Plant Pots: 60 Charming Designs and Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Plant Pots: 60 Charming Designs and Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Robert Rivera

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Vases for plants are ideal elements for growing vegetation and also allied pieces in the decoration of the house, balconies, verandas, and gardens. They are primordial to help highlight foliage or display with grace all the beauty of flowers. They are responsible for enhancing the plants that bring freshness and make any environment more pleasant.

There is a wide variety of vases to decorate, both outside and outside areas. To help you find your ideal style, check out several models to use, with photos and do-it-yourself options, as well as ideas to create more interesting and lively spaces.

Pots for small plants

Among the types of pots, there are those that are suitable for small-sized species. With their small size it is very easy to add a plant anywhere in the house. Check out some models:

1. white with gold details for an elegant composition

Use small vases to create compositions on the coffee table

3. in a blue tone to add a soft color to the environment

4. a perfect size to decorate the bedside table

5. you can also use them in suspended form

6. small golds bring sophistication

7. the small size is ideal for decorating shelves and niches

8. in black for a charming gourmet balcony

9. take advantage of a mini room to have a small plant in the bathroom

10. geometric concrete models: modern and minimalist

11. combine different colors and a variety of shapes

12. they look great on a tray

Small plant pots are great to complement the decoration of indoor spaces and perfect to be arranged on sideboards, tables, shelves, or windows. Besides, their delicate size adds much more charm and delicacy to the environments.

Plant pots for the living room

Having plants in the living room is great to bring nature indoors and make the space pleasant. Explore different models of pots and compositions to use in this environment:

13. in a room with a colored wall, preferably use neutral pieces

14. to give life to the space, you can mix colors and sizes

15. in a sophisticated environment use metallic pieces

16. use pot holders to decorate a modern room

17. with an aged look to match an industrial room

18. bet on highlight pieces to create beautiful compositions

19. baskets and rustic models bring more warmth

20. contrast the antique style of the furniture with modern vases

21. pieces in neutral tones go with any decor

22. for beautiful orchids, an elegant golden container

23 In the living room you can also use hanging models

24. plants make the room much more pleasant and cozy

To invest in the best option of vase for living room, take into consideration the style of your home and the chosen plant. You can opt for a prominent piece or accommodate several models that match each other and the space to complete the decor in a harmonic way.

Recycled Plant Pots

To make your home more sustainable, there are also options for recycled pots:

25. a little color turns various objects into vases

26: Recycle cans into plant pots

27. plastic containers become fun hanging vases

28. give a new use to dishes that only take up space in the cupboard

29. a succulent garden in crates

30. pet bottles can become cuddly animals

31. give a vintage touch to decoration with food cans

Reuse tires to make flowerpots for the garden

33. give old kettles a new destination

34. vinyl records become modern pieces for flowers

35. you can also reuse glass jars and even fire extinguishers

There are many materials that instead of going to the garbage can be reused and transformed into pots for plants, just use your creativity to recycle packaging or objects that you no longer use.

Ceramic Plant Pots

Ceramic pots are among the best options for plants, as they are durable and help keep the soil fresh. There are natural or colored options, all with great beauty, check them out:

36. they have a unique beauty

37. ceramic pieces look great outdoors

38. and also to decorate elegant balconies

39. the Vietnamese model stands out in the decoration

40. ideal for creating beautiful compositions with plants in the garden

41. they can also be used to decorate indoor environments

42. ceramic vases can be colorful and delicate

43. they are versatile and elegant pieces for use in environments

44. ceramic, natural, brings a rustic touch

45. a good option for growing spices in the kitchen

46. they are found in large sizes for larger plants

The ceramic vases have beautiful models that enhance the plants and the environment. They can last for years and be used both indoors and outdoors. For sure, a beautiful option for your home or garden.

Plastic plant pots

Plastic vases are light, practical, and available in different sizes, colors, and shapes:

47. naturally reproduce textures and materials

48. they can be found in the most diverse colors

49 Some have printed phrases

50. they are light and practical to hang

51 - They make any corner more charming

52. they look great to decorate bookshelves and shelves

53. can be used in balconies and outdoor areas

54. choose white for minimalist decorations

55. its varied shapes easily adapt to your style

56. some models allow creative compositions

57. modern and elegant with geometric shapes

58. its simplicity is perfect for modern rooms

The plastic models are inexpensive, practical, and resistant, and they also provide beauty for plants both indoors and outdoors. Organize your plants with different styles of pots and create beautiful compositions for your home.

Do-It-Yourself Plant Pots

Among so many options to enhance the presence of plants in the home, there are also several ideas to put your hands to work and do it yourself. Check out a selection of proposals for those who like original and economical models:

How to make a homemade cement vase

Cement vases are a trend in decoration and, with little expenditure, you can make incredible versions right in your home. Create several shapes and decorate with the prints and details that most suit your style. You can even assemble a collection and form a special corner full of plants.

How to make a marbled concrete vase

Another option for customizing your made concrete vases is to use the marbled effect, a very elegant technique with a wonderful result, but which is done in a very simple way, with the addition of powdered dye. The possibilities of mixing shades are endless and you can create fantastic vases for your home.

How to make a vase with a pet bottle

In an easy, economical, and sustainable way, you can reuse pet bottles and make recycled pots for small plants.

How to make a sisal rope vase

You can also make beautiful vases with ropes for your plants, a very simple, inexpensive option that will only take a few minutes of your time. Use this idea to recycle plastic pots and containers or give a new look to a vase. Leave it natural for a rustic look or paint it the color of your choice.

Mini Cachepôs in crochet

Another simple idea for making vases is to use crochet. You can adapt this option to any size and customize it with the threads in the colors you prefer. Besides, crochet provides a handmade touch and makes any decoration cozier.

But, no matter the style, all plant pots guarantee a cheerful, beautiful, and cozy environment. So, choose the models you like the most and grow your favorite plants at home.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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