Maranta: plants with amazing prints to have at home

Maranta: plants with amazing prints to have at home
Robert Rivera

Maranta is a botanical genus composed of a variety of species with similar characteristics.

Types of marantas

There are a large number of species of Maranta. Learn about the main ones to color your home or garden:


Exuberant like peacock feathers, the leaves of this maranta have an oval shape, a dark green tint, and a design of lighter cross lines. It is a plant of Brazilian origin and can be easily grown in pots and indoors, as it adapts well to half shade.


A show of colors! such are the leaves of the tricolor maranta, which present shades of green and pink. This is a native plant of the Atlantic forest that also lives very well indoors.


The Rattlesnake Sativa distinguishes itself with its more elongated leaves with slightly wavy edges, which are light green in color with dark green spots, and a purplish tint on the back. It likes diffuse light or partial shade and can be planted in the garden in beds or grown in pots indoors.

Striped Maranth

It has very dark green leaves with fine pink lines that look like they were made by hand. The other side of the leaf has a purplish tint. They live well in half-shaded locations, are easy to care for, and with their small size, can fit anywhere.

Maranta Burle Marx

It has rounded leaves with a pattern of patterning that brings a light green background with dark green spots, resembling drawings of small leaves. It does not tolerate direct sunlight, but grows best in well-lit environments. It is a more sensitive plant, but full of personality for interiors and gardens.


Its elliptically shaped leaves are light green with dark green streaks. It is an easy-to-grow species that prefers mild temperatures, does not tolerate drought nor direct sun, so leave it in well-lit and cooler environments in the house.

Style, beauty, and color will not be lacking in your home decor with the marantas.

How to care for marantas

Although they are easy plants to grow, marantas require a little special care to always look beautiful. Here are some tips!

Basic care for marantas

In this video, you learn about the main care of marantas and see more information about lighting, watering, and fertilizing. With all these tips, your specimens will grow and stay beautiful and healthy.

Characteristics and Cultivation of Marantas

Explore more about the characteristics of various maranta species and learn about their habitat and preferences for growing them in your home. You get tips on lighting, watering, soil, fertilizing, breeding, and growing options.

How to plant maranta

Check out step by step how to prepare the perfect substrate for planting a specimen of maranta. See also tips for growing these species in your garden.

In general, remember that marantas appreciate half-shaded locations and like frequent watering. On hotter, drier days, also spray water on their leaves.

20 pictures of marantas that will win you over

Check out decoration ideas with marantas that will prove all the charm, beauty, and richness of colors of these plants.

1. a very ornamental foliage

2. with a mix of unique colors

Perfect for forming wonderful decorations

4. you can explore the beauty of various marantas

5. or use your favorite highlighted one

6. and bring much more life to any corner

7. transform the look of your laundry room

8. a detail full of grace for the kitchen

9. create amazing compositions with other plants

10. and make a nice mix of prints and textures

11. play with color contrast

12. make your workspace more pleasant

13. you can grow it indoors

14. in small apartment balconies

15. and also to compose colorful beds in the garden

16. marantas will add a special touch to your space

17. its beautiful leaves will not go unnoticed

18. even when combined with other foliage

19. each species has a unique charm

20. a wealth of nature's beauty!

There are several species of maranthus for you to love and spread beautifully patterned foliage around your home.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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