Tea Party Decor: 80 Ideas and Tutorials to Celebrate Love

Tea Party Decor: 80 Ideas and Tutorials to Celebrate Love
Robert Rivera

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Also known as a kitchen tea, the tea party is a wonderful and fun event that brings together all the family and friends to celebrate the love between couples, whether they are just moving in together or a few days before the wedding. And to be perfect, it is necessary to plan very well the decoration of the tea party to be able to receive everyone with comfort and, of course, all the charm that the date calls for!

So, we brought you an amazing selection of simple, rustic potluck decoration, as well as ideas to compose the table and other super creative suggestions! See also some step by step videos for you to get inspired and create some decorative elements at home! Let's go?

Simple Tea Party Decoration

Check out some ideas for simple tea party decoration for those who are looking for a composition that fits the budget, but that does not dispense with a celebration with a lot of charm, organization and creativity. Check it out:

1. many people confuse simple with sloppy

2. which is not true at all!

3. a simple tea party decoration can be amazing

4. and very charming

5. it can also be small

6. or something more elaborate

7. decorate the space with many photos of the couple

8. to remember the good times!

9. how about replacing the cake with pans?

10. bet on minimalist compositions

11. that are pure charm!

12. simple is also elegant and full of details!

Gather your own furniture to decorate the place

14. as well as other decoration items you have at home

15. include a touch of green in the arrangement for a lighter atmosphere

16. create a harmonic color composition

17. like this arrangement in red and green

18. add a strip of brown paper to the decorative panel

19. or small posters

With this beautiful selection it is possible, yes, to say that the decoration of a simple tea party can be beautiful, amazing and a spectacle, you just need to be creative! See now some ideas of compositions for the kitchen tea table.

Pan tea decoration for the table

The party table is always a major concern because it is the place where the pictures are taken and where the most guests circulate, so below are some tips and ideas on how to decorate this place!

20. make sure the composition of the party table is well done

21. for the celebration photos to look amazing!

22. include traditional elements of the shower

23. as various kitchen utensils

24. and don't forget the flowers

25. whether real or artificial

26. they are the ones that will give more charm to the table and to the environment

27. besides leaving a lighter and more elegant atmosphere

28. and of course, if they are real, very smelly!

29. candy holders will make the table more organized

30. replace the cake with a fake cake

31. or even by pots

32. that will make the decoration creative

33. and very relaxed!

34. blender served as a flower vase in this composition!

35. include photos of the couple to compose the table

36 The tricotin provided a handmade touch to the arrangement

37. pastel shades stole the scene in this decoration

38. add toppers for the candies

39. beautiful red tea party decoration!

Place all the snacks, candies, cake and other decorations in a way that makes the table look nice and pretty. Here are some ideas for rustic potluck decoration that will delight all your guests!

Rustic tea party decoration

The rustic composition is characterized by the use of lots of wood and other decorative elements that grant the feeling of comfort and well-being, being a perfect style to receive families and friends and celebrate a lot.

40 - Bet on the rustic style to compose your party

41. besides providing a lot of charm to the composition of the tea party

42. this decoration gives a cozy atmosphere

43. and very cozy

44. thus being an ideal tea party decoration

45. the woody tone provides a warm touch to the decoration

46. as well as a natural look to the arrangement

47. flowers harmonize perfectly with this style

48. whether artificial or not

49. just like pallets

50. and lacy towels

51. Isn't this composition amazing?

52. as with the flowers, the green tone complements the arrangement exquisitely

53: Yellow and red tones in perfect sync!

54. a rustic tea party decoration with a vintage touch

55. the pink tone granted delicacy to the decoration

56. as well as a more feminine look

57. create interesting and beautiful contrasts

58. include market crates in the composition of the place

59: Pictures of the couple are indispensable when decorating!

The rustic style offers everything that a shower decoration needs: comfort, coziness and charm, but for those who want to escape the obvious and dare, check out the following inspirations for different and very creative shower decorations!

Different tea party decoration

This selection of potluck decoration ideas is exclusively for those who want to escape the cliché and surprise all guests with a super-authentic party. Get inspired with some suggestions:

60. turn the place into a real kitchen

61. with a table skirt that mimics the appliances and furniture in this space of the house

62. just like a panel with windows and curtains

63 The result will be amazing and fun

64. this decoration is different and very elegant

65. How about creating a theme for the celebration?

66. this couple chose Star Wars for their party

67. How about the story of Cinderella?

68. take advantage of the season and make a charraiá

69. with many flags and kites

70. colorful prints

71: And typical June food!

72 The tropical theme is ideal for summer

73. and include lots of flowers and foliage for this decoration!

74: Charming vintage pin-up inspired shower

75: The world's most famous couple of mice are the main characters in this tea party

76 This composition is a true work of art

77. beautiful beach-inspired potluck (or sea tea?) decoration

78. tea bar is a great success among couples

79. being a very stripped down potluck theme!

Create a party that is as authentic and full of personality as the suggestions above! As you have seen, much of the decoration can be done at home. Want to know how?

Tea party decoration: step by step

The step by step videos bring several decoration ideas that you can copy and include in your party! Besides being a cheaper alternative than renting or buying materials, the home made items make the composition even more intimate and beautiful. Check it out:

Fake cake for potluck decoration

This step by step video will teach you how to make an amazing fake cake that will make the table even more beautiful and decorated. For this decorative element, you will need only Styrofoam of different sizes, fabrics with prints of your choice, scissors, paintbrush and glue.

Curtain of Hearts for a Tea Party Decoration

Very easy to make and inexpensive, the heart curtain will complement the decorative panel of your tea party with elegance, charm, and great delicacy. Without needing many materials, this element is ideal for simple tea party decorations.

Customized Poster Prints for Tea Party Decoration

Another super cool and inexpensive idea for decorating a tea party are these cute pictures that are very practical to produce. To make the piece even more beautiful and colorful, you can paint the plastic cutlery with the help of a spray paint that will make the look even more amazing.

Flower balls for potluck tea decoration

How about including beautiful Styrofoam balls with felt flowers to hang around the party? How about this idea? Then check out this tutorial that teaches you all the steps to produce this item that will complement the composition of the tea party with delicacy and grace.

Tea party decoration for the table

Finally, the last step by step we selected for you presents some ideas on how to decorate your table for your potluck. Besides pasta, you can also make small glass jars with rice, beans, coffee or other non-perishable food. Bet on non-artificial flowers for decoration!

It's not that difficult to decorate for a tea party, is it? Just be creative and let your imagination run wild! Don't forget to add your personal and authentic touch to make the arrangement even more amazing! Have a nice tea party!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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