Retro refrigerator: 20 wonderful ideas and amazing models to buy

Retro refrigerator: 20 wonderful ideas and amazing models to buy
Robert Rivera

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The retro refrigerator is an alternative for those who like to give that vintage touch to the environment.

These refrigerators have returned with a range of sizes, shapes, and colors so that you can harmonize with whatever your decor is. We have selected some options that you can buy, and then we have selected projects to inspire you! Check them out:

5 retro refrigerators for you to buy

Check out some super interesting models to match your home and that can be purchased at a specialized home appliances store, either physically or online.

  1. Gorenje Retro Special Edition VW cooler, at Center Garbin.
  2. Retrô Midnight Blue refrigerator, at Brastemp.
  3. Gorenje Retrô Ion Generation Red Refrigerator, at Center Garbin.
  4. Mini Refrigerator Retro Home & Art, at Submarino.
  5. Philco Vintage Fridge Red, at Super Muffato.

These options are amazing, aren't they? Now that you know that there are a variety of sizes, models, and colors, take a look at the selection we made of projects that perfectly combine the retro refrigerator with the home decor!

20 pictures of retro refrigerators for you to transform your kitchen

Whether it's a model with one door, two doors, or even a refrigerator, the retro refrigerator comes to give a different face to your environment. See our selection of ideas and get inspired!

1. the retro red refrigerator is a classic

3. and converses very well in the decoration with plants, for example

4. fitting also into small spaces

5. you can choose a strong color, like the yellow retro refrigerator

6. and contrast the color with the furniture

7. or even use the same color in the cabinets, without making the environment heavy.

8. the retro refrigerator does not need to be in flashy colors

9. it can blend perfectly into the environment

10. complementing the industrial look that the kitchen can have

11. or even inserted in a more modern environment, like this blue retro refrigerator

12. the variety of models and shades allow it to fit in any environment

13. pastel shades are great for those who want a color in the kitchen, but not something too flashy

14. besides being easy to harmonize with the rest of the environment

15. a white retro refrigerator is always a good choice

16. it is indicated for environments that already have a mix of materials in the environment

17. or for those who want to harmonize the furniture with the walls that already have strong tones

18. furthermore, the minibar models are superb for environments such as living rooms or lounges

19. the black retro refrigerator is a great choice for more neutral environments

20. your kitchen will combine class and modernity perfectly!

The retro refrigerator brings with it the good efficiency of modern refrigerators but with a vintage touch that is perfect to make your environment more beautiful and interesting.

After so many incredible ideas and options available to buy, how about changing the face of some environment of your home? Choose a model that matches you and harmonizes with your decoration, creating authentic and amazing compositions!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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