Succulent Terrarium: tutorials and inspirations for your mini garden

Succulent Terrarium: tutorials and inspirations for your mini garden
Robert Rivera

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The succulent terrarium requires delicate assembly, but making it is like therapy. Besides, it decorates very well the internal and external environments of your home, bringing touches of green and harmony to the place. Do you want to learn how to make yours and get inspired in beautiful decorations with? Then, check out the article!

How to make a succulent terrarium

Succulents are plants that require little maintenance, because watering is infrequent and they adapt quickly to the environment. In terrariums, the small gardens placed in pots, care is also basic. Check out how to make your succulent terrarium:

Succulent and Cactus Terrarium

Do you want to learn how to assemble an open terrarium with several types of succulents and cacti? The step-by-step process is very simple and all you will need is black soil, a glass vase, and some stones.

Inexpensive Succulent Terrarium

How about making a mini garden of succulents quickly and easily? The youtuber uses substrate, a round pot with a diameter of 50 cm, decorative stones and a spade. It is worth checking!

Terrarium of succulents as a gift

Did you know that you can use the terrarium to decorate bookshelves, tables, and even the bathroom?

Colorful succulent terrarium in glass vase

Do you like to be creative and decorate everything with a lot of color? Then watch this video! In it, you can understand how to create a terrarium in a simple way and still put little houses and other elements in miniature.

How to make and water a succulent terrarium

The succulent terrarium is a great option for those who don't have space or don't remember to water constantly.

See how difficult it is to make your own succulent terrarium?

65 succulent terrarium pictures to bring delicacy to your home

There are several types of terrariums for you to decorate your home. The most popular are the open ones, without lids, that allow the water to evaporate:

1. a succulent terrarium is super-delicate

2. and essential for those who love nature

3. but you can't be in touch with her on a routine basis

4. or do not have space to make a beautiful garden at home

5. you can assemble your own with artificial succulents

6. but this type of plant is very easy to care for

7. since it does not require much maintenance

8. and demands little amount of water

9. this is because succulents originate in arid locations

10. and, depending on the species, they like a lot of sunlight

11. moreover, they are cheap

12. and give a real charm to the house

13. you can put it on small tables

14. shelves

15. or even in the garden

16. it is interesting to assemble the terrarium in glass vases

17. because, this way, you can observe everything that makes up the mini-garden

18. how the layers of soil

19. the stones

20. and the substrate

21. it is also possible to add other decorations

22. when it comes to assembly, it is simple

23. choose your favorite pot

24. clean it, removing the residues

25. place small pebbles at the bottom

26. can be gravel

27. broken stones

28. or others of your preference

29. they will serve to remove the excess water when you water

30. and even kittens can help!

31. then, just put the soil and the substrate

32. no need to add fertilizer

33. because succulents do not demand so much fertility

Place the soil until it reaches the middle of the pot

35. and plant the small seedlings

36. there are glass-enclosed succulent terrariums

37. on open glass

38. and also terrariums made in clay pots

39. you can choose several formats

40. be a rounder glass

41. with plenty of space

42. or even this one, which looks like a glass

43 By the way, glass cups are a good improvisation

44. if you don't have the most elaborate vases

45. do you prefer this traditional format

46. or this one, which is more open?

47 It even looks like a tray, and the mini garden looks super cute!

48. if you had to choose

49. make the terrarium into a decorated vase

50. or transparent, to see the pebbles and the substrate?

51. some even look like an aquarium

52. while others resemble kitchen jars

53 The succulent terrarium assembly is very simple

54. it doesn't have a huge list of materials

55. and can be done at home quietly

56 Generally, clay, substrate and pebbles are used

57. and, for decoration, mosses and other elements

58. you can use any container as a vase

59: Look at these terrariums made out of mugs!

60. and why not put them in ceramic vases?

61. when it's time to water, don't overdo it with water

62. because it can cause fungus and rot the little plants

63. make innovative decorations

64 - You can even simulate the Yin Yang symbol

65. and leave a little bit of yourself in the terrarium!

And if you love little plants, how about learning how to take care of succulents? The tips are simple and will make you grow them right!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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