PJ Masks Cake: 70 fun and creative designs

PJ Masks Cake: 70 fun and creative designs
Robert Rivera

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The PJ Masks cake features very cheerful colors and the fun characters that are always on the alert! If you need inspiration to choose your favorite, be sure to check out the beautiful models that we have separated below.

70 pictures of colorful and adventurous PJ Masks cake

We have separated very different models, both in size and decoration, so that you can choose the best way to decorate your cake.

1. relying on cheerful colors

2. and the brave characters

3. the models are beautiful

4. and they have several types of finishes

5. could be more uniform

6. or full of different textures

7. and effects like varnishing

8. or sparkling

9. and finished with paper embellishments

10. with the brave characters

11. and name and age of the birthday boy or girl

12. american paste has a more elaborate finish

13. with cutout details

14. and modeled

15. the result is very realistic

16. and even more beautiful

17. with one floor

18. or more

19. there are ways to make the cake more showy

20. using more vibrant colors

21. and gloss applications

22. or a combination of both

23. be with the fun lizard

24: The Brave Little Owl

25. or the brave little Cat Boy

26. the decoration becomes even more cheerful

27 With the presence of this gang

28. so complement the top of the cake

29. or around it

30. for a super-different look

31. with a simpler model

32. or more elaborate

33. use drawing references

34. as a complement to the characters

35. to create a background

36. make paper buildings

37. and the moon

38. representing the night

39. that is when heroes fulfill their missions

40. the shape of the cake can vary

41. from the traditional round

42. that you can count on a higher version

43. and mounted on two floors

44. to the square model

45 - which can have very colorful versions

46. decorate in an original way

47. for a more creative cake

48. use the birthday boy dolls

49. for a more incremented cake

50. or use characters made out of American paste

51 The main colors are green, blue and red

52. and you can use them in different ways

53. all three together

54. one on each floor

55. or just your favorite

56. vary the color shade

57. the lighter ones are more delicate

58. and the stronger ones get more showy

59. include metallic elements

60. to make the cake more radical

61. sparkle enhances the cake

62. just like the glow

63. making the cake more festive

64. decorate creatively

65. and pay attention to all the details

66. from the top of the cake

67. up to coverage

68. to create a beautiful proposal

69. with a cheerful coloring

70. perfect for a special celebration

Bet on the colors of each character's clothes to make the cake more personalized and cheerful. Using references and a nice coloring, the result is amazing!

How to make a PJ Masks cake

We have separated easy and creative tutorials to help you create a creative cake that will make your celebration even more outstanding!

Colorful cake with creative stationery

This tutorial teaches you how to make the cake layer using the 3 colors of the characters and finish the template with beautiful stationery embellishments.

PJ Masks Square Cake

Learn a technique used to decorate the square cake using chantininho. The result is very colorful and even has paper toppers.

Trio of colored cakes

Three cakes in one video! This proposal is amazing and will help you learn how to decorate three models in different ways and with different colors. Creativity to spare!

The colors will make all the difference when decorating the cake, so be sure to match the colors and elements of your PJ Masks party for a delightful result.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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