Modular Kitchen: 80 models that unite functionality and style

Modular Kitchen: 80 models that unite functionality and style
Robert Rivera

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Choosing the right furniture for the home is an important task. In the kitchen this is no different. In an ideal space for gathering friends and family, it is important that the chosen furniture fulfills different roles, uniting functionality and style, as well as enhancing the decoration of this environment.

Unlike the planned kitchen, where the furniture is made to order, the modular kitchen is literally composed of modules, containing pre-made measures, allowing the set to be assembled according to the space available and the needs of the environment.

Leading Manufacturers of Modular Kitchens

Nowadays there are specialized furniture companies that have beautiful models of modular kitchens, with varied colors, materials and styles. Check out some of the most popular manufacturers:

  • Itatiaia: With more than 50 years in the furniture market, Itatiaia has a plant located in Minas Gerais, and is recognized as the largest kitchen manufacturer in our country.
  • Henn Modulados: with a factory of more than 70,000 m2, Heen is sold in Brazil and exported to four continents. One of its differentials is its commitment to sustainability, using 100% reforested wood.
  • Pradel Móveis: derived from the Dalla Costa furniture company, which has 30 years of experience, Pradel has a factory in Bento Gonçalves/RS, and offers beautiful options of modular kitchens to please the most diverse functions and styles.
  • Kappesberg: located in Rio Grande do Sul, this company also acts with social responsibility, supporting funds for children and teenagers. With varied options for creating the ideal kitchen, it also practices sustainability by recycling the waste produced in the company itself.
  • Móveis Bartira: known as the largest furniture factory in its category, it has 112,000 m2 of floor space. Created in 1962, it became part of the Casas Bahia Group in 1981, and is sold throughout the country.
  • Decibal: with 37 years in the market, its factory is located in Rio Grande do Sul. Counting on constant evolution, it has been standing out in the furniture industry with beautiful kitchen options.

80 modulated kitchens for the most varied tastes

1. a functional L-shaped kitchen

Ideal for those who want to guarantee free space in the center of the room, this kitchen has cabinets and niches, guaranteeing plenty of space to organize utensils.

Occupying only one wall of the room

Those who do not have much space need well-designed furniture that fulfills its function even in more modest measures. This option gathers the essential elements of a kitchen.

3. all the beauty of the mixture of white and wood

A stylish duo, betting on furniture that mixes the natural tone of wood with modules in white guarantees a charming and elegant kitchen.

4. how about a kitchen with a peninsula?

A great alternative for those who have space to spare, this type of kitchen follows the J-shape, counting on a small peninsula, which guarantees plenty of space for food preparation.

5. betting on aerial furniture is a good choice

Some models of modular kitchens have the option of overhead furniture, ensuring greater practicality when cleaning, as well as a softer look.

6. classic look with the use of glass

Possessing classic style features, this kitchen has glass doors in its cabinets, allowing the viewing of its contents.

7. with space reserved for wine

Wine lovers can rest assured: it is very common for this type of kitchen to have niches that fulfill the role of a mini wine cellar.

8. use transparencies

By opting for cabinets with translucent or frosted glass doors, it is possible to increase the look of the environment, leaving its interior visible.

9. how about a beautiful island in the center?

Containing the ideal modules to compose a gourmet kitchen, this option features cabinets in various formats and a beautiful island in the center.

10. asymmetrical doors give a relaxed look

With more and more options of models with a modern and stylish look, there are cabinets with asymmetric doors, making the kitchen more relaxed.

11. a kitchen in white

Ensuring luminosity and a clean feeling to the environment, this model, manufactured in white, gains handles in golden color, adding refinement to the modules.

12. for those who are not afraid to dare

Here, the geometric patterned doors guarantee more personality to the furniture. Mixed with the wooden cabinets, they guarantee the ideal dose of boldness.

13. mix two different tones in the same composition

Although usually the mixtures involve the wood tone with another color, for those who want a more discreet result, it is worth choosing shades close to the wood itself.

14. having a dedicated niche for the microwave oven

Here, besides having modules with several cabinets vertically, this kitchen also has a niche with the ideal size to accommodate the microwave.

15. discreet knobs for a minimalist look

Those who wish to give full prominence to the beautiful wood used to make the modules can bet on more discreet handles, ensuring functionality and beauty to the furniture.

16. simulating the look of a planned kitchen

One of the great differences between the planned kitchen and the modular one is the presence or not of feet in the furniture. Here the use of wood as finishing guarantees a luxurious look for the modular option.

17. a touch of color for a bold kitchen

The differential of this model is the use of red on the interior, handles, and feet of the modules. Combined with the colored countertop, it guarantees a happier kitchen.

18. small details make the difference

By having niches and a door in light green, this kitchen breaks away from the monotony found in its all-white version and adds charm to the composition.

19. with placeholder for the hood

Those who wish to add a hood above the stove can bet on this kitchen model. Containing a cabinet with an ideal size to receive the item, it maintains the harmony of the set.

20. worked glass for differentiated doors

In this option, the glass doors reserved for the central niche are sliding, and have a very special design and holes instead of handles.

21. helping to organize the space

Here, the hollow niche can be filled with holders for groceries or spice jars, ensuring a more beautiful and organized kitchen.

22. the beauty of crafted wood

With an elegant and minimalist look, this modular kitchen relies on the beauty of wood with a striking tone and natural designs.

23. containing a hot tower

The vertical cabinet positioned next to the stove is known as a hot tower, or appliance tower, since it usually has space reserved for the microwave and electric oven.

24. bet on drawers with different sizes

Whether they are normal-sized, ideal for accommodating utensils, or oversized for larger pieces, they are great options for keeping the kitchen in order.

25. it doesn't matter the size, but its distribution

Smaller kitchens also prove useful by having a good distribution of modules, including ground, overhead, vertical, and drawer cabinets.

26. different heights and furniture full of details

While the part of the cabinets intended to accommodate the cooktop has overhead cabinets of varying heights, at the back, a large cabinet consists of cabinets of varying sizes.

27. black color option

Imitating wood with a dark lacquer finish, this kitchen ensures sophistication to the space.

28. corner cabinets make the difference

An essential element for an L-shaped kitchen, the corner cabinet ensures a better use of the available space, proving to be a functional piece of furniture.

29. the U-shaped kitchen also has a turn

An ideal option for those who have space to spare, this kitchen model guarantees organization and functionality thanks to its numerous cabinets.

30. symmetry as a decorative element

To make the look of this small kitchen even more beautiful, the cabinets have symmetrical shapes and sizes, enhancing the decor.

31. keeping spices handy

Thanks to the niches in the overhead cabinets, this arrangement ensures greater practicality, keeping all the spices within easy reach.

32. kitchen with separate layout

Although this kitchen has an L-shape, the furniture is separated by a column, having its independent distribution. With a great variety of cabinets, it guarantees plenty of space to store kitchen items.

33. playing with the color mix

Another beautiful example of how to mix different colors in the same kitchen, here the overhead cabinets bet on different shades of the ground cabinets.

34. with bench for meals

Here the countertop is an extension of the furniture, ensuring a J-shape for the kitchen. Its support also has niches, which can accommodate decorative objects.

35. a multifunctional piece of furniture

In addition to the beautiful kitchen, the highlight of this modular option is guaranteed by a piece of furniture with dual function: besides being a built-in cabinet, it also acts as a dining table.

36. unbeatable duo: black and white

Commonly seen in contemporary style kitchens, the black on white option guarantees even more beauty to the composition.

37. it is worth betting on differentiated finishing

While most of the modules have a matte finish in wood in its natural tone, the differential is guaranteed by doors with a neutral color and glossy finish.

38. unobtrusive look and glossy finish

While choosing cabinets of similar size and neutral color ensures an understated look, opting for the glossy finish gives the kitchen the necessary highlight.

39. cabinets with different depths

Ensuring more beauty to the space, the cabinets over the sink have less depth than the vertical cabinet option.

40. highlight for the vertical cabinet

Despite not having a generous width, this type of cabinet is a good option for storing dishes or pans, containing plenty of space inside.

41. guaranteeing charm in small spaces

This is another beautiful example of how a kitchen with timid proportions can enrich the look of the room. Containing few modules, it provides the necessary elements for the routine of the home.

42. how about a retro look?

Rich in details, this modular kitchen option is reminiscent of vintage-style kitchens, featuring framed cabinet doors for even more charm.

43. for lovers of colorful environments

Although the traditional options in natural wood, white, or black are more popular, a kitchen rich in color ensures more personality to the environment.

44. light wood for a cozy kitchen

The effect guaranteed by the use of wood in its natural tone, this modular kitchen gains charm, besides helping to heat the environment.

45. print and transparency

Besides having cabinets reduced in size to receive the hood, this version also has frosted glass doors and a printed module.

46. bounded by vertical modules

While the cabinet on the left has a vertical arrangement and long glass doors, the one on the right fulfills its role as a hot tower.

47 - Handles marking presence

With modules in two different tones and plenty of space, this modular kitchen is highlighted by the use of stylish handles.

48. with a planned kitchen look

By replacing the module feet with wooden supports, this kitchen has the look of a planned option, complemented by niches in the ideal size to receive the appliances.

49. fitting into any space

One of the great advantages of opting for corner modules is that the furniture will fill all the available space, ensuring functionality to the environment.

50. another version in wood and white

Double popular, here the mix of wood and white happens in the following way: while the structure and interior of the cabinets was elaborated in wood, their doors are finished in white.

51. with the microwave niche in an unusual place

Although most cabinets contain a niche for the microwave in their upper part, this option takes advantage of the use of the cooktop and adds specific space for the appliance in the lower cabinet.

52: Dispensing with the use of the feet

A modern option, it dispenses with the need for support legs for the modules, opting for its version embedded in the wall to ensure the fixation of the pieces.

53. asymmetrical niches and a touch of color

Bringing red as the chosen color to brighten up the kitchen, this option still features asymmetric cabinets, making the look even more relaxed.

54. niches and more niches

Betting on this type of module is the right choice for those who wish to have easy access to items when cooking, dispensing with the need to open cabinet doors.

55. niches with different functions

By having niches in various sizes and shapes, it is possible to add functions to the furniture. Besides helping in the organization, it facilitates the use of decorative objects.

56. all the beauty of the color black

Conferring refinement and sobriety to the kitchen, the black color still has the advantage of hiding dust and eventual dirt.

57. vintage look and golden handles

Although most knobs used in the kitchen are silver in color, it is possible to add more charm by opting for other metallic shades or even colored versions.

58. invest in differentiated handles

Currently, there are options of knobs for all tastes and pockets on the market. It is worth doing a little research to increase the look of your furniture.

59. framing the refrigerator

A fine example of how useful modules can be to fit one's needs, here the refrigerator has been positioned in the middle of the composition, gaining cabinets on both sides.

60. modern and stylish look

With white doors and wood structure in its natural color, this option also has doors with glass details, enhancing its look.

61. highlighting a part of the composition

By having a red module, the space reserved for the cooktop stands out, and by combining it with wood cabinets, the composition gains balance.

62. option with mirror finish

Unlike the previous versions that relied on frosted or translucent glass in the composition, this option uses mirrored finishing on the cabinets' doors, giving more refinement to the kitchen.

63. with inconspicuous handles

This is another beautiful option that relies on contemporary handle models to ensure the minimalist look of the modular kitchen.

64 Differentiated color only in the lower cabinets

For those who wish to use more than one tone, but want a delicate result, choosing between upper or lower cabinets for the new color is a good choice.

65. accompanied by a small shelf

Among the module options available for this kitchen, there is a small shelf. Fixed over the sink, it guarantees a place for spices and utensils of frequent use.

66. straight-line option

An ideal alternative for those who have little space in the kitchen or wish to fill a specific wall, this version has space reserved for the sink and the refrigerator.

67. black frames

Replacing the solid door of the cabinet, this module gets worked glass. For an even more interesting look, frames in black.

68. everything in its place

Tucked away in the corner of the room, this modular kitchen has cabinets at different heights, all to accommodate elements such as the hood and the appliances.

69. with loose cellar

While most modules have built-in niches with a cellar function, this option is stand-alone, allowing it to be fixed loosely into the composition.

70. niches in the central cabinet

Despite being the same size as the cabinets around it, the central option of this composition has niches in varying sizes, exposing its contents.

71. white cabinets and only one niche

Demonstrating the beauty of using white upper cabinets to break the monotony of wood in its natural tone, this option features only the microwave niche.

72. worked glass as a differential

Beautifully blending caramel wood with white modules, this kitchen has its look enriched by the glass with white stripes.

73. adding a touch of gray to the decor

A color that is gaining more and more popularity in interior decoration, gray features on the cabinet doors of this beautiful module composition.

74 - Composing a kitchen full of functionality

This gourmet kitchen has modules with a minimalist look in its decor. With a wooden countertop, it still has white cabinets to stand out.

75. betting on differentiated materials

Escaping from the traditional wooden kitchen, this option is elaborated in steel, ensuring greater durability to the furniture.

76. wood as a structural element

While the doors of the modules were made in white, the structure of the cabinets was made of wood in its natural color.

77. compact and affordable option

This option shows the advantages in betting on a modular kitchen. Being able to be positioned according to the needs, its final value is more accessible than the planned option.

78. in steel, but black and white colors

Another option that uses steel as the material of its confection, here the kitchen mixes black and white elements, ensuring a look full of personality.

79. light tones for a bright environment

Mixing wood in a light tone with white modules, this kitchen also has an island, providing a space for meals.

80. bright look and colorful cabinets

Featuring a glossy finish, this kitchen adds color to the room by having cherry colored doors. A little charm without weighing down the look.

No matter the size available, whether the kitchen is small or has plenty of space, the modular kitchen can be the ideal option to furnish your environment. With colorful options, containing niches or varied cabinets, it is possible to guarantee more functionality and style with this element, besides helping the pocket, if compared to a planned kitchen. It is worth investing! See also different options ofcolors for the kitchen, and choose yours!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera is a seasoned interior designer and home decor expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Born and raised in California, he has always had a passion for design and art, which eventually led him to pursue a degree in interior design from a prestigious design school. With a keen eye for color, texture, and proportion, Robert effortlessly blends different styles and aesthetics to create unique and beautiful living spaces. He is highly knowledgeable in the latest design trends and techniques, and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts to bring life to his clients' homes. As the author of a popular blog on home decor and design, Robert shares his expertise and insights with a large audience of design enthusiasts. His writing is engaging, informative, and easy to follow, making his blog an invaluable resource for anyone looking to spruce up their living space. Whether you're seeking advice on color schemes, furniture arrangement, or DIY home projects, Robert has the tips and tricks you need to create a stylish, welcoming home.