How to sharpen nail pliers: quick and practical tips to do at home

How to sharpen nail pliers: quick and practical tips to do at home
Robert Rivera

A loose cuticle is usually a nuisance, and there is nothing better than having a pair of pliers at hand to put an end to this discomfort in a safe and effective way. For this, the instrument must be well sharpened and in condition to do the job. If you don't know how to sharpen nail pliers, now is the time to learn.

Check out some tips for sharpening your pliers using practical, inexpensive, and effective materials, and the best part: without leaving home.

1. how to sharpen nail pliers with aluminum foil

Did you know that aluminum foil - the kind you use to cover food - is a great material for sharpening? To do this, just make a small ball with it and cut it with the pliers. Pull out pieces and the more you do, the sharper it will be. Repeat the process for five minutes. Then, just test the cut and if it is still a little dull, cut some more aluminum foil. Do thisprocedure until the result is achieved.

2. how to sharpen nail pliers with sandpaper

This is one of the simplest methods. You just need to pass the sandpaper both on the inside and outside of your pliers. Do this for five minutes and you will have sharpened it. You need to point the sandpaper always in the same direction. This means that you should not pass it on the inside from the bottom to the top and on the outside from the top to the bottom, ok? If this happens, you are simply grindingand 'unfriending' him constantly.

3. how to sharpen nail pliers with a needle

This technique may take a little longer, but it is considered one of the best options. To begin, you must release the lock, causing the tips of the tweezers to come together. Then, pass the needle through the inner part. Do this several times and test the cut until you achieve the expected result. Keep the direction of the needle to the same side, because otherwise the effect will be rebound and the device will beeven worse.

4. how to sharpen nail pliers with a file

Firmly and quickly pass the file over the pliers. If you are going to the right side, do this with the pliers' tip closed; on the left side, repeat the process with the tip open. You need to do this for about ten minutes. Patience and strength are the best tools.

5. how to sharpen nail pliers with emery

Follow this step by step tutorial very carefully to get an amazing result. It is not a very easy process, and it needs a lot of care, but the result is worthy of a professional. At the end of it all, test the wire of the pliers. Use a bag, stretch it and cut it with the pliers. If it doesn't pull, it is ready.

So, what do you think of these tips? By following them, it will be much more practical to sharpen your pliers and have your nails always well done. Be sure to also check out some tips for organizing makeup and other products.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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