Surprise party: tips, tutorials and 30 ideas to surprise

Surprise party: tips, tutorials and 30 ideas to surprise
Robert Rivera

Birthdays or other special dates, such as Mother's Day or wedding anniversaries, deserve an incredible celebration. Is a great friend's birthday coming up? Or do you want to surprise that loved one? A surprise party is a great and unforgettable way to celebrate and still offer a unique and rewarding experience to the person you want to surprise.

In order to have a great surprise party, you must plan very carefully so as not to forget anyone and much less be discovered by the "victim". That's why, below, we will give you several tips that will help you when organizing this fun moment. Soon after, check out some decoration ideas and tutorials on how to structure this event.

How to organize a surprise party

  1. Would your friend enjoy a surprise party? It is very important to know if the person would enjoy being surprised, because there are people who are more shy and could feel uncomfortable in a surprise moment.
  2. Another important point is not to forget anyone! Therefore, a tip is to contact parents or someone who is also close to that person so that you can gather all the friends and family that person would like to be surrounded by and celebrate the date.
  3. A practical idea is to create a WhatsApp group with your guests to see all the details of the party, such as date, time and location. Ask them to confirm their presence until a few days before so you can organize the party in the best possible way!
  4. Ordering, decorating and organizing the space can be a bit complicated and stressful for one person, so get your closest guests to help you organize and plan the surprise party!
  5. The location is also an important point, you can rent a hall, do it in a restaurant, in a club, or even organize the celebration in your house or in the house of one of the guests that can accommodate all the friends and family. Check this in advance so the person doesn't get suspicious!
  6. The cost of having a party can be quite high, so make a pool among the guests to pay for the rent (if any), food, drinks, and decoration. Another interesting idea is to ask everyone to bring some dish or drink! This way everyone helps out and the pocketbook weighs less.
  7. Choose a date and time that suits most of the guests and, of course, don't forget to ask if the person to be surprised is also available on this day and time. Be careful how you ask, it's important that the person doesn't suspect anything so as not to lose the element of surprise!
  8. Think of a party theme that the person would like to have. You can create the decoration inspired by a movie or TV series they like, a team they cheer for, or even a country they want to visit. It is important that the decoration be in accordance with the tastes and preferences of the birthday boy or girl. After all, the party is dedicated to him or her, isn't it?
  9. Does the person like Mexican food or can't live without pizza? Bet on a menu that the person really loves! You can also choose to order snacks and sweets or each guest can bring a dish or drink. If you choose the last option, be careful not to have too many snacks and not too few snacks or drinks! Organize well what each one can bring!
  10. The cake is the most important part of a party! Choose the person's favorite flavor and order according to the number of guests. If you have a lot of sweets, the cake doesn't need to be so big. Decorate it with a personalized cake topper with the event's theme!
  11. For the decoration, how about creating a photo wall to remember good moments? Ask the guests to bring some pictures for you to create this small space. Very easy to do, you can stick the pictures on the wall or, with some string and clothespins, you can hang the pictures around the place of the party.
  12. Finally, choose someone who will be responsible for bringing the birthday boy or girl to the party. This part is extremely important to guarantee the surprise! So plan the "story" well so that they arrive at the place at the scheduled time. You can also arrange for the person to show up at the party, but it's safer if you have someone accompanying you to make sure everything goes smoothly!

With these tips it will be easier to plan the event, and by following them all, your surprise party will be amazing! Below, check out some super creative ideas to decorate the place and make it look just like you!

30 surprise party ideas for inspiration

Get inspired with several surprise party suggestions so you can create your own and surprise your loved one. Remember to decorate according to her tastes to make it just the way she likes it.

1. you can create a simpler decoration

2. how this

3. or something more elaborate

4. like this one, which is very neat

5. call some guests to help you plan

6. and decorate the place

7. get inspired by a theme that the person likes

8. like a movie

9. color

10. or a person's favorite drink

11. it is important that it be her face!

12. create a more intimate surprise party

13. or invite everyone!

14. so choose your location wisely

15. to accommodate all the guests

16. and guarantee lots of fun!

17. how about surprising your grandmother?

18. or your mother?

19. decorate the space with lots of photos

20. and create a very fun composition!

21. little lights will enhance the decoration

22. bet on traditional sweets and snacks!

23: Anything can become a party theme!

24. surprise even more and make the decoration yourself

25. so look for tutorials on the Internet

26. minimalist decorations are on the rise!

27. to save money, use your furniture

28. and ornaments to decorate the place

29. and the table

30. balloons are indispensable when decorating!

These ideas are amazing and very inspiring, aren't they? Now watch some videos that will show you how to plan and organize a surprise party from start to finish.

More tips for an amazing surprise party

Still have some doubts about how to organize a surprise party? Then check out some videos below on how to plan yours and surprise both the guests and the person! Take a look:

Surprise party preparations

The video tells how to make the preparations for the party. Besides tips, you can also learn how to make a delicious cake to surprise even more! For more emotion, bet on a mural with many photos of the person with the guests in various moments of life!

How to organize a surprise party in 3 days

Have you decided at short notice that you want to throw a surprise party for your friend or someone in your family? Don't despair! Check out this video that will show you how the party was organized!

Organizing a Surprise Party in 3 Days

Building on the previous video, this one also plans and organizes a surprise party in just three days! Ask other guests and friends to help you prepare the party and decorate the venue.

How to organize a surprise party

This video tells you eight very important tips when organizing a foolproof surprise party. You can choose a theme for the decoration that has something to do with the person, or you can choose the person's favorite color. These ideas are not wrong!

Surprise Birthday Party Spending R$ 100.00

Organizing and executing a party can be quite expensive. Therefore, we selected this video that tells how to have a surprise party without spending too much, but without leaving aside a good and amazing decoration. Go to big shopping centers that have many low cost items.

Everyone deserves a surprise like this, don't you? After following us this far, gather the closest guests and start putting the ideas into practice! Remember all the details, because they will make the difference in the party, and make sure the decoration is just like the person's. And be very careful and discreet so she won't find out, huh?

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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