Minions souvenirs: 75 cute models and step by step videos

Minions souvenirs: 75 cute models and step by step videos
Robert Rivera

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The movie My Evil Favorite Movie introduced us to very cute characters: the Minions. Loved by children (and many adults), the small and friendly little yellow characters have conquered space in children's party themes. Besides preparing all the decoration, invitations, and menus of the party, it is necessary to plan with which Minions souvenirs to present the guests.

Whether you make them at home or order them, the gifts cannot be left out! That said, we have brought you a complete article with dozens of ideas for gifts inspired by these characters. In addition, for those looking to save money, we have separated step-by-step videos to make your own!

75 Minions souvenirs to brighten up your party

Yellow and blue are the main colors of the party decoration and, therefore, the Minions' souvenirs usually follow the same proposal. But you can also innovate and use your creativity.

1. the yellow characters conquered the public

2. and have become a theme for boys' birthday parties

3. and also girls

4. the Minions' souvenirs are a way to thank them for their presence

5. and also to eternalize the celebration

6. follow the proposal of the decoration to create the gifts!

7. simple Minions souvenirs are lovely

8. and can easily be made at home

9. how the cachepot

10. but you can also create something more elaborate

11. and thought in every detail

12. the choice will depend on your creativity in craftsmanship

13. as well as your available time

14. and by the way, you can also order

15. and have them customized

16. this is a great alternative for those who don't have much time

17. just be extra careful with the delivery time!

18. yellow and blue are the stars of the gifts

19. while the details are in black, gray and white

20. just as the sympathetic characters are characterized

Include the name of the birthday boy or girl

22. and the celebrated age!

23. keychains make great gifts

24. and can be made in felt

25. or biscuit

26. "I loved playing with you!"

27. the satin bow made the model look beautiful

28. fill the Minions' souvenirs with candies

29. sweets

30. and other little treats!

31. you can use different materials to create the gifts

32. as biscuit

33. acrylic boxes

34. felt

35. or these EVA Minions souvenirs

36. be creative

37. and spoil yourself!

38. personalized notebooks are a great choice!

39. give useful gifts for the routine of the guests

40. like towels!

41. play doughs and molds are fun

42. a drawing kit will be a hit among the little guests

43. give the gift packaging a try!

44. bet on dynamic souvenirs

45. which are super fun!

46. cute milk can Minions souvenirs

47. banana-shaped candies have everything to do with the theme!

48. simple is also cute

49 Minions souvenirs for everyone!

50. you don't need to use the characters to print the gifts

51. just use the colors that represent them

52. organize everything in a little corner of the party

53. in addition to the main colors

54 You can also choose other shades

55. as a rose

56. or purple

57. representing the clumsy evil Minions

58 These Minions souvenirs are very easy

59. and cheap to make

60. a glass is a useful souvenir

61. and honey bread is delicious

62. cookies and cakes in the pot conquer all the guests

63 And you can do it yourself at home!

64. table centerpieces are a great option

65. finish the piece with small appliqués

66. as buttons

67. that will make the model even cuter!

68. surprise bags are very practical to make

69. Isn't that sweet?

70: Turn the birthday boy into a Minion!

71: A personalized E.V.A. bag filled with treats!

72. napping kit

73. and another one for planting!

74. Minions reunited!

75. how about Minions eye masks?

Cute and fun, isn't it? Now that you have seen several models, how about learning how to make your Minions souvenirs with little money and without leaving home? Check it out!

Minions souvenirs step by step

Watch the four step-by-step videos that will show you how to make your gift inspired by the little yellows to delight your guests!

Minions souvenirs with milk box and E.V.A.

Have you ever thought of using recycled materials to create your souvenirs? Check out the tutorial we selected for you that makes use of milk carton and EVA to make a beautiful gift for your guests.

Minions souvenirs with milk can

The souvenir presented in this video also makes use of recycled materials. Here, the milk can and some E.V.A. sheets are transformed into an incredible safe. Fill it with sweets and treats!

Minions souvenir easy to make

Besides being very practical to make, this model doesn't require many materials, and they are all very accessible. Use hot glue to fix each piece well.

Minions souvenirs with paper towel rolls

This tutorial will teach you how to make a tube using paper towel rolls.

Gather the ideas you like the most and start producing souvenirs inspired by these friendly characters to thank your guests for their presence. By the way, do you already know how to decorate your space? Check out some decoration ideas for your Minions party!

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