Niches for baby rooms: charm and style in decoration

Niches for baby rooms: charm and style in decoration
Robert Rivera

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The baby's room is a space that deserves special care. In addition to housing the newest member of the family, this environment needs to bring together practicality and functionality, ensuring that the routine of new parents and baby are simplified and effective. One of the elements that can make a difference in this environment is the niche for the baby's room, having the function of helping to organize the items usedWith its varied shapes, materials, and colors, it is capable of transforming the final composition.

10 nursery niches to buy

With the possibility of being custom-made with a specialized carpenter, or bought ready-made, the niche is a good option to enhance the look of the environment:

Where to buy

  1. Casinha Nicho with Window and Chimney White and Yellow - Casatema, at Leiturinha Store
  2. White MDF Hexagonal Niche, in Madeira
  3. White Uno Nicho, at Mobly
  4. Pocket Kit 3 Pieces Round Pink MDF, at Walmart
  5. Versatile Nicho in Tigus Baby White Wood, in Madeira
  6. Rectangular White Nicho - Tigus Baby, at Americanas
  7. Nicho Cubo Kit with 3 Pieces, at Casas Bahia
  8. Nicho Casinha in Wood/MDF Lacquer White/Natural - Casatema, at Leiturinha Store
  9. Triangle Wall Niche in Natural Pine 35 x 30 x 9 CM, at Lumbershop
  10. Round MDF Nicho 24x24x13 cm White D-Core, on Shoptime
  11. Composite Nicho AM 3080 - Movelbento, at Magazine Luiza

The traditional square decorative niche is increasingly being replaced by more modern and colorful versions, including hexagonal models and those that imitate the silhouette of a small house.

70 niches for baby rooms that are full of charm

For those who still have doubts about how to use this decorative element to decorate their baby's room, check out the following selection of environments with different styles and get inspired:

1. in different colors, sizes and heights

2. the boy's room also receives the decorative niches

3. the house-shaped model is in fashion

4. this decorative element can bring more color to the environment

5. positioned above the changer area

6. different colors and sizes for a fun composition

7. the natural wood tone is the same as seen in the cradle

8. it is worth innovating by positioning them vertically

9. wall-mounted, with dedicated lighting

10. standing out on the flowered wallpaper

11) How about a differentiated option, with hollow sides?

12. helping to decorate the side panel

13. embedded in the plaster frame, with a beautiful contrast

14. unusual model giving the theme of the environment

15. recessed lighting makes all the difference

16. the personalized models are a charm apart

17. the rectangular format also has space in this environment

18. a stylish duo

19. mix different formats in the same composition

20. same size and shape, different colors

21. containing two partitions and considerable size

22. keeping them in their original color was the right choice to highlight them

23. multicolored, inlaid in the wood panel

24. leaving objects within reach

25. a composition with varied colors and sizes

26. arranging the letters of the baby's name

27. in shades of blue, with a fun layout

28. ideal options for a room rich in color

29. the triangular shape is also a possibility

30. it can be present even in the smallest spaces

31. how about these hexagonal options?

32. used together with the long shelf

33. accommodating the teddy bears

34. preventing the wall from becoming bare

35. it is worth innovating and using them creatively in the decoration

36. for a true dream room

37. built into the wall, ensuring storage space

38. relaxed look for a room full of charm

39. strings of lights give more prominence to these elements

40. ensuring indirect lighting for the crib

41. in soft tones, following the environment's color palette

42. different sizes, same functionality

43. the plaster panel was given illuminated niches

44. helping with the baby changing time

45. multicolored composition, guarantees more personality to the space

46. for flowers and dolls

47. using the same shades as the dresser

48. the large size guarantees plenty of space

49. creativity and style for the little girl

50 - Present also in a more classic decoration

51. with mirrored background and dedicated lighting

52. imitating the shape of a hut

53 The unusual look allows for creative compositions

54: How about a custom shape with a cloudy look?

55: Escaping from the obvious and used on the ground

56. following the chosen color palette

57. arranged around the cradle

58. fixed to the wall with boiserie

59. the size of the niche is proportional to the size of the teddy bear

60. arranged above the changer

61 How about innovating with these transparent acrylic options?

62. brightening the wall that receives the cradle

63. little houses in various shapes, sizes and colors

64: Another option with a wooden board and a hanger

65. despite the different formats, the color palette is followed

66 The mirrored background helps to decorate the environment

67. bottomless, like a kind of frame

68 Wooden niche positioned on glass shelf

69. each doll in a different size niche

70. three niches for a single decorative element

With so many different inspirations it is easier to choose the ideal niche to help decorate the baby's room. Choose your favorite model and invest!

How to make niches for the nursery

If you are a person who loves crafts, you should know that it is possible to make your own decorative niche. Check out a selection of video tutorials and get inspired:

How to make niches with popsicle sticks

Besides being a sustainable option, by producing this decorative element with popsicle sticks, it is possible to let your imagination run wild, adding varied colors and shapes, according to your creativity.

Do you also: cardboard niches

Another smart solution to reuse a material that would be discarded, by opting for paper niches you still have the possibility to vary the sizes and colors of the niche.

Do It Yourself: Styrofoam Niches

Still on the wave of reuse and sustainability, this video teaches how to produce, in a simple way, niches made with Styrofoam and covered with cardboard.

DIY decorative niches for baby room

Here the tutorial explains how to cover MDF niches with the fabric of your choice, finishing with a super-special detail: a half-pearl frame.

Niche with shoebox

Another option full of creativity to transform and give a new function to an object of easy access. Elaborated with a shoe box, this niche still gains the company of a beautiful cloud.

Whether you make your own niche or buy this decorative element ready-made, the possibilities of decoration and functionality that this item guarantees for the baby's room are endless. Unleash your imagination!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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