers to reach this bluish hue, you need a soil rich in aluminum, an acidic soil. To make the soil acidic, make a mixture of 20g of aluminum sulfate, alum rock, or iron sulfate. Dilute it in water and water the plant twice a week.

Hydrangea lilac

To get lilac hydrangea, you can bathe the plant in water with a piece of the steel sponge. Or, water the plant with coffee grounds water to regulate the pH.

These are the main colors of the hydrangea. Some colors may vary according to the acidity of the soil, so it is important to keep an eye on the blooming flowers and to be aware of the shades achieved by the flowers.

How to plant and care for hydrangea for beautiful flowers

But how to plant and care for these beauties? Hydrangeas require special care, especially if you want to add color to your flowers. Learn more:

How to plant and grow hydrangeas

With the video above, you will learn how to plant and care for hydrangeas. Tips on how to grow them, how much sun you need, fertilization, the best time to plant, and much more.

How to change the color of hydrangea

The tips above are perfect for those who want to modify the color of their flowers. Here, you will learn the secret of soil acidity to achieve the desired color.

Hydrangea seedlings with branches

Do you know how to make seedlings with twigs? Here, you will learn how to make hydrangea seedlings using cuttings. So, it is very simple and you can multiply this exciting plant.

How to make the hydrangea bloom?

Mixing hair on the plant? coffee powder? boiled vegetable water? These are some tips that you will get to know to stimulate hydrangea blooms.

This makes it easier to take care of this plant that will bring a lot of color to your garden. By following these tips, you have a healthy and beautiful plant.

10 pictures of hydrangea gardens for you to fall in love with

Now that you know how to grow hydrangea and keep it colorful, healthy, and beautiful, it's time to get inspired by the selected photos to make your garden even more alive:

1. the garden is well illuminated with white hydrangeas

3. the shades of pink are beautiful and enchanting

4. the plant is very versatile and perfect for outdoors

5. red hydrangeas are delicate and vibrant

6. the garden is the true paradise

7. colorful flowers bring joy to the garden

8. and they make any corner very exciting.

9. yes, hydrangeas are perfect for a colorful garden

10. this species is worth having in your garden

The hydrangea is an ideal plant to complement your garden. The various colors make the environment more cheerful and illuminated. It is worth investing in! Take a look at other types of flowers to decorate your garden.

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