Learn how to make a Tsuru and know its meaning

Learn how to make a Tsuru and know its meaning
Robert Rivera

Tsurus represent a Japanese legend of great importance. origami of this oriental bird is one of the best known. it can be used in decoration, to amuse children, and to stimulate art.

In addition, the Tsuru fold is offered in temples as a prayer request. As a symbol of peace, the oriental bird is very present in the decoration of traditional celebrations, such as New Year's Eve parties and weddings.

What is tsuru?

Although it became popular due to origami, the Tsuru is a bird from a Japanese legend. Its beauty is considered sacred and it lives up to a thousand years, therefore, among its representations is the vitality of youth. It is also considered the protector of the hermits, who lived as refugees in the mountains and believed in the power of eternal youth.

The Story of the Tsuru

After the bomb blast in Hiroshima in 1945, many war survivors became ill, including a 12-year-old girl named Sadako. During her treatment for leukemia, the girl received a visit from a friend who told her the legend of the tsuru: if she produced a thousand birds with one wish in mind, at the end of the production, the wish would come true.

Sadako's illness was in an advanced stage, so a cure was not an option and she decided to pray for world peace. However, Sadako died on October 25, 1955 after folding 964 tsurus. Her friends completed the goal and started a campaign to build a monument symbolizing the peace she desired. In 1958 the building was completed, since then the tsurus have gained morea symbology: peace.

What tsuru means

There are many stories about the Tsuru, so over time it has gained various symbologies: health, good luck, happiness, peace, longevity, and fortune.

How to make a tsuru

Tsuru origami requires only one material: square shaped paper (you choose the size). This kind of craft requires more attention than practice. With time, it's very easy to decorate each step. See step by step:

  1. Bringing two ends together, fold the square paper into the shape of a triangle, then unfold, leaving the folded area well marked.
  2. Fold the square in half on the opposite side of the marking, forming another triangle. Then fold the triangle in half.
  3. Finish this fold of the triangle well. Open it up and repeat the process on the other side.
  4. Create a rhombus by joining the main ends and folding them upwards.
  5. Fold a small point toward the center, forming a triangle on the open side of the origami.
  6. Repeat the process on the opposite side.
  7. The folded square should be turned over for you to repeat the new triangle folding steps, until it looks like a kite.
  8. Unfold the sheet into a square shape, keeping the folds and creases created with all the previous folding steps.
  9. Repeat on the other side. This process will leave the sheet in a diamond shape, with the top accessible for the opening.
  10. Fold one of the corners (it can be of any origami face) toward the center.
  11. Repeat the same process on the other side, keeping as much as possible the symmetry of the fold.
  12. Once again fold the center ends into the center.
  13. Do the same process on the other side.
  14. Open one side of the paper, folding it in half; this process is valid for both sides.
  15. Fold one half of the bottom part up, positioning it to form the tail.
  16. The other half will be positioned upwards in the other direction to form the neck.
  17. Fold one of the ends down to form the beak.

You can keep the center part closed or open it to make the Tsuru with flying wings. The effect is even more beautiful if you make the origami out of colored paper.

Tutorials for making tsuru

Below is a selection of videos for you to unleash your creativity. In addition to learning how to make the traditional tsuru, see amazing tips to enrich the decoration of your home or party.

Step by step to make a tsuru

After checking the written step-by-step it is time to learn visually how to make your tsuru. The tutorial is very didactic. The creases can be created with your fingernails or with the help of scissors.

How to Make Tsuru Candy Forms

If a decoration with tsuru origami is already cool, imagine including candy tins in the same style? In this video you will follow step by step the execution of this project that is made only with paper and nothing else.

Tsuru Mobile

For less than $ 5 you can make a beautiful tsuru mobile. Besides the paper, you will need string and some beads for decoration.

Making your own tsuru can provide you with moments of distraction and relaxation.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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