Wire mesh: this item can change the face (and organization) of your home

Wire mesh: this item can change the face (and organization) of your home
Robert Rivera

The trellis can be essential to make daily life easier and to find utensils, accessories, and food more easily. Besides, in small spaces, they are essential to optimize the available space. Some of them even help to transform the house environments into more practical and functional spaces with easy and fast storage solutions.

Increase the space in your home and eliminate the clutter! Pay attention to the measurements when buying a trellis, and check out some accessories found to organize your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and closet, as well as beautiful inspirations for decoration and spaces organized with trellises:

Kitchen wire mesh

In the kitchen they help to organize, expand the storage spaces and make the day to day easier, especially when it's time to cook. The variety of pieces brings suspended or built-in items that combine practicality with decoration!

Product 1: Pan lid organizer. Buy at Vendato

Product 2: Support for cabinet door. Buy at Magazine Luiza

Product 3: Drainer basket Buy at Açonox

Product 4: Cutlery Holder - Buy at Casa do Marceneiro

Product 5: Wired drawer for cabinet. Buy at Aramado.com

Product 6: Cup Organizer - Buy at Vendato

Product 7: Glass Organizer Buy at Vendato

Product 8: Corner Organizer Buy at Ordenato

Product 9: Condiment holder. Buy at Casa do Marceneiro

Product 10: Object organizer rack. Buy at Aramado.com

Product 11: 2-story Bookcase - Buy at Casa que tem

Product 12: Cabinet organizer for cutting boards Buy at Vendato

Wire mesh for bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that has a variety of items, accessories, and hygiene products that require organization. With this selection of pieces you can better arrange the items used in the bathroom and have a space that is always tidy.

Product 1: Toilet paper holder. Buy at Tok&Stok

Product 2: Blow-dryer stand. Buy at Aramado.com

Product 3: Toilet paper holder with shelf. Buy at Extra

Product 4: Straight Shampoo Holder - Buy at Leroy Merlin

Product 5: Towel rack, Buy at Vendato

Product 6: Soap dish, buy at Aramado.com

Product 7: Corner shelf - Buy at Tok&Stok

Product 8: Cabinet and Shelf Organizer Buy at Vendato

Product 9: Bench Towel Holder. Buy at Vendato

Product 10: Multi-Purpose Box Stand - Buy at Tudo Organizado

Laundry wire mesh

The laundry room also deserves a special attention in the organization. To bring agility in the cleaning tasks and so that the space is always in order, these pieces are the easiest and most practical way to leave everything tidy in this environment.

Product 1: Multi-Purpose Double Wire Bracket Buy at Leroy Merlin

Product 2: Triple multipurpose organizer Buy at Ordenato

Product 3: Chest of drawers with wire shelf, Buy at Organize Shop

Product 4: Iron stand - Buy at Casa do Marceneiro

Product 5: Soap/detergent organizer. Buy at Vendato

Product 6: Basket organizer for plastic bags. Buy at Ordenato

Product 7: Cloth holder. Buy at Casa do Marceneiro

Product 8: Squeegee and broom organizer. Buy at Aramado.com

Product 9: Organizational basket. Buy at Casa que tem

Product 10: Hanger hooks, buy at Aramado.com

Closet Wire

For clothes lined up and accessories organized: a selection of trellises that give a little help when storing blouses, pants, purses, shoes, and belts, making it easier to organize and expanding the space in closets and closets.

Product 1: Trouser Hanger Buy at Ordenato

Product 2: Accessory organizer. Buy at Muma

Product 3: Shoe cabinet. Buy at Vendato

Product 4: Double Wardrobe Rack - Buy at Submarino

Product 5: Double shoe rack for shoes and boots. Buy at Farelo Criativo

Product 6: Shelf. Buy at Leroy Merlin

Product 7: Hanger for accessories Buy at Muma

Product 8: Bag Organizer. Buy at Farelo Criativo

Product 9: Multi-Purpose Drawer Kit Buy at Aramado.com

Product 10: Belt and tie holder. Buy at Muma

30 trellis inspirations to organize and decorate

1. utensils always at hand

Wire shelves and utensil holders organize, keep everything handy, and add a decorative touch to this kitchen.

2. organization in the kitchen

To take advantage of the space and keep everything organized, a good idea for small kitchens is to use the wall space with accessories for hanging utensils.

3. clothes rack

Clothes racks are a great option for those who live in small houses and don't have much space for closets.

4. decoration and practicality

The trellises combine decoration and practicality in everyday life and compose a modern decor for the kitchen.

5. organization in the laundry room

Great for laundry rooms, the multipurpose wire shelves are excellent allies to keep everything always organized, with the practicality that the environment requires.

6. stylish bedroom

Practicality and style in a single object, the clothes rack is perfect for organizing clothes in a small space and keeping everything at hand. Some models even allow you to fit a shoe rack underneath, for better use of space.

7. practicality and functionality

The wire shelves are very practical for storing products and organizing objects with boxes and baskets. The space underneath the shelves can be used to fit a rack.

8. trellis kitchen

Kitchen organization is essential, especially when space is tight. Invest in hanging shelves and wire racks.

9. everything in its place

Above the sink you can organize various kitchen objects with wire racks. Cutlery, utensils, and spices will be neatly arranged, and the countertop will be free to prepare the food.

10. modern and organized kitchen

Put order in the kitchen, inside drawers and cabinets with the trellis. A well organized kitchen saves space and you don't waste time looking for utensils.

11. organization in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the trellises are very useful for organizing hygienic or beauty products, and they can also be used as towel holders.

12. subway tiles and wire mesh

The subway tile wall gains more prominence with the trellises. The hanging dish drainer frees up the countertop and organizes this small kitchen.

13. to organize the cleaning products

Perfect for placing on the sink and organizing detergent, soap, and indispensable utensils for cleaning the kitchen.

14. more closet space

Increase the space inside the cabinets and keep everything organized with wire racks, so it is much easier to find the food and utensils.

15. baskets for organization

A wire basket is super charming, can be used to store many things and leave them apparent. Store magazines and decorate the room or the living room with a modern and cool look.

16. practicality is everything

This kitchen combines the patchwork of hydraulic tiles with wire racks that leave various utensils at hand. A combination of beauty and practicality.

17. order in spices and fruits

The wire rack with castors and the baskets put this kitchen in order, separating the spices, fruits, and other culinary items.

18. bathroom with metal details

Baskets are essential to give a place for everything, a simple but very functional piece that makes a difference in the organization of the environment.

19. a kitchen full of personality and organization

In this kitchen, the trellis is a guarantee of organization and a lot of personality.

20. practicality in the kitchen routine

The wire racks expose dishes, utensils, and spices and make the environment more interesting, besides bringing more practicality to the kitchen routine.

21. elegance and organization in the restroom

Towels must never be missing in the bathroom. The specific holders allow the organization and arrangement of the pieces in an elegant way in the environment.

22. day-to-day practicality

A wire rack near the entrance to the house makes all the difference in the organization of the daily routine. Essential for those who seek practicality when arriving or leaving home.

23. closet organizers

Organization and practicality are essential in the closet. Invest in organizers to expand the spaces and keep the clothes, ties, belts, and accessories in order.

24. trellis shelves in the kitchen

In the kitchen, wire shelves are practical and easy to install, and perfect for storing crockery. Add hooks to the frame and gain more space to store cups and pans.

25. exposed utensils

In kitchen decoration, utensils displayed on shelves and hooks make daily life more practical, optimize space, and add a touch of personality to the environment.

26. hanging pans

The hanging pan organizes and displays all pots, pans, and other containers. It brings style in the right measure for the composition of rustic, modern, and retro kitchens.

27. stylish organization

Organize accessories, necklaces, and other pieces with trellises. The result? More practicality when dressing up. The decoration becomes informal, casual, and stylish with the accessories.

28. small and organized bathroom

In small bathrooms, taking advantage of space behind doorways and small walls is valuable. Use hooks and towel bars to organize and store bath accessories.

The trellis is great for organizing and is a fantastic space saver. Prioritize what you need to store and the space available when choosing your trellis pieces. After all these inspirations and tips, it is much easier to find the ideal option to meet your needs. Invest in trellis!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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