Lining for swimming pool: know what is the best material to be chosen

Lining for swimming pool: know what is the best material to be chosen
Robert Rivera

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According to architect Camila Sato, the material chosen must offer resistance to chemical products and to the volume of water: "these characteristics must be obtained from the manufacturer, as well as the suggested use for each type of lining available in the market". Check out more tips below:

What is the best lining for a swimming pool?

According to the architect, there isn't a specific model, but the one that best suits expectations: "as there is a wide variation in pool shapes, an adequate choice of lining facilitates the execution and/or installation of the intended lining, as well as the construction deadline". Check out the suggestions below, given by civil engineer Patrícia Vasques:


The vinyl lining is a flexible PVC laminate, commonly used in masonry pools: "Fiberiber pools can receive this material, however, any other type of lining such as ceramic, tiles or other rigid type is not indicated, because the pool built with this type of material will have displacements of these pieces", advises Patrícia.


Patrícia explains that the use of tiles as lining offers the greatest benefit for the project: "its mobility and adaptation to the different pool formats, even in curves, besides the ease of cleaning, avoiding the accumulation of dirt and micro-organisms, are the main positive points. However, this lining requires specialized labor for its placement".


"Tile is a traditional material, resistant and cheaper compared to any other option, but it requires attention in cleaning due to the creation of slime. Besides, it has a huge diversity of shapes and colors, which allows the creation of mosaics, drawings or engravings in the bottom of the pool", explains the engineer.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

For Patrícia, the differential of ceramic and porcelain tiles is resistance: "whether enameled, matte, or rustic, this material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, to chemical products, and to the movement of the pool structure. An excellent choice for those who are looking for durability and easy maintenance".

Natural stones

Natural stones, such as marble and granite, require more attention in the choice, for they cannot be porous and must resist chemical products and large volumes of water. For this option, the architect Camila suggests: "when choosing the stone, it is important to pay attention to the types that offer the possibility of performing an adequate finishing, so that they don't have edges that can cause accidents".

To conclude, engineer Patrícia reveals that there are no rules about the chosen style: "pools are no longer only blue, but can play with the colors and shapes available, so a project guarantees the perfect layout and desired effect.

60 pictures of pool coverings to inspire your work

Check out the projects below, which feature all types of pool linings:

1. an outdoor leisure area with a pool is the dream of many

2. and to caprichrichar in the project is primordial for its durability

3. therefore, the choice of coating must be made with attention

4. to ensure the users' safety

5. and also to facilitate cleaning and maintenance

6. the models can vary according to your expectations

7. and also with your budget and personal taste

8. pools can be covered with tiles or tessellations

9. with ceramics

10. and even porcelain tiles and natural stones

11. pay attention to the porosity of the material

12. and also its resistance to large volumes of water

13. the colors you choose are at your personal discretion

14. so your pool can be monochromatic

15. or count on several shades of the same color

16. there are those who prefer a more discreet option

17. others follow the classic pattern of green or blue

18. light and neutral colors give a modernity to the project

19. besides a very charming minimalist touch

20. it is also ideal to match the internal coating to the external floor

21. to give the leisure area that extra boost

22: How about a rustic pool to call your own?

23. or those that are enhanced by good lighting?

24 With this feature, your coating gains even more prominence

25. tiles are the most used in swimming pool projects

26. and you can even create a beautiful mosaic with different colors

28. and guarantee practicality in cleaning

29. the covering must meet the needs of the type of installation

30. some models need to be waterproofed quite often

31. consult the options and maintenance time before choosing

32. ceramic tile is one of the cheapest options

33 The tablets have a higher cost, but a better finish

34. it is important that the material for the border be non-slip

35. this way, accidents will be avoided

36. choose adequate grout and waterproofing for the pool

37. so that the coating will not come loose over time

38. we can find countless possibilities for coating

39. that vary in price, quality, and presentation

40. ceramic tiles are resistant to ultraviolet rays

41. they are excellent for those seeking durability and easy maintenance

42. fall in love with this contrast of the pool and the outdoor floor

43. and for those shades of color matching the wood deck

44. seen from above, everything is even more beautiful

45. the effect of the tablets is rewarding

46 - See what a rustic touch natural stone offers

47. apart from the undisputed elegance

48 The traditional blue tile was given a beautiful porcelain tile border

49. and the porous edge material ensures greater safety

50: You prefer a dark pool...

51. middle ground...

52. or like this, clear?

53 Regardless of the choice, the coating will offer a beautiful look

54 Therefore, align the project to your expectations

55. to your budget

56. and, above all, to your personal taste

57 Since we are talking about a project that demands investment

58. and that requires periodic maintenance

59. both to ensure its cleanliness

60. as well as its durability

For engineer Patrícia, there is no such thing as a decoration trend: "the trend is within each person's dream, within the pocket and, mainly, in the choice of a good professional. And if you need more inspiration for your dream, check out more projects for leisure areas with swimming pools.

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