Provençal kitchen: 75 decorations for a classic and romantic atmosphere

Provençal kitchen: 75 decorations for a classic and romantic atmosphere
Robert Rivera

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The Provencal kitchen is a worldwide trend and appears in both sophisticated and simple environments. The style combines the rustic and the modern and makes reference to the retro decoration from the south of France. The color palette for the Provencal design is more neutral, with the use of off-white or pastel tones:

1. a Provencal kitchen has the charm of woods

2. and the retro air of this style is hidden in the details

3. as in aged looking parts

4. and on handles with a design that stands out

5. in this style, off white is usual

6. giving the air of coziness

7. and nostalgia

8. the provençal kitchen is classic

9. and makes us feel welcome in the environment

10. more neutral tones give softness

11. and they make a mix between modern and traditional

12. this style uses many ornaments

13. with strikingly designed cabinets

14. and combination of very classic chandeliers

15. the kitchen utensils also give the retro touch

16. but that doesn't take away the elegance

17. the modern provençal kitchen

18. mark vintage and minimalist details

19. can be extremely simple

20. how does this

21. or more chic

22. with work not only on cabinets, but also on other furniture

23. look how charming this style is

24. muted tones dictate this trend

25. with stronger colors in the granite or chandeliers

26. and even in wood, just to give the highlight

27. you can have a provençal apartment kitchen

28. after all, these spaces are usually smaller

29. and you have to work with cooktops, for example

30. in order to guarantee more space

31. another option is the built-in stove

32. it also helps you gain space

33. and guarantees an aligned decoration

34. regardless of your choice

35. it is important to consult an architect

36. so you harmonize the ideas

37. and get a specific project for your kitchen

38 The gray provençal kitchen is also modern

39. and brings a mixture of delicacy

40. and rustic design

41 This style, although "medieval

42. it can also bring a lot of finesse

43. and still remain unique

44. you prefer a small kitchen

45. or very spacious?

46 The blue provençal kitchen is full of style

47. look how it contrasts with this white one

48. it looks like a movie kitchen

49. but if you prefer discreet tones

50. the options are varied!

51 If not, there is the green Provençal kitchen

52. which also stands out from the white

53. and it is as strong as this one in the blue tone

54: Look at the details of this beauty

55. gray is also amazing

56 - In the strongest blue, the kitchen gains personality

57. you like a gray kitchen best

58. or in shades of blue?

59. prefers softer tones

60. or an off-white?

61 The style, besides being romantic

62. seems to bring more comfort to your home

63. gives a sense of welcome

64. and smoothness

65. even with modern design

66. doesn't lose the rustic details

67. can be applied in sophisticated kitchens

68. or in the simplest

69. if you loved the style

70. bet without fear

71. there are cheaper options

72 As this

73. and more elaborate options

74. like this other

75 - Choose your favorite and decorate your home!

Provençal style is amazing, isn't it, and if you like classic and rustic settings, check out our Provençal decorating ideas for other settings as well.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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