To fall in love with: 100 inspiring environments decorated with LEDs

To fall in love with: 100 inspiring environments decorated with LEDs
Robert Rivera

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An increasing trend in decoration projects, LED lighting not only brings sophistication, comfort, and modernity to any environment in your home, but also offers several advantages, especially in relation to economy, sustainability, and durability.

Besides being reversed in lighting and not in heat, and consequently not wasting energy, the LED does not emit ultraviolet and infrared rays, which helps to avoid damage to furniture, plants and other objects, such as decorative items or works of art; does not have in its composition heavy metals such as mercury or lead, therefore, are reusable components and there is no need for disposalIn addition, it has low CO2 emission and a longer life span (good quality ribbons can last up to ten years).

Because it is a very versatile type of lighting, LED can create the most varied effects in your home decor, from environments in a more clean style, such as kitchens or bathrooms, to the most intimate, with a more yellowish color, usually found in bedrooms or home theaters. However, if you like to innovate and want to create a more daring environment, you can also bet on colored LEDs, whichBelow we have listed different environments decorated with LED for you to get inspired. Check it out:

1. beautiful and functional sconce

Ideal for offices or living rooms, this is a wonderful sconce that has niches and shelves of varying sizes that are super functional, perfect for decorating with books, vases, and other decorative items.

2. light-toned double bedroom with indirect lighting

In addition to the indirect lighting, responsible for all the charm of this clean double bedroom in light tones, the room also has other items that draw attention, such as the wallpaper with delicate prints, the contemporary white furniture, and the recamier at the foot of the bed.

3. super stylish material composition

In this living room, it is possible to observe a beautiful and elegant composition of materials in the TV panel. There are marble tiles with indirect light and wood veneer sides. For balance, a lacquer cabinet was added below.

4. child's room with yellow LED light

As a baby's room should always be comfortable and pleasant, there is nothing better than to bet on a more intimate lighting, with a more yellowish and relaxing color. The striped wallpaper is super cute and delicate, the round niches with stuffed animals are highlighted on the walls and the final touch is the chandelier that simulates a cloud.

5. chic double bedroom with a rustic touch

How about this cozy double bedroom with recessed LED lighting to relax in? Although chic, it has a rustic touch due to the woody details present both in the side panels and in the side tables next to the bed.

6. wood tessellation as a toilet highlight

This is a beautiful washbasin inspiration for your home, with indirect lighting highlighting the beautifully embossed wooden tessellation. The mirror is big and round, the sink is modern and white, and the decoration items follow a classic and formal style.

7. wood is the predominant material in this bathroom

This is a very special bathroom, which highlights the intense presence of wood both on the walls and in the cabinets, which is enhanced by the lighting in the mirror. These are details that add value to any project!

8. combination of neutral and light tones

This is another super-chic bathroom that you are sure to fall in love with! Besides the recessed lighting and the wood details above the mirror and below the sink, it has other charming features, such as the yellow color of the pillar and the gray textured wall.

9. sophisticated living room with modern paneling

With a very contemporary, modern, and sophisticated style, this living room has a beautiful panel in light colors for the television, LED strips around it, an imposing plant pot, a simple coffee table full of charm, and hollow details on the ceiling that make all the difference.

10. harmony and sophistication in a contemporary environment

This charming environment has an integrated living room and dining room, which together give a show of harmony and sophistication! The recessed lighting on the ceiling with modern design, the glass pendants above the table, and the textured wallpaper in off white color ensure all the beauty of the room.

11. beautiful and cheerful veranda with shades of blue

For this balcony, the main bet was on different shades of blue, present in the cushions, upholstered chairs, vases, decorative ornaments and also in the wall tiles, but the extra charm goes to the wooden bookcase with yellow LED strips.

12. 100% clean, modern restroom

The right light in each project can provide incredible effects, as can be seen in this 100% clean bathroom, made in very light colors, which ensure a greater sense of cleanliness. In addition, the mirror helps to give more depth to the small bathroom.

13. shelves with niches are perfect for baby rooms

The white bookcase with several square niches and LED light strips is ideal for this age because it is great for storing toys and stuffed animals.

14. lighting in the hack behind the panel and niches

Extremely modern and elegant, this project bets on LED hack lighting behind the TV panel, which gains even more charm with the presence of a brick wall, ideal to contrast with white and classic furniture in the living room.

15. fully integrated bedroom environment

This is a good alternative to optimize small spaces, such as a double bedroom. In this case, the bed, dressing table and bathroom were fully integrated and resulted in a much more spacious and luxurious room, especially with the addition of recessed ceiling lights.

16. ideal environment to relax and read a book

Can you imagine having a relaxation space in your home that is integrated into the social area? This is a great option to make the environment much more cozy and comfortable! Bet on these sofa beds that lie down, cushions, and other charming items such as curtains, lamps, and recessed lighting.

17. dream office with pleasant lighting

This is an office where you can spend the whole day without complaining, since it is very pleasant.

18. functional, stylish and modern kitchen

For a very modern, functional, and stylish kitchen, there is nothing better than betting on recessed LED strips, which help complement the decoration and contribute to making the environment much cleaner and with perfect lighting for the room.

19. bathroom with a touch of wood

This project is an amazing inspiration for a bathroom, which predominates wood in a very refined style and still has other classic items, such as the square mirror that helps to give more depth to the room, the white curtains and the glass vase with red flowers.

20. charming and refined restroom

Although it is a small bathroom, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of its charm and refinement, since it has a sculptured sink and a beautiful decoration, with delicate wallpaper in shades of blue, LED lighting, and a mirror with an elegant frame.

21. colorful environment that transmits joy

In addition to the colors of concrete and wood, which in contact with the green of the plants and indirect lighting give the environment a cozy feeling, the space also has items that draw attention, such as the pouffes in neutral tones, the colorful picture and the mini refrigerator.

22. gray kitchen with passionate details

For those who like the color gray, how about this kitchen designed entirely in this color? It is a project that has a countertop and pediment made in Silestone and also planned cabinets in the same tone.

23. double bedroom designed in neutral colors

This is a beautiful inspiration for a couple's bedroom, which uses mirrors to enlarge the room, an upholstered headboard that ensures much more comfort, and wood, which brings warmth and elegance to the room, especially in the niches designed with LED strips.

24. single bedroom that combines classic and modern items

For those who can't do without a good mix of classic and modern, especially when there is a predominance of light and neutral tones with small highlighted elements, such as the blue of the rug and the orange of the pillow, this is a perfect option for a single room!

25. modern kitchen with red items

In addition to the red appliances, responsible for bringing more color and joy to the environment of this modern kitchen, the environment still gains its charm with the presence of the LED strip lighting present just below the cabinet shelf.

26. super charming brick wall

With a contemporary style and predominance of neutral and light tones, this living room is very nice and very clean. The brick wall behind the TV is the highlight of the room, but the decoration is completed with the presence of the niches on the wall that follow the same tone and still have small LED strips.

27. small mirror and complement with pictures

This is a nice and luxurious bathroom, which, although small, is full of charm and elegance! Besides the decorative pictures, the white sink countertop, and the beautiful vase of flowers, it also has a small mirror, which helps to enlarge the room.

28. detail of light enhancing the wall in slatted wood

This is a classic living room with a totally sophisticated decoration, such as the fur rug, the glass coffee table, the sofa with cushions in basic colors, the armchairs, the decorative objects, and even the slatted wooden wall, which is enhanced with the LED light detail.

29. simply charming smoked glass pendants

For this beautiful dining room, the bet was on a square table in brown wood, chairs in raw leather and a shower of pendants in smoked glass, which are undoubtedly the highlight of the room.

30. lighting that enhances the horizontal panel

This is a simple and charming couple's room, which besides the LED lighting that highlighted the horizontal panel and the striped wallpaper, has other charming items, such as the wooden coffee table and the stools at the foot of the bed.

31. gourmet area with woody tones and black details

There is a more charming and pleasant gourmet area than this one? Although the space is predominantly woody, present in the small tables, shelves with LED lighting, walls, and chairs, the environment is very clean because it also has a white granite floor.

32. a room to sleep in the clouds

This is a children's room that all children will love! In addition to the recessed lighting in the ceiling, which makes the room much more beautiful, a cloud panel was also designed with a vacant space in the back, developed especially for the LED strips, so that the lighting is much more subtle and cozy.

33. unisex bedroom with upholstered headboards

This is a beautiful unisex bedroom with accent lighting (present both in the niche on the wall, which has a painting and above the main shelf, and in the larger, full-length niche) and upholstered headboard behind both beds. All in soft, neutral colors!

34. every woman's dream closet

What is the power of perfect lighting, isn't it? This closet is a real dream for any woman, because besides having a good space to store clothes, handbags, and shoes, it also has a beautiful mirrored closet, LED lighting on the ceiling and floor, and an extremely charming stool.

35. white, modern and illuminated niches

If you are passionate about niches, you will surely like this inspiration designed in a baby's room. They are white niches, very modern and illuminated with LED strips, which look perfect together with the wallpaper in pastel shades super delicate!

36. LED lighting built into the mirror

The bathroom is simple, but full of charm, since the predominant tones are neutral and light, which gives the environment a more pleasant feeling. The environment also has a large mirror, perfect for a greater depth, with LED lighting.

37. lighting enhances every detail

This is a modern and totally refined washroom, with an amazing lighting that highlights all its details, such as the glossy black brick wall, the elegant wood panel, the pendants, the white countertop with the black sink, and the yellow stool.

38. super delicate girl's bathroom

This is a very feminine and delicate bathroom in which the colors white and pink predominate! The inside of the box has small charming drawings; the sink was designed in a lighter shade and the highlight goes to the recessed lighting below the mirrored cabinet!

39. rack and panel with recessed lighting

How about this super cozy and elegant home theater? It has a projected rack and panel with LED recessed lighting, with predominance of darker colors such as gianduia, caramel, and black. The fur rug brings even more comfort to the environment.

40. illuminated living room shelves

This giant wooden bookcase with several shelves is the highlight of this living room, because it was all designed with LED strips, is always well lit, and can be used to place different decorative items such as vases, pictures, books, and other objects you prefer.

41. gourmet space combining neutral tones

This gourmet space resulted in a fantastic environment, because besides having a pool, it predominates in neutral tones such as brown and cream, follows a modern style with marble and even bets on a delicate LED lighting below the wooden bench.

42. boy's bathroom with blue coating

All clad in charming bright blue bricks, this is a perfect bathroom for boys in love with color. To contrast, the walls, sink and toilet appear white. A mirror and a small LED strip below the cabinet have also been added.

43. corridor with special lighting

This project made the access corridor to the bedrooms even more beautiful. It received a special illumination of beacons on the walls and custom made cabinetry with independent recessed lighting. Besides the corners having been eliminated, the LED also gave an aesthetic unity to the environment.

44. outside cozy area with fireplace and sofas

How about relaxing after a tiring day in this charming outdoor area with sofas and a fireplace in the center? The wooden floor is highlighted by the presence of LED lighting projected below the sofas.

45. glamorous kitchen with black details

If you can't do without a very luxurious and glamorous environment for your kitchen, bet on this very modern and sophisticated project, that besides having many details in black, woody tones, burnt cement, and yellowish recessed lighting also predominate.

46 Toilet with wood-paneled countertop

This bathroom follows a simpler, rustic style with an elegant touch. Besides the wooden countertop, it has a white marble sink and toilet, moss green painted walls, light-colored floor, and a small shelf that is very useful and charming.

47. modern kitchen with black cabinet and LED lighting

For this beautiful modern kitchen, the bet was on white brick walls and black cabinets with LED lighting, and niches that are essential to store dishes or just decorate with some object.

48. shelf with LED string that brings charm to the office

How about this charming office that takes wood as the predominant material (on the walls and floor) and still bets on sophisticated shelves enhanced with yellow LED wire, black furniture that brings refinement to the environment and comfortable black chairs?

49 White bathroom with make-up dressing table

This space is ideal for women who love a clean bathroom, all white, with large mirrors, strong lighting, and even a dressing table for makeup! To contrast the colors, use black items, such as towels and rugs.

More photos of simply delightful environments that use LED to boost lighting

Below you can see other amazing inspirations!

50. and the LED goes well even in the pool area!

51. white American kitchen with indirect lighting

52. super stylish gourmet kitchen

53. illuminated wooden panel

54. lights and textures that make the difference

55. barbecue area in shades of gray

56 The recessed lighting in the gourmet balcony island guarantees the charm of the environment

57. clean office with striped carpet

58 Charming living room with a rustic touch

59. delicate girl's room with study bench

60. glass shelf with LED for a stylish ambience

61. elegant living room with wooden rack and LED

62. special touch with mirror panel

63. double bedroom with personalized bed headboard

64. sophisticated LED wood panel

65. personalized lighting for the little ones' room

66. table supported on wood veneer countertop

67. young and stylish bedroom with blue lighting

68 Stylish living room bar with recessed lights

69. comfortable living room with modern items

70. women's bedroom with LED lighting at the head of the bed

71. clean and contemporary environment in neutral tones

72 A good lighting project, together with the combination of colors and textures enriches the environment

73. sophisticated toilet made of marble

74. bedroom shelf with embedded LED strip

75. details that give a special touch to the environment

76. striking red LED illumination

77. wooden bar with simple recessed lighting

78. elegant bookcase in woodwork with white paint

79. exclusive entrance hall full of charm

80. chic double bedroom with embossed panel

81. kitchen decorated with wood and passionate details

82. elegant kitchen with predominantly dark tones

83: Lighting in the dining room makes the atmosphere exquisite

84 Wooden bookcase with shelves and recessed lighting

85: Custom wall with exposed bricks

86. neutral tones that make the environment very pleasant

87 How about this exquisite bathroom with black details?

88. clean and super classic living room

89. a very cute and delicate nursery

90. custom marble bookcases

91. white furniture that contrasts with the wood floor

92. modern home theater with comfortable gray sofa

93. luxurious kitchen with mirrored cabinets

94. the ceiling formed with bamboo and illuminated with LED gave the touch of rustic chic

95. amazing kitchen composition: led + cobogó + mirror

96. in this wood-lined lobby, the led line marks a geometric and conceptual design

Both the profile and the LED ribbon can be used in strategic points of the house that require good lighting, such as niches, steps, terraces, and closets. In addition, many of them come with double-sided tape, which makes installation much easier.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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