Mayflower: Learn how to grow this beautiful plant in your home

Mayflower: Learn how to grow this beautiful plant in your home
Robert Rivera

The maio flower is a plant that is often found in homes, apartments, and even events thanks to the beautiful flowers it produces. If you are thinking of growing a plant, but still don't know which one to choose, how about learning a little more about the maio flower? Here is how to grow this beautiful plant!

Flower of Mayflower - meaning and origin

The cornflower ( Schlumbergera truncata ) is a cactus native to Brazil, more specifically to the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro. It does not have thorns and is epiphytic, meaning that in nature it lives on other plants, such as trees.

This plant blooms in the fall, so here it is known as the May flower. In certain countries in the northern hemisphere, for example, it is called the Christmas cactus, because that is when it blooms in the north. Besides these names, it is also known as the Silk flower and the Easter cactus.

The plant can give flowers of different colors, such as pink or white. Its size can reach up to 30 centimeters in height. The Mayflower is widely cultivated thanks to its beautiful flowers, but this is not the only reason. The simple care it demands is also a great attraction for those who wish to have a plant at home.

How to take good care of the Mayflower

  • Soil: It has to be drained and fertile. It can be made with soil, sand, and worm humus. It is essential to put stones or pine bark in the pot to make the water drainage.
  • Lighting: Half-shade, since the flower needs brightness, but does not like to receive direct sunlight.
  • Watering: To know if it is time to water again, put your finger on the substrate and see if it is dry. If so, you can water again.
  • Fertilization: It can be done with chemical fertilizer (NPK 8-8-8) or organic (with fish meal, banana, or bovine manure). Fertilization can be done once a month, but it is highly recommended to do it in the summer so that the plant will be strong and bloom well in the fall.

To take good care of the maio flower it is necessary to pay attention to the type of pot the plant will be grown in. Those pots or containers without holes are not very recommended, because the water accumulates there and the maio flower can end up rotting due to excess water.

More hints on growing Mayflower

You can never have too many growing tips, can you? After all, they help you to take care of your plant and make it bloom beautifully. That is why we have separated 4 videos that teach you how to grow the Mayflower and also show you step by step the important items, such as planting the seedling and how to fertilize it:

How to care for the Mayflower

The first video on our list gives you the main information about growing this beautiful plant. Watch it to learn where to place your cornflower at home and how to water it so that it blooms well. In addition, the video gives tips on planting the seedlings.

How to plant your Mayflower the right way

Don't know how to plant your cornflower the right way? Just watch this video! Here you will see how to plant it step by step, where to plant it, and how to replant the seedlings.

Homemade fertilizer for your cornflower

It is essential to strengthen your plant with fertilizer so that it becomes more beautiful, resistant, and blooms a lot. In this video, you will see the step-by-step recipe for a great homemade organic fertilizer, so that you can prepare it yourself without spending a lot of money.

What to do when the cauliflower leaves fall off

This is a concern for a good number of Mayflower owners. Sometimes the leaves start to fall off and people don't know why this happens or how to fix it. This video explains why leaves fall off and how you can prevent this from happening to your plant!

As you can see, planting and caring for the Maioflower is simple, so you can grow it peacefully at home. Now that you know the main information about growing Maioflower, all that's left is to buy your own!

12 environments with cornflower to enchant you

The Mayflower is a plant that is not only beautiful, but also easy to care for, making it a great option to have around the house:

1. the cornflower is a very beautiful plant

2. which may have petals of various colors, such as roses

3. white

4. yellow

5. or red

6. see how well these look together

7. the petals can still have this shape

8. or this one, known as a folded petal

9. in decoration, the cornflower is usually placed at the top

10. or on the wall

11. now it also looks great in the center of the table

12. What about you, have you fallen in love with the Mayflower?

If you choose to grow this plant in your home, remember that you must be patient, since the blooms only come out during autumn, and if you want to see other options besides the Mayflower, how about learning more about the beautiful Desert Rose?

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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