Minions Cake: 120 designs featuring the charismatic little yellow creatures

Minions Cake: 120 designs featuring the charismatic little yellow creatures
Robert Rivera

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A success at any party, the Minions' cake is full of fun and friendliness. Check out creative models and tutorials to make your own and make your event more fun with all the cuteness of these characters.

120 fun and creative Minions cake ideas

Discover very original ways to decorate the cake with the characteristics of these creatures:

1. the models are very different

2. and with creative ways of decoration

3. blue and yellow colors predominate

4. that can be used in lighter shades

5. or more vibrant

6. coverage makes all the difference in the result

7. as well as the choice of decorative elements

8. the characters are highlighted

9. because they make the proposal more cheerful

10. each with its own characteristics

11. bananas cannot be left out

12. yes, they are the favorite fruits of the friendly Minions

13. and add a fun touch to the cake

14. the Minions' clothes can be reproduced in american paste

15. or with creative stationery

16. that helps in the finalization

17. allowing very creative combinations

18. that add even more value to the final result

19. the top of the cake deserves special attention

20. with a very funny proposal

21. just as the characters are

22. the theme can have very different versions

23. for an even more original result

24. featuring many creative elements

25. sweets and chocolates make the cake tastier

26. and help to decorate

27. mostly with the use of colored confectionery

28. choose your favorite to make it cool

29. and increase your proposal even more

30. bet on festive colors

Mixing the tones in an original way

32. also use a gloss finish

33. to bring out the details even more

34. the finishing technique may vary

35. chantininho has a good variety

36. and it has a more stripped result

37. while the American paste follows a more traditional line

38. and works more cutouts and decorative details

39 The result is very realistic

40. mainly in conjunction with the shape of the cake

41. which looks amazing when customized as the character

42. creating different floors is a great alternative

43. for more elaborate proposals

44. and you can reproduce the most different Minions

45. consider varying the theme

46. and in the way of illustrating the characters

47. using very festive inspirations

48. and additions such as paper balloons

49. or in cold porcelain

50. the result is beautiful

51 - Innovate on the cover

52. using very cheerful colors

53. or alternate the shades of the main colors

54. the top of the cake can be the highlight of everything

55. and it can be customized in a very original way

56. using decorated and colored straws

57. and with the birthday boy's name

58. the proposals are quite varied

59. and full of cuteness

60. the Minions' glasses also gain space

61. and color variation

62. with the American paste they gain a more realistic effect

63. and more detailed

64. each character has his own characteristics

65. what helps in decorating the cake

66. whether using all together

67. or by highlighting only one of them

68. they are a lot of fun

69. and their faces are adorable

70. always smiling

71 And making merry confusions

72. some are more angry

73. but together they are all lovely

74. and very funny

75. with their amusing poses and physiognomies

76. the more of them, the better

77. for a more incremented cake

78. or even for the simpler ones

79. details can be done in whipped cream

80. and be complemented with colorful balloons

81. or transparent

82: Fun phrases make the look unique

83. just like scrap decoration

84. that has a good variation of prints

85. distribute the stationery throughout the cake

86. putting the Minions in the spotlight

87. and use colored confetti

88. with the colors of the characters

89. the effect can be torched

90. or in dripping drops

91. as long as you bring the cute Minions

92 Here, the bananas are highlighted

93. showing the preference of these funny characters

94 - You can't help but be charmed

95. the colors highlight any cake

96. and they make amazing combinations

97. even using models like the naked

98. match with the other candies on the table

99. and with the party decoration

100. the size of the cake may vary

101. with a decorated floor

102. each one a color

103. or one more elaborate and rich in details

104. the Minions' expressions add a final touch

105. with his funny eyes

106. and shy smile

107. combine all the elements

108. and use light and cheerful colors

109. which are ideal for this children's theme

110: Make the faces of these cuties very special

111. and decorate all the floors of the cake

112. choose the best finish with chantininho

113. or the best cutouts in American paste

114. for a very creative result

115. either using miniatures of the characters

116. or in stationery form

117 The Minions add the finishing touch to the cake

118. in a very irreverent way

119. with all the sympathy of the characters

120. that will make the party even more enchanting

Take advantage of the different characters and use them together. The result is even more decorative and has a wealth of details to decorate the table.

How to make Minions cake

Learn how to make different cake designs using traditional and easy to reproduce techniques.

Minions cake in chantininho with topper

Check out how to decorate the cake using the famous pitangas technique. Pay attention to the tips the boleira gives regarding the use of whipped cream coloring for a perfect finish!

Minions cake decorated with american paste

This tutorial teaches you how to elaborate every detail of the cake decorated with American glaze. Pay attention to the cutouts and how to arrange them on the cake for an amazing and very cute result.

Minion-shaped cake

With a different but very creative way of application, this technique makes the cake look amazing.

Count on these cute and fun characters for an amazing cake full of details. Don't leave out the main colors of the theme and look for very cheerful combinations! And to make an amazing event, see also ideas for your minions party.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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