Kitchen Curtain: 50 amazing designs to inspire you

Kitchen Curtain: 50 amazing designs to inspire you
Robert Rivera

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The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas of the house, whether it is to prepare a meal or to bring everyone together over dinner, especially if the family is large! And to ensure the comfort and privacy of all, adding a curtain to the decor of this space becomes paramount. Regardless of whether the window is large, small or an access door, the chosen model should,This way, besides making sure that people passing by on the street or neighbors do not look at the movement inside your residence, it also adds that charm and sophistication that every environment must have.

The models available in the market are very diverse: they range from woven fabrics in fleece, with rails or rods, to blinds, Roman and roller shades. For those who can't do without practicality, the ideal is to choose a piece that is easy to clean, or that can be easily removed when washing. But the truth is that there is a perfect solution for every type of budget and taste! Check out some of them belowAmazing kitchen designs with curtains for you to get inspired (and also fall in love):

1. discreet and elegant

The voile fabrics are perfect for those who want to include the curtain in a more delicate way in their decoration. It also helps to keep the natural light entering the room while maintaining privacy.

2. used as a room divider

A super creative and original idea is to use long curtains as a divider for integrated environments.

3. harmonizing the piece with the decor is fundamental

The predominant color added a lot of lightness and clarity to the space, and also made it possible to add impactful details to the decor, such as the red furniture, appliances, and ornaments.

4. the curtain was secured in the installation of the molding

When installing the molding in the kitchen, make sure that the indentation near the window, called the curtain wall, is the ideal size to receive your curtains, especially if the model chosen is roller shades or blinds, which have a wider track than the usual rods.

5. a double solution for two environments

In this project, both the kitchen and the dining room received the same models of Roman curtains, to standardize the decor in the right measure. Notice that the discretion of the pieces did not interfere with the personality of the raw style adopted in the finish.

6. curtain? what curtain?

Speaking of discretion, the blackout installed in this kitchen is only noticeable after a good look at the picture. This is because the chosen curtain has the same color as the cabinet doors next to it.

7. a white cloth between the tiles

The delicacy of the color palette was guaranteed with the addition of the white blackout above the sink, where tiles in various shades of blue were installed. As this type of tile usually draws a lot of attention, there was no better solution!

8. wooden blinds are super resistant

For the modern kitchen, the colors black and white were kept even in the detail of the illustrious curtain, installed just below the molding.

9. its simplest model is also the most economical

PVC blinds are the simplest, cheapest, and easiest to find models, because they have different sizes for standard-sized doors and windows. A perfect solution for those on a tight budget.

10. printed fabrics for those who are not afraid to dare

A curtain doesn't necessarily have to be plain, quite the contrary. Printed models are perfect for breaking up the sobriety of an environment, as well as adding a lot of personality to the decoration.

11. choose your preferred model, regardless of window size

The Double Vision model is another alternative for controlling the light entering the room. You can make it more transparent, aligning the white bands one above the other, or close it definitively, interleaving the two band options (one above the other).

12. sometimes, including a curtain in the kitchen is necessary

Cooking or doing the dishes under the gaze of your front-door neighbor is not one of the most comfortable things, is it? Living in an apartment often has its drawbacks, but the problem is solved very well with the addition of a curtain, or even a blackout, on the infamous indiscreet window.

13. especially if the kitchen window faces the street

Inhibiting the visibility into the house is also necessary when the window or glass door is visibly accessible by passers-by on the street. In this case, we are not only talking about aesthetics, but also about safety, right?

14. a simple screen can make all the difference

For those who do not like to create volume in their decoration, canvas is the most indicated material. They are light, delicate, and do not interfere in any way with the decoration of the room. All you have to do is choose the right color and size.

15. keeping the windows away from the eyes

There are those who are annoyed (and very annoyed) by the effect that the window offers in the decoration. Many times, the material used by the builders does not please the dwellers, and behold, the curtain, once again, fulfills its role perfectly in hiding it, giving another look to the environment.

16. a curtain with a rod ensures that the space is very cozy

And also quite elegant, especially if the piece is long, reaching the floor. Moreover, fabric pieces are super easy to wash: just take them off the rail and throw them in the washing machine on "delicate" mode.

17: Disguising the base of the curtain with a band

Are you bothered by that not-so-delicate base of the roller or rail curtains? Invest in a banderole, tailor-made to fit your project perfectly! This is a type of feature often used in low windows, or in the absence of a curtain moulding.

18. metallic blinds are super modern

For a decor that has beige as the main base, the metallic shutter registered that the style of this kitchen is 100% contemporary! A nice way to break the seriousness of a sober and basic tone.

19. choose a material that resists smoke and grease

In this case, aluminum or PVC blinds are the most suitable, because they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and degreaser, without having to remove the piece from the wall.

20. before you buy the part, measure your window

Not all windows have the measurements compatible with the standard models sold in large stores. For these specific cases, it is necessary to order a custom-made curtain, so that the final result is satisfactory.

21. ... And take into account also what will be below it

For curtains installed above the sink or counter, keep in mind that their length should not hinder movement in these environments. The best thing is that the piece should not cover outlets, nor be too close to the faucet, filter, and utensils.

22. the ideal is that your curtain be practical

And when we talk about practicality, we mean meeting all your needs. If the problem is lack of privacy or too much sunlight, give preference to blinds. If your difficulty is dealing with cleaning, opt for materials that are easy to remove and wash. The less work, the better, right?

23. white is the most used color in kitchen decoration

Black and gray are also commonly used, but are best suited for darker or brutalist decorations.

24. the incredible effect of the industrial touch

This contemporary project with an industrial touch had a coating imitating burnt cement on the entire extension of the counter sink. And to match the finish, it couldn't be different: the metallic blinds gave the final touch of elegance that the space needed.

See more inspirations for kitchens with curtains

The projects are very diverse: from compact environments to spacious integrated kitchens:

25. white, simple and practical

26. for the balcony door, a long and charming voile

27. for the industrial style, blinds are the most indicated

28. neutral colors guarantee amplitude to the environment

29. to avoid mistakes, pattern your curtain to the wall covering

30. lace offers delicacy to the space

31. ... Also with a touch more modernity

32. the wooden models are very conceptual

33: Impossible to resist this striking red

34. the long curtains at each end made the kitchen super cozy

35. creating that comfortable mood in the room

36. prints are a creative way to stylize the decor

37. black and green: a more than perfect pair

38. tailor-made panels exceed any expectation

39. and with them, you control the privacy and lighting

40. by the way, your appliances and food will thank you for this care

41. since some of them may stain, fade or spoil with direct exposure to the sun

42) How about matching the curtain to the stone of the sink and countertop?

43. or create a contrast between it and the coating?

44. the solution for this area was to use the space to install a shelf

45. here the options gave the kitchen that vintage charm

46. more sophisticated and elegant, impossible

47. aluminum blinds are very much in evidence

48. and curtains with rods will never go out of fashion

49. and can easily be changed when the need for change strikes

Regardless of the model, choose a versatile material with good durability, so your investment will not be just for one more decorative detail, but for a long-term solution.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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