The main care of the honeysuckle and 15 photos of its flowers

The main care of the honeysuckle and 15 photos of its flowers
Robert Rivera

The honeysuckle, or Lonicera Japonica, is a very beautiful plant of Asian origin and has as one of its main characteristics its contagious perfume. It is a climbing vine and can reach up to 10 meters in length. Learn the main information about the plant!

How to care for honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a climbing plant and has some essential care to be healthy and able to bloom in the hottest periods of the year. Check out the main tips:

  • Change: Honeysuckle can be planted from new seed or from cuttings;
  • Cultivation: The ideal soil for the climber is fertile and well-drained soil that contains organic matter to allow the honeysuckle to grow;
  • Lighting: The plant's preference is for locations with mild or cool climates, but it also adapts to warm climates, where the ideal is to stay in the half shade or cooler spaces. If the place is colder, it is interesting that it stays in the sun. Just be careful: high intensity sun can burn the plant's leaves;
  • Watering: the honeysuckle's soil or substrate should be slightly dry. check the pot or the plant's soil, if it is dry, water it, but it is extremely important that it is never soaked;
  • Where to plant: Because it is a climber, the honeysuckle needs space to stand and grow. It can be planted in a pot or directly in the ground, the important thing is that it be next to a pergola, living fence, wall, or trellis;
  • Flowers: The flowering of the honeysuckle occurs in summer and spring. At first, the flowers are white, but with time they become yellowish and have a fragrant scent that attracts pollinating insects.

It is essential to check the climatic conditions of each location before planting. There are differences in cultivation depending on the lighting and climate of the region, which demand necessary adjustments in care.

Learn more about the history, uses, and care of honeysuckle

Besides being a plant that has beautiful flowers, honeysuckle also has medicinal properties and is even in the pharmacopoeia of Chinese medicine. Learn more about the plant and understand how its medicinal use works.

The care you should take with honeysuckle

The beautiful and fragrant honeysuckle needs some care when planting it. In this video you can learn a lot about the plant's preferences, such as climate, reproduction, lighting, cultivation, and soil.

The honeysuckle vine with other plants

In the Sustainability for Life Channel video, Irma Rocha presents the honeysuckle along with her other plants. She shows the colors of the plant in each phase of growth and particularities of the ornamental plant.

How to plant a honeysuckle

In this video, Maria Gonçalves explains briefly about the preferences of the honeysuckle and says that reproduction can be done by seeds or cuttings. She demonstrates how to cut the plants for planting. Check it out!

Uses and applications of honeysuckle in medicine

Did you know that honeysuckle has medicinal properties? In this video from the Dao De Channel, learn more about the uses and applications of the plant at home and in medicine.

This ornamental plant will certainly decorate very well the places where it is planted. Another important curiosity is that the berries (where the seeds are) of the honeysuckle are toxic and cannot be ingested.

15 beautiful photos of honeysuckle

The ornamental plant will make your space even more exuberant. Its yellow flowers have a very fragrant scent and you can count on the presence of animals such as hummingbirds in your garden! Check out this creeper in your decoration:

1. the plant's flowers make the environment more beautiful

2. when it is yellow, one of the characteristics is its perfume

3. it even attracts pollinating insects like bees

4. honeysuckle is a climbing vine

5. must be cultivated in specific locations

6. as in pergolas, living fences in gardens

7. and even in flowerbeds

8. it is always important to remember that she must have a support in order to grow

9. the plant can reach 10 meters in length

10. honeysuckle blooms in spring and summer

11. the white flowers are the youngest

12. and they will yellow with time and perfume the garden

13. it is worth mentioning that depending on the climate of your region

14. it adapts better to certain lighting

15 With it healthy, your garden will be more blooming and fragrant!

Honeysuckle is a climbing vine that gives a beautiful highlight to the garden with its enchanting flowers. It will make your pergola, fence or facade even more beautiful!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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