Room divider: 50 inspiring models to decorate your home

Room divider: 50 inspiring models to decorate your home
Robert Rivera

There are several practical and functional options to divide the environments without erecting a wall. There is no lack of lightweight and modern partition models that ensure the necessary intimacy with the particularity of each environment, without isolating the space.

It is possible to use wooden structures, hollow shelves, glass panels, cobogós, and much more as room dividers. Thus, it is possible to integrate environments and make the most of the existing space. Using a room divider is a very effective solution for use in small apartments or small spaces.

See wonderful alternatives for use as room dividers and plan the spaces in your home for a more spacious, pleasant, and beautifully decorated atmosphere:

1. full integration

The hollow panel divides the kitchen and living areas, but maintains total integration between the spaces. In addition, its graphic appearance stands out in the decoration.

2. slatted wooden panel

Wood always brings a cozy feeling. Besides the wooden table, it is also used in a slatted panel as a room divider.

3. triangles panel

Here the room divider is composed of triangles that create a set of niches that serve the two divided rooms. The panel combines functionality and beauty on the balcony.

4. partition with glass

A great option for those who want to divide, but not hide anything. In this fully integrated space, the intimate area is delimited by a partition with transparent glass.

5. dining room with partitions

Here the black panels contrast with the all-white decor and partially separate the two rooms without completely closing the gap.

6. kitchen with cobogós

In this project, the cobogós divide the environments; moreover, this element allows the passage of light and favors air circulation, all with a lot of charm!

7. screen to share with a lot of style

In this project, the screen does more than divide spaces. It is a beautiful piece that attracts the eye with the sophistication of its structure.

8. living room with room divider

The panel with vertical profiles elegantly divides the living and dining rooms. The dark color of the panel creates contrast with the light tones in the room.

9. arabesque room divider

In the décor of the two rooms, light and soft colors predominate, including the partition with arabesques, which separates the environments in an extremely subtle and sophisticated way.

10. divider with vertical garden

In this project, the room divider is also an interesting vertical garden with wooden pots. The charm of greenery is accessible to both spaces.

11. shelf as divider

In this loft, dark colors predominate. A hollow bookcase divides the spaces and communicates with the two environments, serving to store objects and display decorations.

12. small apartment partition

In small spaces, in order to avoid walls and increase the feeling of spaciousness, the solution is to use room dividers. Here the slatted panel separates the intimate area from the social area.

13. modern room with a hollow element

The geometric hollow elements create a room divider panel. The shape of the structure with sloping lines is further enhanced by the lighting.

14. red panel

The red panel as a partition creates a small entrance hall and beautifies the living room with the striking tone.

15. wooden partition in the bedroom

The slatted panel can be used as a divider in almost any room. In bedrooms, it makes the room more intimate and cozy.

16. hollow shelf

The hollow bookcase organizes spaces and defines the boundaries between rooms, and is a functional element with the ability to store books and decorative objects.

17. softwood partition

The partition with regular slats is smooth and does not totally obstruct the view between the rooms, and allows light to pass through.

18. balcony with room divider

The balcony is separated from the living room by a wooden partition.

19. modern and creative room divider

With a modern and creative design, the hollow panel has rounded edges and is pure charm in room decoration.

20. dining room with wood partition

The wooden partition separates the dining room from the kitchen and ensures an organized and pleasant space.

21. open space with several partitions

This space is completely free of walls, and makes use of several types of partitions to demarcate the environments, such as hollow panels, wood partitions, and fluted glass.

22. rooms with room dividers

The hollow elements give continuity to the TV panel and the furniture without isolating the rooms. The cobogós format adds elegance and texture to the environments.

23. practical and decorative

The bookcase is a practical and, at the same time, decorative partition. The metallic profile used in the bookcase contrasts with the wood and brings lightness to the environment.

24. partition and curtains

In this room, the light glass and mirror partition expands the space with reflection, and is even accompanied by curtains to preserve privacy in the bathroom attached to the room.

25. dining room with cobogós

The partition with hollow elements partially impedes the view of the kitchen, but allows natural light to pass between the rooms.

26. room with bookshelf as divider

In addition to serving to store boxes, books, and to exhibit decorative objects, it divides the environments without hindering integration.

27. kitchen with room divider

The gray and blue tones prevail in the kitchen and in the partition. The hollow panel allows a partial view of the environments and the passage of natural light and ventilation.

28. Cobogós as highlight

Cobogós are a great choice to delimit environments and, even so, keep spaces integrated. Their format is always a highlight in decoration.

29. integrated balcony and living room

An enclosed veranda integrated with the entire social area of the house. The panel delimits and divides the rooms. In the panel and in the decoration, dark and sober tones prevail.

30. partition and decorative panel

The hollow panel has a beautiful decorative effect, as well as dividing the environments. Its color and shape stand out in the neutral and light-toned dining room.

31. kitchen with cobogós

The cobogós partition creates a bulkhead between the kitchen and the apartment's entrance. Thus, the privacy of the occupants is preserved and a different texture is added to the decoration.

32. modern room with wooden partition

The decoration of the rooms gains a modern and original air with the points of color on the chairs and on the wall. Wooden partitions were used to delimit the rooms.

33. industrial style partition

The grid as a partition follows the industrial style, which sets the tone in the decoration of this apartment.

34. in favor of luminosity

Despite separating the spaces, the partition allows light to reach the social area - and makes the space pleasant and inviting.

35. neutral tones and MDF partition

Neutral tones prevail in this room, which is separated from the entrance hall by a wooden MDF partition.

36. poured concrete blocks

Hollow concrete blocks divide the rooms of this apartment and ensure the passage of natural light and ventilation throughout the space.

37. timeless elegance of wood

In this room the timeless elegance of wood types predominates, also present in the sophisticated partition that combines comfort and functionality.

38. colored Cobogós

The cobogós stand out with the use of strong color and better delimit the entrance space, creating a small corridor.

39. earthy tones in decoration

The cobogós in their traditional style divide the space and bring a retro air to the room.

40. entrance hall with room divider

The partition wall partially hides the kitchen and ensures an entrance hall with a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The white profiles of the partition wall are highlighted by the lighting.

41. dining room with hollow panel

In this beautiful dining room, the hollow panel hides the kitchen, but maintains the integration, so the space becomes much more sophisticated.

42. luxurious room with partition

White stripes positioned in curves delimit this luxurious room, creating an entrance hall. The lighting enhances the room divider and the elegant decoration.

43. room with room divider

In addition to serving as a panel for the TV, the wooden MDF partition in this room also has a niche that serves as a support and expands the view of the rooms.

44. small house with cobogós

The decoration of this small space is original, with cool furniture and design objects. The partition with black cobogós, besides dividing the spaces, stands out in the décor.

45. bedroom with wooden partition

Over the headboard, wooden strips decorate the room, divide it, bring warmth, and make the space more intimate.

46. decoration and privacy

The geometric designs on the room divider decorate and make the room more reserved. The white color harmonizes with the wooden panel.

47. lightness and transparency

In this small space, the partition of vertical glass strips brings lightness and transparency, and is accompanied by a hollow bookcase that serves to support the two environments.

48. small room with black partition

The black partition separates the intimate from the social area in this small apartment, and allows natural light to illuminate the entire space.

The various partition models are used to divide and integrate environments. They are perfect for use in small houses, small spaces, or integrated environments. Choose the material and style that best suits your needs. Eliminate walls and dare with these suggestions for room dividers for your home!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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