Living room lamp: 60 inspirations to illuminate and highlight the environment

Living room lamp: 60 inspirations to illuminate and highlight the environment
Robert Rivera

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When thinking about the decoration of the living room, lighting is also one of the items of great importance in the composition. And one of the best options for this room are the ceiling fixtures. This piece is great to give more emphasis to the furniture and to the decorative items, providing, at the same time, comfort and style. This type of fixture is more discreet and takes up little space, which is idealIt is one of the most used options to brighten and bring more luminosity to the room, because it makes the atmosphere more intimate and without excesses.

There are several types of ceiling fixtures, and it is possible to find steel, glass, and aluminum models, for example. One of the coolest models is the plafon, which can be found in different designs and light intensities, with options that match all decoration styles. Want to know more? Check out 60 ceiling fixture inspirations to make your living room even morecozy and charming.

1. luminaire in the wooden ceiling

Look how cute is this set of lamps! They were attached to the wooden ceiling and matched very well with the decoration of the room, which mixes modern and rustic touches. The golden color gave even more charm to the composition.

2. recessed round spotlight

In this project the recessed ceiling fixture was used, this model is great for environments with low ceilings and plaster lining, besides being more discreet than the overhead fixtures. The ones in the photo are round and gave a more elegant touch to the living room.

3. superimposed spotlight: modern and stylish

In this room, the square, four-lamp ceiling light was used, which draws more attention than the recessed one, making the chandelier also a beautiful decorative piece.

4. everything matching

Before deciding on the design of your living room fixture, it is important to first decide on the mood and layout of the room. This way you can create a super stylish decoration, with everything matching in harmony. Here, the round fixture followed the modern style of the decoration, also respecting the color palette.

5. rails give an industrial touch to the decoration

In this project, rails were used with spotlights and also some small light fixtures attached to the irons. This artifice provided an industrial touch to the room, making the lighting versatile and the decoration super authentic and full of personality.

6. big lamp, but not too big

This type of ceiling fixture is a little larger and has a very interesting effect on the decoration, but notice that it is still not overdone, and the main elements are still the furniture and decorative items, especially the violet sofa and the wooden shelves. In this case a table lamp was also used, which is ideal for more directional lighting.

7. a super versatile lighting fixture model

The lighting fixture used in this project is known as a 'float'. It is distinguished by providing both direct focus and indirect diffused lighting, and is very flexible and versatile. Doesn't this model look great in this room with classic touches?

8. a different and authentic design

For those who like to escape the common and give more personality to the decoration, luminaries like the one in the photo are a great option. It has a super bold design and gives that special touch to the environment. This model was made of wood, which ended up providing more rustic traces to the environment.

9. a special corner

This modern and sophisticated space is proof that any corner deserves good lighting.

10. that model that can't go wrong

In this room the square glass ceiling light was used, which is also widely used, being a charming and elegant option. Some models are even decorated with drawings and paintings. The neutral form, as shown in the photo, is the best option for rooms with many colorful decorative items, such as this large picture full of color.

11. comfort and style always together

As we have already mentioned, ceiling fixtures are excellent for the living room, as they bring a greater sense of comfort, while the dining room area goes very well with pendants, as this example shows.

12. TV rooms call for special lighting

Who wouldn't want to have a TV room as comfortable and cozy as this one? The recessed lighting fixture went very well with this room, not to mention the lamps that were positioned on both sides of the TV, to provide even more lighting in this area.

13. well-lit rustic room

This rustic living room has two lampshades in the living area, just above the sofa. A floor lamp was also used to complement it, reminiscent of the lighting style of photography studios, functioning as a beautiful decorative piece.

14. when decoration and lighting are great allies

The lamps used are discrete, but they do their job very well, providing efficient lighting. Yellow lights also appear embedded in the wooden panel, further increasing the cozy feeling of the room.

15. central light with other light points

Here, we see an example of a central round plafon in conjunction with other points of light scattered around the room, so that the room is well lit in all its corners, allowing the resident to choose which focus of light pleases him or her most, according to each occasion.

16. clean and discreet

In this other TV room, with clean decoration, a square central plafon was used with indirect lighting, this being the main lighting, but direct light fixtures were also used in other parts of the room.

17. luminaire matching the decoration

The room also has rustic elements, such as the wooden sofas, the coffee table with the plant, and the brick wall in the background. The earthy tones of the pillows and the rug made the combination even more harmonious.

18. play with light combinations

This square lamp has a larger size, which makes it a very nice decorative piece. Besides it, light points were also used around it, causing a very interesting effect on the decoration and providing even more luminosity to the environment.

19. modern light fixture for a modern room

This ceiling fixture has a very beautiful design. It is shaped like two geometric shapes at the same time: it is square on the outside and has a round opening on the inside. The model goes very well with the modern style of the room and its beautiful color palette.

20. small lamps do not clash with the decoration

Don't be fooled by the size of these luminaires, they are super efficient and light up very well. Moreover, they are ideal for environments with a cleaner decoration, like the one in the photo, because they are very discreet.Special highlight also goes to the rails with spots turned to the wall, to give more prominence to the plants.

21- Discreet but charming

Here, we see another example of a very small plafon, but in the round version. The white color, combined with the white paint of the wall, made the piece even more discreet. The highlight went to the little plants, to the super comfortable sofa, and even to the little house/scratching box, a piece suitable for cats.

22. choose the color of the light that suits you best

Here is another example of a central plafon with other points of light scattered around the room! Besides the diversity of light fixture models, it is also important to know how to choose the ideal light color. Yellow light, white light, or colored light have a great influence on how the composition will turn out. Some colors can be responsible for creating special climates or feelings of peace and tranquility.

23. indirect lighting makes the environment more pleasant

Here, we see another example of a square recessed ceiling light with indirect lighting. Indirect lighting causes the light that falls on the surface to be reflected, reaching the place to be illuminated. This lighting model is responsible for creating an even cozier effect, besides being much more intimate and inviting. It also goes very well with pastel and neutral tones.

24. end-to-end lighted room

In this example, indirect lighting was also used, only in a large quantity of the square model, covering the room from end to end. Another advantage of indirect lighting is that it tires the eyes much less, and its brightness is much softer and not disturbing, allowing greater control of glare.

25. make your living room have a soft and peaceful atmosphere

This is another example of indirect lighting! This type of lighting is becoming increasingly popular. It can be positioned at points on the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling, especially in recessed ceilings, as shown in this example. In this way, it is one of the preferred options when the intention is to have a cozy atmosphere in the living room. In addition, indirect lightingHowever, note that between one cut and another in the plaster there is a row of small recessed light fixtures.

26. large and well-lit room

In this case, the light fixtures recessed into the ceiling not only fulfill their function, but also contribute to increasing the room's feeling of spaciousness. In addition, this room already has good natural lighting, due to its large window.

27 Square lamps are classic choices

This type of spotlight is widely used and is a great success in living room lighting design. Furthermore, it helped give more prominence to the modern painting with the Marilyn Monroe drawing, and also to the yellow cushions and armchairs.

Neutral tones go well with more discreet lighting fixtures

Mixing indirect recessed lighting with spotlights scattered throughout the room is always a great choice. Also, when it comes to neutral tones in the room decor, the more delicate fixtures work very well.

29. lighting proportional to the size of the room

Here, indirect lighting was also used, but this time in a single rectangular piece, narrower on each side. This artifice helped to illuminate the room completely, since the room is very large.

30. beautiful set of lamps

This set of superimposed ceiling fixtures made a beautiful combination with the decoration of the room, giving more prominence to the coffee table. Indirect lighting was also used in the lowered ceiling and points of light directed to the sofa.

31. modern and versatile luminaire

Here we see another example of a recessed ceiling light fixture, used in both the living area and the TV area. This model of light fixture is modern and also works very well in other environments, such as the bedroom and office.

32. spotlights are the perfect lighting fixture for the living room

If you have doubts about the model of ceiling light fixture, bet on this type of plafon like the one in the photo. It matches different types of environments and also with different styles of decoration. You can place as many as you want, depending on the size of your room.

33. add style to your lighting design

This type of indirect lighting is very charming and gives a "pop" to the decoration. In this case, a lamp was also used in the side table, to complement the environment lighting.

34. incandescent lamps are the best options for the room

In this example, it was used together with the rails, which have been widely used in decorations with industrial touches. In addition, the lamp chosen was the incandescent lamp, which has a yellowish tint and makes the environment much softer and lighter.

35. complement the natural lighting in the room

In this room, the round plafon was chosen to illuminate the living room. In the center of the room, directional light points were also used. Regarding the lamp, for areas that receive a lot of sunlight, like the one in the photo, halogen lamps work very well. They are brighter than incandescent lamps, but cozier than fluorescent lamps.

36. illuminate with elegance

Ceiling lamps are perfect options for classic environments, especially this crystal model. They add elegance and sophistication to the decoration and work very well in conjunction with points of light or indirect lighting.

37. ideal lighting for every moment

Here, recessed lighting fixtures with direct and indirect light were used. Mixing these two types of lighting is the best way to efficiently light a room, because then you can create the mood you want, according to each type of occasion.

38 The more points of light, the better!

This project relied on small points of direct light scattered across the ceiling of the room. This type of lighting is also very comfortable and soft, which is ideal for the living room. In addition, two lampshades were used next to the white sofas, to provide a more directional light for this area.

39. recessed luminaires are a success

Here we see another example of a recessed plafon, which provided very striking lighting. The composition looked especially beautiful with the mirrored coffee table.

40. use the luminaries to delimit the spaces

In this room with glass doors, the set of four small light fixtures was used to illuminate each area of the living room. This artifice is also a great way to delimit spaces within the same room.

41. optimize spaces

This compact living room, integrated with the dining room, used several artifices to optimize the spaces, such as the sideboard behind the sofa and the mirrors.

42: Recessed luminaire: brightness without excesses

This super charming little room also uses a square ceiling light fixture, which can be lit even during the day, without leaving the room with that uncomfortable excess of light.

43. delicacy and beauty for the room

This room with woody and pastel tones was made even more charming with the built-in ceiling lamps. They were used as the main lighting and gave a touch of delicacy to the environment. It is also possible to notice the presence of a chandelier in the background, which was used to illuminate and highlight only one corner of the room, serving more as a decorative element.

44. the industrial style is increasingly in fashion

The industrial style is present in this room, both through the use of burnt cement on the wall and ceiling, and through the style of the light fixture.

45. more coziness for leisure moments

Here we see another float model together with some light points near the TV panel, making watching movies and TV series much more enjoyable! Moreover, this room, which is integrated with the kitchen, also has well-demarcated spaces.

46. float luminaires are complete and functional

In this example, the float fixture was also chosen! As it is a super functional and complete model, it is more and more present in the architecture projects of houses and apartments. This is a mirrored version.

47: Bet on ceiling luminaries to highlight large windows

Having a good, large window like this one, which offers natural lighting and a beautiful view, is all good, isn't it? And it also contributes to making the room even more comfortable. But that's not why you're going to forget to have a good light fixture to use at night.view of the landscape.

48. mirrored lamps add a special charm to the decoration

The ceiling fixture used in this room is mirrored and made a beautiful effect reflecting part of the sofa and the coffee table, which is also mirrored. This model gives a lot of elegance and sophistication to the environment.

49. perfect combination for watching that movie

Here we see another combination of the recessed luminaire with the light points. This composition is perfect for living rooms, especially those with television.

50. mix different types of luminaire

The decoration of this room is very striking, full of textures and also with a neat lighting project, mixing different types of lighting fixtures. A ceiling fixture was used, indirect lighting on the TV wall and also points of light directed to decorative items such as pictures and sculptures, giving more prominence to these objects. All with incandescent light.

51. small, minimalist ceiling lights

These small ceiling fixtures are very practical and functional, and you can use several of them in the same room. Besides, they give a more minimalist touch to the decoration.

52. strong colors and soft lighting

This room of vibrant colors bet on a discreet ceiling lamp, but at the same time, very elegant and sophisticated. The lights are direct and have even earned a space demarcated just for them.

53. powerful lighting for the cinema corner

This cinema room has two very special float luminaires, but unlike the other examples of this luminaire already shown here, the ones in the photo are rectangular in shape and were used as a pair.

54. simple and clean lamp

The square white and discreet lamp was the ideal solution to highlight the colorful and patterned decoration of this room. The vibrant and strong colors were even more evident, as well as the flowers. This lamp model also matched the sculpture on the wall.

55. discreet lamps are also a good choice

Here we see another example of discreet, minimalist lighting to highlight the decorative elements, such as the pictures and the plants, but a floor lamp was also used in the background and a lamp on the side table next to the sofa.

56 Combine the luminaire with decorative items

The lighting fixture used in this room was the round plafon, which is super charming and matched the decorative baskets attached to the wall. Direct light points were also used at the ends of the ceiling.

57. lighting is also great for decorating

It is not necessary to leave out the style of the decoration when choosing your light fixture. This artifact can follow several design models, just find one that is suitable for the style of your living room. Sconces, for example, work very well in living room decoration.

58. harmony and combination in the small details

As in the previous example, here the lamp also matches the round shape of the mirror.

These were our ideas and inspirations for living room lighting fixtures. If you like any of them, how about giving your home lighting project a new look? These fixtures are very easy to find and can totally transform the decoration and atmosphere of your living room, making it even more comfortable and cozy.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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