Retro bedside tables: where to buy and decorating inspiration

Retro bedside tables: where to buy and decorating inspiration
Robert Rivera

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A major trend in interior design, the retro bedside table is increasingly conquering its space in bedrooms, whether for adults, teenagers, or children. The small piece of furniture is characterized by its toothpick feet, as well as the piece can be found with drawers or simply with niches to organize books and small decorative items.

From colorful to white, the retro bedside table can be purchased in several stores, both online and in stores that specialize in decorative objects and furniture. See where to buy this charming furniture and get inspired with dozens of ideas to decorate your room!

10 models of retro bedside tables for you to buy

For all tastes and budgets, check out the beautiful models we have selected for you to buy your retro nightstand right now and provide all the charm and practicality to your room's decoration:

Where to buy

  1. Blue Printed Bedside Table, at KD Stores
  2. White 2-Drawer Retrô Bedside Table, at Mobly
  3. Chest of Drawers Nicho Retrô Be Mobiliário White, in Magazine Luiza
  4. 1-Drawer Chest of Drawers Retrô Yellow, at Walmart
  5. 2-Drawer Bedside Table Retrô Turquesa, in Wood
  6. Red Nightstand, at Shop Time
  7. Retro black nightstand, at Ponto Frio
  8. Malbec Retrô Nightstand, at Extra
  9. 2 Drawers Rustik/Amarelo - Olivar Móveis, at Lojas Americanas
  10. 1-Drawer Chest of Drawers, at Submarino

It's hard to choose just one, isn't it? It is important to emphasize that, before you purchase your retro bedside table, you must measure the space in which the small piece of furniture will be placed so that it is not too cramped. Now that you have selected your favorite, check out several ideas on how to decorate your room with a retro bedside table.

40 retro bedside table ideas that are a charm!

Colorful or made of wood, big or small, with drawers or niches, check out dozens of different and charming models of retro bedside tables to add even more beauty to your bedroom decor:

1. retro dark wood bedside table

2. discreet, the piece has a niche and a colored top

3. light wood model and a drawer

4. ideal for male spaces

5. black knobs contrast with the wood

6. colorful and lacquered retro nightstand

7. doubles of models in yellow tone with niche

8. organize your decoration items, lamps and books

9. wood and white tone for a delicate composition

10. bet on models with a niche and drawer

11. measure the size of the space to then purchase the bedside table

12. large retro white dresser with two niches

13. the white tone provides all the delicacy to the space

14. decorate with small ornaments to make it even more charming

15. take advantage of the small spaces beside the bed for the furniture

16. white bedside tables brought balance to the environment

17. the piece complements the decor with grace

18. perfect and harmonious decoration

19. retro colorful bedside tables for children's rooms

20. synchrony between furniture and decoration

21. bet on colorful models to add color to the space

22. also organize small toys in the cabinet

23 Retro nightstand stands out in a gray decor

24. piece with small openings for opening drawers

25: And who said it only decorates bedrooms?

26. yellow retro nightstand with toothpick feet

27. colorful and super cute, decorate with a model like this for women's bedrooms

28. yellow is ideal to promote a more relaxed atmosphere

29. one-drawer model for minimalist spaces

30. decorate the retro bedside table with pictures of unforgettable moments

31 In furniture stores you can find it in many colors!

32. simple and discreet piece gives a natural touch to the space

33: Use the retro bedside table to decorate for a party!

34. wood for a cozier environment

35. retro bedside table features a design of straight, angular lines

36. the white color gives the room a cleaner touch

37 With a bolder design, the bedside table charmingly decorates women's rooms

38. bedside table in natural wood color

39. beautiful retro red bedside table to decorate

40. yellow retro bedside table also serves as a side table

One more beautiful than the other! For colorful spaces, use a red, yellow, green, pink or blue bedside table, while for minimalist spaces that seek a more clean and natural atmosphere, go for models in white or wood, it will be beautiful! Not only for bedrooms, but you can also use this piece of furniture to decorate your living room.Add a more charming look and include this piece of furniture in your decoration!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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