Peperomia: how to care for and beautify your home with beautiful plants

Peperomia: how to care for and beautify your home with beautiful plants
Robert Rivera

Do you know what urban jungle experts and beginners in gardening have in common? They all love peperomias, because the plants in this family, the Piperaceae, are native to Brazil, are easy to care for and look amazing in decoration. Want to know more about the types and care? Just keep reading this post!

Types of peperomies

In the list below, you will learn a little more about the species that are easiest to find in flower shops and garden centers:

  • Watermelon Peperomia (Peperomia argyreia): is one of the most successful species in urban jungles, mainly because of its beautiful appearance. The leaves are striped, resembling the appearance of a watermelon. The plant should be kept in an environment with diffused lighting, as the leaves can burn in direct sunlight.
  • Peperomia tricolor (Peperomia magnoliifolia): Although it is a good choice for indoors, the plant becomes more colorful if it receives a few hours of sun every day. Watering should be frequent to keep the substrate moist, but be careful not to soak it.
  • Brown peperomia (Peperomia caperata): With leaves in a darker shade and a starched appearance, this type draws attention because of its look: very distinctive flowers can appear, as if they were antennae. A charm for terrariums or corners where the sun doesn't shine.
  • Peperomia pendens (Peperomia serpens): For those who like species that hang, this is a great option. It looks great in living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. The leaves range from darker green to lighter green. It is important that the plant be in permeable soil and well fertilized.
  • Peperomia philodendron (Peperomia scandens: Do not be fooled by its delicate appearance, because this peperomia is very resistant. Its leaves are light green with yellow or white edges. The care is simple: fertile soil, occasional watering, and a shady environment.

Are you not sure which one to choose? Make a collection of them all!

How to care for peperomias

Regardless of your favorite type, peperomias usually need the same care: no strong sun and plenty of water in the soil. In the videos, you learn more particularities:

Peperomia pendens: cultivation tips and how to multiply

More than just having beautiful plants to decorate your home, it is always nice to learn how to multiply them - whether to give them as gifts to friends or to increase the green corners.

Quick Tips on Peperomies

Doubts about peperomias species? about which are the best places to put the plants, either indoors or outdoors? These and other doubts are answered in the video by landscape designer Lúcia Borges.

Watermelon Peperomia: How to care for and make seedlings

A perfect plant for those who don't have much time or space, the watermelon peperomia doesn't need direct sunlight and no special maintenance. Check out tips to ensure that the species always stays beautiful and healthy.

You see, even those who don't have a green thumb will be able to have these little beauties at home.

12 pictures of peperomias that prove their charm in decoration

Now that you know some of the types of peperomias and the care they require, it's time to get some inspiration.

1. it is not by chance that the peperomia is a darling

2. in all its types, it looks beautiful

3. and it looks charming in the decoration

After all, a touch of green is always welcome

5. the peperomia looks good in every corner

6. whether in the bedroom

7. in the room

8. or even in the kitchen

9. it can be combined with other plants

10. or reign alone

11. the important thing is to leave the plant in a well-lit place

12. and enjoy all its beauty!

Looking for more species to set up your own private forest? Check out other greens that are perfect for your urban jungle!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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