Swimming pool with infinity edge: the perfect balance between luxury and sophistication

Swimming pool with infinity edge: the perfect balance between luxury and sophistication
Robert Rivera

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Having a pool at home is the dream of any homeowner, but having a pool with an infinity edge, without a doubt, is a privilege! This type of construction not only adds much more value to the property, but also offers its users a guaranteed sense of spaciousness, since the waterline seems endless with the water overflowing its limitations. This is also a modern and intelligent wayto make the most of the slope of the land, without having to remove a lot of earth from the site, as in traditional construction.

Architect Sandra Pompermayer explains that what differentiates an infinity edge pool from conventional constructions is its structure and differentiated installation. Its cost may be 10 to 20% more expensive, due to the additional piping and pumps, but the result makes every penny worth it, especially if built at the highest part of the house. Some projects also include a subtle fusionbetween the structure and the scenery, be it the sky, the sea, the vegetation, or the countryside.

How it works

According to the architect, the infinity edge pool has three different types of construction, and the choice depends on the type of land that will receive it, but all of them need a return system for the water: "Pools built on land with unevenness, on one side, (one chooses the one with a privileged view) a gutter is installed to catch the water that overflows at this end.Through a motor pump, this water is returned to the pool continuously. In a channel around the pool on flat ground, the infinity edge can be covered with pebbles".

Where to build

Although it is not a rule, sloping land is the most indicated to receive the infinity edge pool: "they provide a much more incredible effect, creating a visual connection between the landscape and the pool. Another advantage of the uneven land is at the time of construction, because there is no need to remove a lot of earth", emphasizes the professional.However, the labor costs are higher, because it is necessary to raise the edges of the pool.

Ideal design

For the architect, the ideal project is one that is executed on a sloping terrain with the sea, lake, generous vegetation or facing a beautiful horizon. "The surrounding landscape is the main responsible for the best visual sensation in an infinity edge pool. Sometimes a client really wants a project like this, but the terrain he has to build it on won't have the same incredible feeling as heIt is up to the professional to warn his client about the best design for the space, and to be sincere in telling him the truth when the result will not be what he wants.

Maintenance and care

Besides the usual care of a traditional pool, the infinity edge needs an extra attention in its mechanism, and also the users' attention: "This type of pool must have a great care with the water return channel. It should always be unobstructed, clean. Another care is with the children. They love to jump from the edge that is usually the end, which has no parapet orbody guard," Pompermayer concludes.

60 infinity edge pool designs to fall in love with:

Check out some amazing designs of recreational areas with infinity pools for inspiration:

1. mixed with vegetation

For a surprising result, the pool in this project was built on the side of the land that is most surrounded by the vegetation of the region. This way, the leisure area became a perfect place to relax and be in contact with nature.

2. the best view of the house

The liner applied to the inside of the pool provided a striking visual, blending in with the glass door, and creating a slight sense of integration between the materials. How can you not relax with a view like that?

3. nature's color palette

The feeling of spaciousness in this minimalist project is due to the choice of colors. Notice how the pool integrates with the vegetation by having the same colors applied to its coverings: green and brown.

4. the right amount of comfort

For added comfort, a kind of internal frame was built inside this pool, which serves perfectly as a huge bench all around the pool. This way users can not only take a dip, but also relax and chat.

5. a paradise project

The owner of this luxury riverfront home took advantage of the incredible scenery in his backyard to build an expansive pool with an infinity edge. The visual effect is as if the pool flows directly into the river.

6. made the best use of the landscape

If you want to create a dream project, here's a tip: choose the side of the house where the sun will set and, preferably, at a strategic height for a full, panoramic view of the landscape.

7. infinite edge on flat ground

Although the labor is a little more expensive in flat land projects, the infinity edge in an enclosed backyard also becomes the main highlight of a property, but with a different proposal. Here the architecture of the house gets the biggest highlight.

8. guaranteed feeling of spaciousness

Creating something interesting for a sloping terrain may seem challenging, but if your budget allows you to invest a little more in an infinity pool, you can bet the result will be amazing - and worth every penny!

9. architectural fusion with the beach

If it is already a dream to enjoy a sunny day in a house standing on the sand, imagine in a pool overlooking the entire beach? The coconut trees planted along the entire border served as a perfect curtain to control the sun's entry into the environment.

10. a pool that seems to have no end

The closed forest surrounding the backyard of this cozy house was present in the decoration of the outdoor area. To ensure the safety of users, the wooden deck installed around the pool beautifies and prevents accidents.

11. a privileged view

The highest part of this house has a clean leisure area, where the view can be enjoyed not only from within the pool, but also from the sofa and at the table during meals.

12. infinity edge with protective glass

High places need preventive measures, especially when the house is frequented by children.

13. here the pool was built on the edge of the slope

... and was designed as if it were a balcony belonging to the residence's living room. This way, users can interact from inside and outside the house, creating a typical summer vacation atmosphere.

14. when the pool mixes with the sea

This house in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, is the perfect example of Sandra Pompermayer's tip, and you can hardly tell what is pool water and what is sea water!

15. the best box for the sunset

The horizon seen from this environment goes beyond the heights of the vegetation. The result of this perfect planning is a paradisiacal view of the sunset, without any urban construction hindering this spectacle of nature.

16. choose a place with a privileged view

The main adjective for a recreation area with a pool is comfort, and this environment has taken that characteristic literally, by including reclining chairs inside the shallow end of this infinity-edge pool facing the ocean.

17. the higher the terrain, the better the result

Here the pool has become a huge mirror of water, reflecting not only the architectural structure of the house, but also the trees and the beautiful blue sky. The privileged view is another differential, which can be enjoyed throughout the open concept house.

18. a space reserved for the contemporary home

The flat terrain was strategically used to receive this large square-shaped pool. The green lining followed the landscape formed by a huge lawn and preserved vegetation, ensuring users' privacy.

19. pool with special lighting

Enhancing the construction of your infinity pool at night is also fundamental. Here the lights highlight its architecture, which has a bar surrounding one of its edges. You can have a good drink in the water or sitting on one of the stools.

20. the most inspiring environment of the house

The concrete pool received an external investment of stones, ensuring that the outside look was also highlighted, accompanying all the inspiring decoration of the leisure area.

21. it is hard not to fall in love with this place

The landscaping of this huge area guaranteed a paradisiacal atmosphere around the pool, with trees, bushes, and rocks around the different structures and levels of crystal clear water.

22. extra attention to the maintenance of the gutters

"This type of pool requires great care with the return channel of this water. It must always be unobstructed and clean", explains the architect. The waterproofing and coating of the gutter must also be guaranteed.

23. blue coating, like the ocean

The tone on tone of blue in this project shows how luxurious an environment can become with just the help of nature. The contrast is on account of the lining around the pool, which ensures the minimalism of the composition.

24. ... or green, like the mountains

Here the same concept was used for the contemporary house in the mountains. The aqua green of the pool inserted a nuance in the color palette, and the upholstered chairs followed the proposal more prominently.

25. a pool that blends with the sky and the sea

The photo taken from inside the pool in this house in Santos faithfully shows the feeling conveyed by an infinity edge: the idea that the water has no end! And you can even get a glimpse of the shore approaching its edge.

26 The house's landscaping guaranteed privacy and warmth

Among trees and bushes, the pool has expressive reflections in the water on sunny days, looking like a small artificial lake in the house. The several levels of depth inside guarantee fun for adults and children.

27. pool + deck

This pool has a continuation of the deck next to its infinity edge. Notice that the indentation for the overflow water is more apparent in this image, making it easier to understand how the system works.

28. an intimate leisure area

Even if the space to build a pool is small, the infinity edge will provide a unique visual effect, and this will be the least of the problems. In fact, the compact size of its structure will develop a much more intimate and personal area.

29. make sure the space is well lit

After all, what is beautiful is to be shown during the day and also at night, right? Lights installed inside and along the pool border enhance the environment and ensure a super bold look.

30. slope for the overflow effect

The secret of a pool with an infinity edge is in its slightly sloping construction, so that the water overflows without being spilled. This water, in turn, is not discarded, but is received in a gutter built at a lower level of the edge.

31. a bold effect for the luxurious home

The modern concept of the whole structure of this mansion was highlighted by the water line formed by the swimming pool built on the plot's limitations. The wooden deck divided the lawn area in a perfect symmetry.

32. coated with dark tiles

The metallic tessellation lining guaranteed a shimmering visual effect on the inside and outside of the huge pool, built along the entire side line of the house. The coconut trees distributed randomly throughout the grounds added a natural touch to the composition.

See more infinity pools that are pure luxury:

Check out some more breathtaking inspirations:

33. the amplitude effect has enhanced the value of this house's terrain

34. luxury of a real spa

35. wave-shaped decking

36. view of Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo

37. a preview of paradise

38. it even looks like a continuity with the river

39. infinity edge pool for indoor locations

40. taking advantage of the slope of the land

41. Imagine having breakfast every day in this little beauty?

42. panoramic view of the mountains

43. How about taking a dive almost among the trees?

44. two-layer pool

45. tessellations in various shades of blue

46. a real dream yard!

47. a paradise to relax

48. rustic edge

49. retro coating

50. veranda with round pool

51 The feeling of freedom is unique!

52. round, to differentiate itself from the others

53. it is hard to want to have a social life living in a place like this

54. doing justice to the quiet of the countryside

55. a true water mirror

56. here the pool is the trump card of the decoration

57. a private paradise

58. it is not known where it begins and ends

59. enhancing the architecture of the house

60. the differential of the house on the sand

61. the end result is worth every penny of investment

62. a dive with a view of the sea

It is clear that the infinity edge pool is a unique concept for those who wish to enhance the architecture of the property, adding more modernity and luxury to any simple project. The result is worth the investment!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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