Picture composition: tips and tricks to ensure balance in your home

Picture composition: tips and tricks to ensure balance in your home
Robert Rivera

The enormous variety of formats, colors, inspirations, and trends in paintings has generated a series of compositions on the walls, ranging from a minimalist mixture to something more elaborate, made with refined pieces that, at the same time, give more liveliness and lightness to a room.combine the different types of frames so that the result is harmonious and achieves the desired goal.

It is common to run into a few questions when choosing some pictures to decorate a room, which can be a living room, a bedroom, a hallway, and even a bathroom.

Although the intention here is to make a space lighter and more pleasant, some rules are necessary to guarantee harmony among the pieces, which can be rectangular, square, oval, or round.

How to make a picture composition at home?

When thinking about a composition of paintings, it is essential to choose the paintings (theme and size) and their positions: "The paintings must always match the style of the residents and the proposal of the room", recommends architect Angélica Duarte.expert, saying that it is important that the paintings "talk to each other," that is, that they have something in common, be it size, colors, style, or theme.

When arranging the paintings, evaluate the size of the wall and the position of the furniture: "Always seek a harmony between the places filled by the paintings and the empty spaces", recommends Angélica, "Very small paintings can generate a sensation of emptiness, while many leave the space with a sensation of mess and pollution", she adds. A tip for those who want to study a possible combination beforeIf they are harmonious, invest in this solution!

Paintings and other elements, such as picture frames, shelves or pictures supported by furniture, combine very well, according to Angélica: "You can abuse these elements, especially in a more relaxed environment", she says.more discreet finishes, such as wood or bronze.

Possible Combinations

The possible combinations of paintings that we have listed above serve only as a basis for a composition that you can create yourself. However, some points should guide your choice and be used as a reference so as not to sin when decorating a space.


The axis of the picture or the center of the composition with several pictures should be at eye height, so that the person doesn't have to raise or lower his or her head to see it. A good height is 1.60 m or 1.70 m.


If your intention is to highlight a striking piece of furniture in the space, such as a sofa or a dining table, you can center a large painting based on this element. However, if you intend to create a composition with several paintings, make sure that they are bounded by a space equivalent to one large painting, conversing with the prominent piece of furniture in the room.


"It is recommended that larger paintings be positioned on larger walls, so that, even from a distance, they can be seen", says Angélica. "Small paintings can be positioned in spaces that allow them to come closer together, but it is important not to leave them too close together", adds the architect, emphasizing that it is important that each piece transmit its identity. It is essential to align themby the base or, if the wall is rectangular, keep the shape when creating the composition.


However, if the environment is more sober, plain white or black frames, as well as the wooden ones, are more appropriate", recommends the architect Angélica Duarte.

20 ideas for compositions with paintings

The important thing is to always follow your style, but there is nothing like seeing a list of decoration ideas with composition of paintings for inspiration. There are options for different rooms and with varied art styles, check it out:

1. modern and light atmosphere

2. composition with paintings also in the bedroom

3. just leaning against the wall

4. pictures with the same theme look perfect in a sober environment

5. on a shelf in the bedroom

6. how about this composition full of color?

7. pictures on the shelf according to the size of the furniture

8. glass framed

9. equal frames give unity to the pieces

10. pictures bringing more charm to the gourmet balcony

11. composition with only two frames

12. a super elegant living

13. pictures with words: how not to love?

14. pictures that complement each other

15. and can make the environment even more luxurious

16. another option for composing images that complement each other

17. more delicacy to the environment

18. modern combination

19. have you ever thought of making a composition with family photos? good idea!

So, do you already know how to put together a composition in a special room in your house? With good taste, some care regarding size, colors and inspirations, and a pinch of daring, it is possible to make a beautiful and charming combination of paintings!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera is a seasoned interior designer and home decor expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Born and raised in California, he has always had a passion for design and art, which eventually led him to pursue a degree in interior design from a prestigious design school. With a keen eye for color, texture, and proportion, Robert effortlessly blends different styles and aesthetics to create unique and beautiful living spaces. He is highly knowledgeable in the latest design trends and techniques, and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts to bring life to his clients' homes. As the author of a popular blog on home decor and design, Robert shares his expertise and insights with a large audience of design enthusiasts. His writing is engaging, informative, and easy to follow, making his blog an invaluable resource for anyone looking to spruce up their living space. Whether you're seeking advice on color schemes, furniture arrangement, or DIY home projects, Robert has the tips and tricks you need to create a stylish, welcoming home.