Tips and care to grow ixora and enjoy all the joy of this plant

Tips and care to grow ixora and enjoy all the joy of this plant
Robert Rivera

The ixora is an ornamental plant that has beautiful clusters of small flowers. It is widely used in landscaping to decorate facades and external areas of condominiums, and can be found in a variety of colors and species. Learn about the existing types and how to grow it!

6 types of ixora that surprise with their beauty

With a diversity of species, the ixora can be found in different sizes, colors, and petal shapes:

Ixora Finlaysoniana

Native to Thailand, it can reach a height of 2 to 5 meters. It has white flowers that are present all year round on the plant, but mainly in spring and summer. It likes warm and humid climates, its flowering is favored when cultivated in full sun.

Ixora Javanica

It is widely used in landscaping to decorate condominiums and facades. Initially its flowers are orange, but later they turn red. It can reach up to 3 meters in height, but it is recommended that pruning be done to keep it always beautiful.

Ixora Coccinea

Also known as Ixora-coral, it is ideal to be cultivated in warm climatic regions. It blooms between spring and summer, and can be found with yellow, red, orange, or pink flowers. It likes full sun, low humidity, and adapts very well to poor soils.

Ixora Macrothyrsa Teijsm

Popularly known as Ixora-rei, this is the species that has the largest number of flowers. It reaches up to 2 meters in height and for successful cultivation full sun, watering without exaggeration, and soil rich in organic matter are necessary.

Ixora Pavetta

Originally from southern Asia, it differs from other species by being a tree. Besides having beautiful flowers, it is also fruitful. It grows slowly, but can reach 5 meters in height when adult.

Ixora Chinensis

To grow this species you need full sun, rich well-drained soil, and regular watering. It can grow up to two meters tall, but is also found in dwarf varieties that are ideal to be kept in pots.

With very delicate species, the ixora is great for decorating and bringing life to the environment.

How to care for ixora

For the ixora to grow beautiful, healthy, and produce beautiful flowers, some care is needed, as with any plant. Check out what to do to have a successful cultivation:

  • Watering: After planting, watering can be done up to three times a week. After rooting, watering should be reduced to once a week. It is important that the soil is only moist, never waterlogged.
  • Lighting: It is recommended that it always be grown in full sun. It likes direct sunlight, all day long, and cannot stand frost.
  • Soil: It is necessary that the substrate be well drained to avoid water accumulation and root rot. It must be rich in organic matter and if possible have a slightly acidic pH.
  • Flowering: In order for the ixora to flourish, it is ideal to fertilize at least four times during the year. Well-tanned cattle manure and organic compost should be used, and applied after mixing around the plant.
  • Change: The seedlings are preferably made in the spring, from branches of the plant that should measure between 10 to 15 centimeters. It is ideal that the chosen branch should be thin and healthy looking.

By following these care tips it is possible to grow and have a beautiful and healthy plant, so your little plant will be even more beautiful to fill the space in your home with joy and color.

Learn more about how to grow ixora

For your ixora to grow well, it is always good to know a little more about its needs. Check out videos and tutorials to learn even more about growing this plant, which, besides being decorative, is edible and has medicinal properties:

How to water ixora

This species from the tropical climate likes water, but without exaggeration. Sandra Ferraz explains how she does the watering for this plant, leaving the soil always moist, but taking care not to soak it. Check it out!

How to prune ixora

In order for the plant to gain strength and remain healthy after flowering, it is recommended that pruning be done. In this video you can see how to do the process correctly so that the ixora continues to develop.

How to make ixora seedlings

To make seedlings and have more units of the plant it is possible to use three methods. With this tutorial you will learn which are these ways, in which way they are made and all the process needed until rooting. Look how interesting!

Tips and curiosities about ixora

In this very interesting video you can find out a lot of curiosities about this beautiful little plant, Victor explains the advantages of having it at home, beliefs about the flower, and in which colors it can be found.

With these videos and tips, your little plants will be even healthier. Take the time to grow them and enjoy their beauty!

10 photos using the beauty of ixora in decoration

The ixora is ideal and widely used in the creation of hedges or garden decoration. It provides much beauty and fills any environment with life. See inspirations!

1. with ixora it is possible to create a beautiful and delicate decoration

2. can be placed indoors, as long as it receives sunlight

3. small and large spaces come alive with it

4. the cultivation can be done in pots of your preference

5. in addition to decorating beautiful facades and home entrances

6. the arrangements also look cheerful and varied

7. it has various colors that can be combined

8. with its little flowers make up the garden

9. its flowering clusters stand out among the green leaves

10. no doubt the ixora enchants everyone who sees it

With so many tips and care, your ixora cultivation will be very beautiful, allowing you to create a natural and colorful environment. Did you like to know more about it? See also sun plants and have more species in your garden!

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