Professional tips for you to set up a small dining room

Professional tips for you to set up a small dining room
Robert Rivera

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Decorating a small dining room can be a big challenge. However, with simple solutions, it is possible to create a practical environment full of personality. To help you compose a stylish space, Júlia Gurgel, from Studio Kaffee gives great tips throughout this article.

How to set up a small dining room?

According to architect Júlia, in the dining room, it is fundamental to create a place to have meals, regardless of the available space. Therefore, the furniture needs to be comfortable and functional. Besides, when it comes to reduced dimensions, it is important to think of compact pieces, that is, pieces that do not hinder circulation. Verticalizing the decoration is also a very welcome resource.In this way, it is possible to create a unique identity without taking up too much space.

What to put in a small dining room?

Thinking in practical solutions, the architect from Studio Koffee lists a series of fundamental items to compose a dining room. The furniture can be adapted to a small space without great confusion. They are

  • Roundtable : although it is not a rule, the round table is the most suitable model for a small dining room, because, besides optimizing the space, it accommodates a larger number of chairs.
  • Chairs or stools Small environments require compact furniture, therefore, the armless chair is the most indicated model, while stools are practical because they stay completely hidden under the table when not in use.
  • Buffets Depending on the available space, a piece of furniture to serve as a support during meals will make these moments more practical, reveals the architect. Besides avoiding the displacement to the kitchen, a buffet or sideboard fulfills more than one function in other moments of the day, such as a coffee corner or bar.
  • German Corner : an excellent space optimizer, because the table is flush with the wall. In addition, the stools can be used as storage chests, guarantees the professional.
  • Small auxiliary furniture If you don't have enough space for a buffet, the solution is to choose compact furniture with similar functions. For example, a bar/tea cart is a good helper.
  • Shelves When installed at table height, the shelves can serve as sideboards. However, if circulation is compromised, opt for a taller installation. This way, you will have a decoration verticalizer - pictures, vases and other objects are welcome.

If your budget allows, investing in planned furniture will make your project even more pragmatic.

How to decorate a small dining room

Including the personality of the residents in the small dining room is a fun, yet detail-rich mission. Check out some suggestions from the architect that will help you make the space cozier:

  • To add joy to the environment, the architect says: "I love decorating with flowers. In this case, a small vase is perfect. A centerpiece, such as a fruit bowl, is also a great option.
  • "Runners are great for decorating. They can be used on tables as well as on countertops," explains the professional. In addition, they are functional, because they protect the top from everyday accidents, such as scratches and stains.
  • For the lighting, the architect uses a pendant, which creates a pleasant atmosphere both on the table and on the countertop. A yellow lamp is a great ally to obtain a good result.
  • The feeling of spaciousness will make the dining room much more welcoming. A "mirror on the wall creates this feeling, as well as helping to reflect the lighting," assures the architect.
  • "If the dining room is combined with the living room, we like to use similar fabrics for the sofa and chairs. We consider it important to follow the same color palette to create harmony between the environments," concludes Gurgel.

The decoration of the dining room can also receive the personal touches of the residents: a color on the wall, pictures with art, representative photos, and objects that match the composition proposal.

55 creative and inspiring small dining room pictures

Get to know some projects signed by architects who thought about all their clients' needs - from comfortable accommodation to guaranteed style. Get inspired!

1. in the integrated living room, the niches became a great coffee corner

2. see how following a color palette is fundamental

3. this composition gained a charm with the upholstered chairs

The organic-shaped mirror is the star of this room

5. in this one, the pendant enchants and illuminates at the same time

6. the dining room can be close to the main entrance

7. next to the living room

8. or in an integrated balcony

9. to optimize space, the German corner is a way out

10. round tables also facilitate circulation

11. put the personality of the residents on the wall

12. notice how charming the treadmill is

13. like the pendant that creates an intimate atmosphere

14. flowers in the vase bring joy

15. and the mirror brings a sense of spaciousness

16. sconces are as stylish as pendants

17. a tailor-made project takes advantage of all the spaces

18. Who says it is not possible to include 6 seats in a small dining room?

19. this integrated room conquers with its simplicity

20. whenever possible, take advantage of natural lighting

21. a brick wall goes with a rustic decoration

22 In this clean space, the color palette enhanced the natural lighting

23. a bench for quick meals was added to the space

24. but for a minimalist proposal, less is more

25. how about a vintage touch?

26 The stylish chest-turning stool is perfect for compact spaces

27. with 3 colors, you can create a beautiful decoration

28. use the walls to verticalize the composition of the environment

29. and complement with frames and panels

30. the integrated dining room has conquered modern architecture

31 - Mainly in small apartments

32. the division between kitchen and living room is very simple

33. this way, the residents can interact with people while cooking

34. and still guarantee a valued amplitude in the space

35 For this, it is important that the environments "talk" to each other

36 Creating complementary decoration between one room and another

37. in this dining room, the chandelier is the additional charm

38. luxury and rustic complement each other very well

39. a vertical garden breaks the monotony of white

40 - See how the niche and the shelf with LEDs enhanced the decoration

41. the Indian straw is a timeless classic and was present in this project

42. use the countertop's free space to accommodate a rectangular table

43. How can you not love this living room with wallpaper?

44. the mirror needs to be placed in a strategic point

45. notice how it integrates all the environments

46 With a woody tone, gray is highlighted

47. if the seat has no backrest, you can add some cushions

48. family photos brought a personal touch to this decoration

49. industrial style can be combined with modern decoration

50. remember to choose the decorations in a decorative pattern

51. a sober corner asked for colorful chairs

52. in a well elaborated project, everything is possible

53. this way, you unite style and functionality

54. after all, a small dining room needs to be cozy and pleasant

55, so make the most of every little space in your decor!

The important thing is that your small dining room looks very cozy. So, considering the dimensions of your space, take advantage of the inspirations above and put together a unique project that has your identity, as well as offering comfort and practicality.

Small dining room videos to help your project

In this selection of videos, professionals give great tips, answer questions, show small dining room projects and much more. Check it out and take note of all the information!

What is the best type of table for the small dining room?

Karla Amadori explains why a round dining table is the most suitable for small spaces, and also brings great tips for those who prefer a square table. Watch the video to understand!

Modernizing the small dining room

Follow the transformation of a simple dining room into a totally optimized environment, with every space well used. The architects used and abused all tricks to create a modern and cozy area.

How to decorate a small living room

Take note of all the foolproof tips to enhance the decoration of a small living room. The architect covers not only the dining room, but also the living room, creating integrated environments.

With so many tips, it's easy to set up a corner to share good moments with family and friends. If you prefer, you can hire an architect to help you with this mission. In the meantime, how about putting your creativity into practice and decorating the space?

Where you can buy essential furniture for the small dining room

With this information in hand, take advantage of the online stores below and shop around for your dining room!

  1. Camicado
  2. Mobly
  3. Homedock
  4. Madeiramadeira
  5. Mappin

Don't forget that the dining room mirror creates amplitude in the environment, it is a detail that makes all the difference.

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