Minnie's party: 110 inspirations and tutorials for an amazing party

Minnie's party: 110 inspirations and tutorials for an amazing party
Robert Rivera

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Minnie's party is one of the girls' favorites, and it also pleases moms, mainly because this famous little mouse was part of their childhood as well. She is known all over the world, just like her boyfriend Mickey, and guarantees a cute party, full of details and lots of fun.

The most traditional and common styles are based on the traditional colors of your clothes, but you can break away from the traditional by opting for pink instead of red. Regardless of your choice, your decoration will not lack beauty and personality.

110 ideas for a Minnie party that are enchanting

There are so many details to worry about, the candy table, the panel, the souvenirs, the decoration of the hall, and to help you, we have selected some amazing pictures that will inspire you to define the style of yours, check it out:

1. when yellow stands out

2. the red tablecloths with the yellow chairs

3. a personalized souvenir box

4. the pairing of Minnie and Ladybug is amazing

5. how magnificent this panel is

6. golden tables brought luxury to the decoration

7. kids will love these personalized lollipops

8. a little bit of green to complete

9. a simple and wonderful style

10. red Minnie party

11. minnie's party souvenirs

12. the wood panel gave a more relaxed look

13. the little ears with the bow are his main mark

14. lots of luxury and beauty

15. one more souvenir idea

16. the yellow cake to break up the red

17. candies in the shape of the little mouse's house

18. you can make personalized popcakes

19. the bladder arch looks amazing

20. alternate between black, yellow and red bladders

21. a Minnie party candy idea

22. the perfect cake

23. uniting the world's most famous couple

24. several ideas of personalized candies

25. this vat of dots is sensational

26. one candy more beautiful than the other

27. a delicate idea

28. this cake is pure luxury

29. characters are great for entertaining everyone

30. various shades of pink

31. finesse and attention to detail

32. light tones and an illuminated party

33. fit for a princess

34. these cookies are amazing

35. pink Minnie party

36. all elements combining

37. very tropical

38. all balloons on one side

39. red and pink together

40. stationery is simple and creative

41. this floor changed the face of the decoration

42. use flowers to complement the table decoration

43. tulle looks beautiful as a table skirt

44. everything colorful and cheerful

45. little Minnie's house on the cake

46: Elegance in the right measure

47. small and very charming

48. it's small but doesn't lose its charm

49. minnie and her gang

50. lacy souvenir boxes

51. create an identity for your party

52 - Combine the elements and get a wonderful result

53. the whole decoration matches and completes itself

54. a royal feast

55. gold brings a wonderful royal touch

56. a big table, the size of your dreams

57. white flowers gave a more serene air

58. for those who love flowers

59: Another idea for a tulle table skirt

60. the leaves on the ground gave an air of enchanted forest

61. souvenir creams

62. a view of the whole hall

63. personalized liquid soap as a souvenir

64: Princesses can be red too

65. already welcome your guests in the party mood

66. curtains are delicate and beautiful ideas

67. details that enchant

68. luxurious pampering

69. pearls for a princess

70. because everyone deserves a princess souvenir

71. princess Minnie tubes

72 The carriages have little ears

73. of various sizes

74 - Knowing how to combine, you can use as many elements as you want

75. royalty Minnie

76. the black background gave all the highlight to the central Minnie

77. chalkboards to welcome the guests

78. a cake with many tiers

79. invest in polka dot towels

80. a triumphal entry

81. it even has a little chair to sit in

82. the most loved mouse in the world

83. a simple and unforgettable party

84. one more character idea

85. everything so delicate

86.this mixture of colors is pure love

87. surprise decorated bags

88. it is sensational how balloons can compose various designs

89. decorated cutlery for eating the cake

90. unique cookies

91. how about the black table skirt with polka dots?

92. don't forget to decorate the entrance hall

93 This palette conveys peace

94. flower pots are great souvenirs

95 With creativity, the simple can be impressive

96. red decoration is a classic

97. black, white and pink is pure magic

98. the panel and the black table are not too heavy

99. golden cake is pure elegance

100. use plush in the composition

101. this invitation is very cute

102. when the birthday is close to Christmas

103. blue in Minnie's decoration? yes you can!

104. a giant cupcake

105. everything neatly arranged

106. serve brigadeiros on spoons

107. Welcome to the world of Minnie

108. minnie's amusement park

109. vibrant and beautiful colors

110. tables for all sizes

There are so many different ideas on how to decorate your Minnie party, just choose your favorite or combine several ideas into one and you'll have a unique party!

Do-It-Yourself Minnie Party

It is time to learn how to assemble your own decoration. We have selected some videos that will help you make this process easier:

Simple Minnie Party by BuBa DIY

In this video you will learn how to make stationery materials for souvenirs and hats for decoration or for guests to wear.

Low Cost Minnie Panel, by Daniela Daisy

The panel is essential in the decoration, it is hung behind the cake table. Here is a practical and easy idea for a beautiful panel.

Balloon Bow - Minnie's Ear - Joy Balloons, by Kelly Freitas

Balloons are always a good idea, and Minnie's ears are her trademark. Learn how to make a giant balloon arch for your party.

Recycling Ideas for Minnie Party, by Mostrando ComoseFaz

Here's how to make a decorated balloon and a cupcake holder out of recyclable material at a low cost.

Souvenir, Invitation, Candle and Personalized Party Supplies for Minnie, by BuBa DIY

Here are more amazing personalized ideas. See how to make souvenirs, invitations, and candy for a complete party.

3 Mickey and Minnie Theme Birthday Party Ideas, by Monique Rangel

There are three easy and very pretty ideas: a bag for sweets, a centerpiece, and a decorative table ornament, with recyclable materials, fabric, and EVA.

Minnie Party Candy Decoration by Karina Correia

Learn how to make tags to put on top of candy. It is very simple and quick. You will use EVA, toothpicks, and hot glue.

How to make Minnie's cakepop, by Atelier Marcela Nunes

The cakepops are alternatives that unite flavor and creativity. Learn how to make one decorated with Minnie and delight your guests.

How to make Minnie cake, by Vamos fazer festa

Here's how to make a pearly cake topper with Styrofoam, knife, MDF and hot glue.

Minnie's Cake in Floors, by Chef Alexandre Alarcão

Here's how to decorate a three-tiered cake with American glaze. The result is amazing.

This popular party theme will blow everyone's mind. Unleash your creativity and imagination and throw a party that will entertain not only your guests, but you as well.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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