Party signs: 70 designs and tutorials to entertain your guests

Party signs: 70 designs and tutorials to entertain your guests
Robert Rivera

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Whether it is for a birthday, engagement, wedding, graduation, or even a baby shower, this item is famous for making the celebration even more relaxed with its funny sayings.

Regardless of the reason for the celebration, these plaques cannot be left out! Therefore, we have brought to you dozens of ideas for inspiration and some step-by-step videos that will show you how simple and practical it is to create your own! It is important that the phrases have some relation to the event, take a look:

Birthday Party Plaques

Check out some ideas of plaquinhas for birthday parties for you to bet for yours! As previously mentioned, get inspired by the theme of your party, be it boteco or junina, to compose the fun phrases!

1. you can create more colorful compositions

2. or simpler

This will depend on the party and your creativity.

5. like this idea for a June party

6. or this suggestion for the boteco party

7. weren't these sentences fun?

8. include stickers to encourage the photos

9. make your party even more interesting

10. and much more relaxed!

12. and even write the funniest ones

13. make sure your party signs are perfect!

14. make several models

15. to please all tastes!

16: He who warns, is a friend!

17: Delicate 15 Year Old Party Plaques!

To be consistent, it is important to follow the theme of the party! Now, in the next category, here are some ideas for children's party signs

Children's Party Plaques

Not to be outdone by humor, check out some ideas for children's party plaques! Bet on more colorful compositions and insert the characters of the birthday theme:

18. for the kids, create little boards full of colors

19. and include the characters from the party theme

20. like these Ben 10 signs

21. with dear Mickey

22. or with the graceful Princess Sofia!

23. look for ready-made molds

24. or make your own creations

25. so be creative!

26. stickers for the whole family!

27. these fun models are inspired by Super Mario

28. already these others in Dog Patrol!

29. the mesversary also deserves a plaque

30. and the slumber party too!

31. accessories for fun and lots of pictures

32. bet on lighter colors for early ages

33. take inspiration from the child's favorite drawing for the phrases

These plaques are not as humorous as those for adult parties, but they are still fun and will entertain the little ones! Below, check out some ideas of these designs for your graduation party!

Graduation Party Plaques

The graduation party is a big event among friends and family, and to make it complete and fun, include some plaques with quotes that have to do with your graduation. Check out some ideas:

34. whether for the law student

35. to the psychology student

36. for those who are going to complete chemical engineering

37. or for those who are going to major in economics

38: Graduation party signs are a lot of fun!

39. use terms from the field to compose sentences

40. and others in relation to the commemoration of this day!

41. your guests will have a great time

42. and they will yield many funny pictures

43 Definitely, mission accomplished!

44 Create several nameplates for all the guests

45. don't forget to include the name of the graduate as well

46. and the symbol of the profession

47. make it in several colors

48. or standardize with shades of your choice

49. create the pieces in different formats

50. for each one to be unique

Get inspired by the course to create the phrases for the plaques and include the symbol of the profession and the name of the graduate. Finally, check out some fun ideas for your wedding!

Wedding Party Plaques

Because it is a unique occasion, it is worth investing in more elaborate plaques for this great day. So, check out some suggestions that will convince you to join this fashion!

51. finish the pieces with small details

52. like delicate pearls

53. or charming satin bows

54. you can create more colorful templates

55. or go for the classic black and white

56. flowers make the model more charming

57. and much more interesting

58. aren't these rustic plaques amazing?

How about this more differentiated model?

60. ensure a memorable celebration

61. there are many options to customize the signs

62. you can use phrases or symbols

63. don't forget to include the couple's name

64 - Wrap a satin ribbon around the toothpick to make it look neat

65. hearts are indispensable!

66. chalkboard style is in fashion

67 - How cute are these little signs?

68. make the templates in different formats

69 And of course, some classic phrases cannot be missed

Now that you have been inspired with several ideas of different themes and for different events, check out some step-by-step videos that will show you how to make your signs.

How to make party signs

You can make them at home for next to nothing, or you can have them made at a printing shop. If you choose the first option, here are some tutorials that will show you how to make your signs:

How to make fun party signs

This step by step video will show you how to make these fun party signs. Everything can be done very simply and using very few materials that you can find easily and cheaply in any stationery store. For a neat finish, preferably use a glue stick.

How to make wedding party signs

That's why we brought this video that will teach you step by step how to create a variety of plaques for the big day. Bet on slogans and phrases that have to do with this beautiful celebration!

How to make party cards with barbecue sticks

In this tutorial you learn how to create beautiful party cards using barbecue sticks.

How to make party card templates

If you want to make something more elaborate, then check out this step by step program to illustrate your party card.

Easier than you thought, isn't it? Party plaques are a way to make the celebration even more amazing and fun, resulting in memories for a lifetime. Get inspired by the party theme, be creative and let your imagination run wild!

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