Wallpaper for the bedroom: versatility and beauty in 60 inspirations

Wallpaper for the bedroom: versatility and beauty in 60 inspirations
Robert Rivera

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A practical and cheap option to change the look of any environment, wallpaper for bedrooms is a great ally when it comes to decorating. With the possibility of transforming the place quickly and without the need to hire specialized labor, it becomes a joker element, especially for temporary transformations.

In couples' or children's bedrooms, with a feminine or masculine touch in the decoration, wallpaper can complement decorative styles, requiring little time and minimal techniques in its application. A tip is to always choose a model that reflects the personality of the owners, creating a beautiful and tranquil environment.

Wallpaper for a Double Room

In the couple's bedroom, simpler prints, with discreet designs are the favorite models. It is important to combine it with the room's color palette, following the same decorative style and creating harmony among the elements. Some inspirations:

1. modern style, with graphics and dotted lines

2. a more sober model, full of refinement

3. soft tones are the most sought after

4. the light built into the headboard enhances its pattern

5. beige tones help create a cozier environment

Children's Room Wallpaper

For this space, it is possible to choose a specific theme, bet on vibrant colors, or even dare with multicolored models, according to the decoration chosen for the children's room. Check out some options:

6. how about betting on two different models full of life?

7. geometric shapes and light colors also have space in this environment

8. following the outer space theme

9. the option imitating exposed bricks is very successful

10. it can be applied only to half of the wall

11. the striped model is a more neutral alternative

12. following the color palette presented in the environment

13. modern alternative, with gray triangles wallpapers

14. the clouds theme accompanies the other elements of the room

15. light tones in the gray and pink palette

Wallpaper for a young woman's room

With the possibility of using more striking options, with bolder and more contemporary prints, the youngster's room allows a decoration with more personality and style, reflecting the personal tastes of its owner. Environments to inspire:

16. boldness seen in two models with different proposals, but that complement each other

17. the 3d model ensures the minimalist room stands out

18. with a delicate look for the young girl

19. models that simulate rustic materials like wood are a good choice

20. the dark tone ensures continuity for the headboard

21. the color of the wallpaper harmonizes with the bedding

22: The print of newspaper leaves gives a relaxed look

23. shades of gray decorate this feminine bedroom

24. dividing space with the wooden headboard

Wallpaper for women's room

With delicate colors, soft prints, and a lot of femininity, the women's room can go far beyond pink tones, including bolder models and modern options. Check out some environments:

25. floral patterns are the highlight of this environment

26. contrasting with the textured wall

27. lots of color and romantic decorative elements for the women's room

28. following a delicate color palette

29. the fun heart print makes the environment jovial

30. escaping from the traditional pink palette without losing femininity

31. shades of lilac are also welcome

32. the green background of the paper harmonizes with the rest of the environment

33. it is possible to apply the design on more than one wall

34. how about a striped model to lengthen the room?

35. beautiful contrast of the blue paper and the pink niche

36. avoiding pink tones and betting on gold and white

Wallpaper for Men's Room

The more sober tones are the favorites for this environment, as well as the graphic options, full of personality and style. It is possible to bet on a specific theme or just follow the color palette of the environment, as creativity dictates. Some options for a masculine bedroom:

37. the plaid model is one of the darlings for this environment

38 For a room with striking elements, paper with thin stripes

39. ensuring that the decorative elements stand out

40. animal theme ensures fun and understated look

41. a palette with shades of blue is a frequent presence in this type of room

42. especially combined with the color white

43. black and white prints are a good choice

44. two different plaid wallpaper models

45. according to the environment's blue, gray and yellow color palette

46 The sports theme can also be a good option

47. with a print that simulates a 3D coating

48. how about this option that imitates a comic collage?

49. again a nice striped option

50. here the wallpaper has an understated look

51. a color palette followed impeccably

Customized Bedroom Wallpaper

With the possibility of making a custom design, the creativity is limitless! Featuring an authorial design or decorative elements with a differentiated look, this may be the kind of wallpaper that was missing to make the room even more spatial. Check out some suggestions:

52. ideal option to follow the explorer theme

53: The traditional flowers, with a new look

54. how about adding your favorite character?

55. the world map template is one of the favorites in this category

56. different designs for a relaxed floral

57. a mountain template customized with the tones of the room

58. relaxed look with graffiti marking presence

59 - Similar to a painted panel, with a personalized design

60. the unicorn theme is also in fashion

Encompassing the different styles, sizes, and functions of this space, wallpaper proves to be a versatile decorative element, helping to spruce up the décor of the bedroom.

10 Wallpaper models for you to buy

An easily accessible element, wallpaper can be purchased at specialized decorating stores or online stores. Check out a selection of varied models and choose your favorite:

  1. Burnt cement wallpaper, at Inove Papéis de Parede
  2. Arabesque Classic Wallpaper, at Americanas
  3. Wavy abstract wallpaper, at Bem Colar
  4. Blue and Pink Floral Wallpaper, at Papel na Parede
  5. Wallpaper clouds gray and pink with little birds, at Inove Papéis de Parede
  6. Chevron Bedroom Wallpaper, at Sete Saba
  7. Black and White Geometric Wallpaper, on Papel na Parede
  8. Children's wallpaper triangles, at Bem Colar
  9. Quartz wallpaper - colored, at Oppa

Adding wallpaper to transform the look of your room is a practical and affordable solution, becoming the ideal alternative when decorating this environment. Choose your favorite model, color, or print and enjoy this versatile and stylish element.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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