Sonic party: the most beloved hedgehog in 50 amazing ideas

Sonic party: the most beloved hedgehog in 50 amazing ideas
Robert Rivera

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The Sonic party is colorful, simple to do at home and is a hit with both boys and girls. The most beloved hedgehog in the videogame world yields amazing decorations for children's parties, as you can see from the inspirations we've separated. Call the kids to see, we're sure they'll run as much as the character!

50 Sonic party pictures to delight the kids

Even though Sonic was born in the early 90's, he continues to win the hearts of children in electronic games, cartoons, and, as we see here, birthday parties! Check out these amazing celebrations:

1. a small Sonic party, but full of love

2. the deconstructed balloon arch adds a special charm

3. a more delicate decoration

4. the characters can appear in various forms

5. Isn't this minimalist party beautiful?

6. golden bamboos mimic well the bows that Sonic catches in the game

7. woven flags and cloth dolls are a delicate option

8. blue is always present in the Sonic party

9. sonic and Mario: a powerful duo

10. Amy Rose also has her highlight

11. a nice panel makes all the difference!

12. how about a sonic rack party?

13. this more delicate decoration is full of charm

14. long balloons are perfect for creating the game rings!

15. paper decoration is a cheap and easy option

16. bet on furniture of different heights to give prominence

17. a few colors and a lot of style

18. the primary colors are the most used in the Sonic party

Video game controls go very well with the theme

20. a delicate decoration without straying from the chosen theme

21. red and blue is a beautiful combination

22. Displays of the characters help a lot to decorate the environment

23. bladder can never be missing

24. does the child have toys from the theme? put them in the decoration!

25. the little ones will love it

26. a party full of incredible details

27. once again the golden arches make their presence felt

28. the coconut tree made everything more fun

29. a different but equally beautiful color palette

30. the panel gained even more prominence with the balloons around it

31. use the colors of the party in the dishes, too!

32. What child wouldn't love a party like this?

33. any size party is awesome

34 The characters are even in the souvenirs

35. a simple but super fun decoration

36. a party to remember

37. Aren't the colors beautiful?

38. a beautiful party full of goodies

39. Amy Rose calls for an all-pink party, doesn't she?

40. paper decoration is a party-goer's best friend at home

41. to gather the friends for Happy Birthday

42 - The gold gives a special touch

43: Using more than one panel is a very modern option

44. rectangular panels: a classic!

45. lots of blue and yellow for this beautiful Sonic party

46. let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating

47. print images of the characters to create a beautiful panel

48. the fabric dolls are so cute

49. to celebrate the level crossing of the little ones

Even the tables and chairs follow the colors of the party!

Inspired to create a Sonic party? Then, check out some tutorials that will help you create the decoration and even the souvenirs:

How to make your Sonic party

Creating your own decoration for your Sonic party, besides being super fun, is a good activity to do together with the little birthday boy or girl.

How to make an EVA Sonic Party Panel

In this video from Milca Arte, you will learn how to prepare a beautiful Sonic theme party panel using TNT and EVA.

How to decorate Sonic party cakes

In this video from Mari's Candy World, you will learn how to bake a beautiful Sonic cake with chantininho. The paper toppers make everything even more amazing!

EVA Sonic mask for souvenirs

E.V.A. is a very versatile material that can be used in parties from decoration to souvenirs. This video from the Luiza Souza Artesanato e Culinária channel teaches you step by step how to create a beautiful mask of the character.

EVA Sonic Strap Holder

A holder is a useful souvenir for little ones, even better if it is filled with goodies! Learn how to make it in this video from the Craft Show using PET bottles and E.V.A. The little ones will love it!

With these inspirations and tutorials your Sonic party has everything to be a great success! Looking for more ideas for your party? Check out these amazing Sonic cake ideas to complete the celebration!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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