Learn how to make a wall with triangles and transform your home

Learn how to make a wall with triangles and transform your home
Robert Rivera

It is not by chance that the wall with triangles is so successful: it can completely change the look of a room without much effort - and without major investments.

How to paint a wall with triangles

A few cans of paint, paintbrushes, and crepe tape: with just these materials, you can bring more personality to that dull little room. Learn in the videos:

Inexpensive geometric wall

Looking for wall ideas with large triangles? This tutorial is perfect! It teaches how to paint the wall with the colors gray and pink, forming a beautiful geometric pattern.

Step by step: wall with triangles using tape

Crepe tape is the best friend of anyone who wants to get their hands dirty - or their paintbrushes - and paint the walls at home. Play the video above to learn how to make these beautiful triangles!

Wall with colored triangles

You know that little corner of your house that needs a little more life? With colorful paints, it is possible to make a big transformation - and without breaking the budget. Learn in the video above!

When choosing colors, take into consideration your furniture and other items you already have at home, so the result will be harmonious.

20 wall photos with triangles for every style

Now that you know how to make a triangle wall, check out a series of very modern inspirations:

1. a wall of triangles can transform a room

2. bringing a lot of personality

3. and there is no lack of great ideas for you to join

4. be a little more discreet

5. as a wall with soft triangles

6. or a more eye-catching proposal

7. like this wall with colored triangles

8. it's a nice alternative for the living room

9. for the couple's room

10. or for the children's room

11. it can be a wall with big triangles

12. or smaller

14. but how about trying new colors?

15. here, wall with pink triangles

16. the charm of the wall with gray triangles

17. there are many ideas

18. one more beautiful than the other

19. now you just have to choose the triangles that make your style

20. and bet on that detail that makes the difference!

Besides triangles, how about decorating your home with circles, rhombuses, and several other designs? Check out these geometric wall ideas and get inspired!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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