Small bathtub: types and inspirations for you to want at home

Small bathtub: types and inspirations for you to want at home
Robert Rivera

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If you think that only large bathrooms can have some luxuries, you are mistaken. Nowadays, there are excellent options for small bathtubs with the most different sizes - even for apartments. Check out, below, the most popular types and beautiful inspirations of bathtub environments that will make you dream!

Types of Small Bathtubs

Whether vintage or more modern, you are sure to find the bathtub that best suits your home decor. Here are the different types:

  • Corner bathtub: As the name suggests, it is a bathtub installed in the corner of the bathroom. Maximum use of space, you know? Whirlpools also look nice in corners.
  • Victorian bathtub: With a vintage look, it is a loose bathtub with legs, usually quite far-fetched. Its name refers to the Victorian style.
  • Ofuro bathtub: also known as the Japanese bathtub, is an item more for relaxation than for day-to-day bathing, since it allows the body to be immersed in water.
  • Freestanding bathtub: Like the Victorian bathtub, this type requires no special installation and can fit anywhere in the room. The oval shape is one of the most popular today.

Among other popular bathtub models are the walk-in tub and the spa tub. Which one is your favourite?

55 small bathtub pictures that will make you sigh

Small bathtubs for small bathrooms - and for large bathrooms too! If it's inspiration you're looking for, the selection of photos below will win your heart. Check them out:

1. you do not need a big bathroom

2. to take a delicious bath

3. the small bathtub is a great solution

4. nowadays, there are already compact models

5. and that suit all sizes

6. before installing, it is important to seek professional help

7. especially if you are going to place the bathtub in an apartment

8. after all, a full bathtub can be quite heavy

9. even if it is not very big

10. not always facing a reform is easy

11. and the endorsement of an engineer or architect guarantees a safe project

12. loose bathtubs are great for those who don't have much space

13. or for those who have space, but want a smaller bathtub

14. although the rectangular bathtub is more traditional

15. there are different models and shapes full of charm

16. the Victorian bathtub is a consumption dream of many people

17. and it looks great in classic bathrooms

18. as in those well differentiated

19. the oval bathtub brings an air of elegance

20. not to mention it's a charm

21. small in size, big in style

22. oval bathtub inspiration in a classic bathroom

23. the bathtub looks great right next to the sink

24. freestanding or "self-supporting" bathtubs do not require masonry

25. and are great for compact rooms

26. since they can also be compact

27 Would you enjoy having a bathtub like this?

28 - Bathroom with shower stall and bathtub: yes, it is possible!

29. after all, sometimes you want a quicker shower

30. and other times, a nice, long bath

31. some bathtubs are compact but deep

32. they fit in different corners

33. and provide moments of pure well-being

34. like Japanese bathtubs

35. although it is not possible to stretch the legs

36. soaking in warm, scented water is worth it

37. much love for this round bathtub

38 Between you and me, it's hard not to want one of these, isn't it?

39 - The corner bathtub is ideal to take advantage of every inch

40. pencil-drawn project!

41 - The corner bathtub can have different shapes

42 - One more charming than the other!

43. the white bathtub is the one that appears most in projects

44 But you can bet on colors if you want.

45. it's a luxury!

46. pink bathtub is a darling on Pinterest

47: For bathrooms with personality, a blue bathtub

48. And what about that yellow bathtub?

49: Now for my inspiration collection!

50. some small bathtubs are rich in details

51. others have a more minimalist design

52. but all are equally charming

53: The dream of owning your own bathtub does not have to be impossible

54. now, all you have to do is plan your space well

55. and make the most of that luxury!

It may be closer than you think. Anyway, even if you only have a shower, you can turn bath time into a relaxing moment. Check out these spa bathroom inspirations!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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