String crochet: 75 creative ideas to decorate or sell

String crochet: 75 creative ideas to decorate or sell
Robert Rivera

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String crochet is a great alternative for decorating your home with more coziness. It is also an option for those who are looking for handicrafts with string to sell. Therefore, we have brought you a selection of ideas that range from bags to rugs made with this versatile material. And, right below, tutorials that will explain how to make your own!

75 pictures of string crochet for a charming decoration

Rugs, sousplats, keychains, tablecloths, runners, bags - with string crochet you can make almost anything! Check out dozens of models made with this material that you can make and decorate your favorite corner.

1. string crochet can be used in any room of your house

2. from the intimate spaces

3. how the bathroom string rug

4. or living areas

5. as kitchens

6. and rooms

7. it is possible to transform string into many things

8. as keyrings

9. grants

10. sousplats

11. stools

12. or cute amigurumi

13. its versatility allows for many creations!

14. make your set table more elegant

15. and arranged with string crochet

16. crochet gives a comfortable look to the space

17. beyond a handmade touch

18. that makes any environment beautiful!

19. explore your creativity

20. and the different colors and textures of string

21. create authentic models to decorate your corner

22. or sell to friends

23. and guarantee an extra income at the end of the month!

24. you can make simpler compositions

25. even more so if you don't have many manual skills

26. or you can challenge yourself

27. and create amazing pieces

28. and well crafted!

29. this crocheted string rug is neutral

30. this one is very colorful

31. which will bring great joy

32. and liveliness to the place where it is inserted

33 How about making crocheted cup holders?

34. cute unicorn set!

35. string is also great for making plant holders

36. since it is a more resistant yarn

37. and, because of this characteristic, it is often chosen to make rugs

38. and also because it is a durable material

39. it can be washed several times without spoiling

40. or undo

41. make your outdoor area more charming

42. beautiful crocheted string frame

43. create fun arrangements

44. or inspired by your favorite characters!

45. owls are a hit in the crochet world

46. and make the pieces more colorful

47. and relaxed

48. crochet flowers are pure charm

49. and finish any composition with beauty

50. and lots of color

51 Sunflower is on the rise!

52. make the piece with several colors in harmony

53. or monochrome

54. crochet is therapy!

55. for the kitchen, you can make several pieces

56. as carpets

57. dishcloth holder

58. cover for gas cylinder

59. or charming sousplats

60. beautiful crochet flowers are a little tricky to make

61. but the effort will be worth it!

62. beautiful and colorful rectangular string rug

63. use only quality materials

64. to get a perfect piece!

65 The rug makes the room cozier

66. and the bathroom too

67. make crocheted string souvenirs!

68. bet on contrasts

69 - to make the pieces even more interesting!

70. holder for the crochet hooks

71. succulents

72. and to organize the TV controls

73. renew your Christmas decoration

74. with pieces created by you

75 - Unleash your creativity!

With string crochet you can do (almost) anything, can't you? Now that you have been inspired by so many creative and original ideas, check out the following videos on how to make your own pieces at home!

How to crochet string

From the most difficult to the simplest, watch the step by step videos we have separated for you to learn how to make that beautiful piece of string crochet to organize your items, decorate your home, or sell to your friends! Let's go?

Simple String Crocheted Carpet

To begin our set of tutorials, we have separated this video that will show and explain step by step how to make a beautiful crocheted rug. Very easy to do, the video is perfect for those who are just beginning to work with this craft technique.

String Crochet Basket

Learn how to make a beautiful string crochet basket to organize your jewelry, use as a pencil holder, or whatever you want. To make the piece you need only three materials: string, crochet needle, and a tapestry needle for the finishing touch.

Crochet String Sousplat

Explore different colors and textures of string to create more colorful pieces to brighten up your table!

String Crochet Bag

Buying a new purse can be a bit expensive, and with that in mind, we have brought this step by step guide that will teach you how to make your own crochet purse. The piece is also a great way to earn some extra money!

String Crochet for Bathroom

Do you want to give your bathroom a new look, make it more comfortable and beautiful? Then watch this tutorial that will show you how to make a beautiful set for your intimate space simply and quickly.

Rectangular crocheted string rug

Here is how to make a rectangular rug to decorate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, or entryway. Simple and easy to make, the making requires few materials and some skill in this craft method.

Crochet String Flower

And to close with a golden key, we have selected this step by step guide that will teach you how to make a beautiful crochet flower with this resistant material that can be applied in various pieces, such as rugs, pillows, caps, and towels.

With so many options and ideas to choose from, it's going to be hard to decide which piece to start with, isn't it? So pick the one you'll find easiest! And speaking of this tough material, check out these suggestions for square string rugs!

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