Wooden Fence: 50 ideas and tutorials to divide spaces with charm

Wooden Fence: 50 ideas and tutorials to divide spaces with charm
Robert Rivera

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The wooden fence is a simple and practical option for demarcating the garden, the backyard, or the field. Its function is very broad, since it can create barriers, protect the pool area, give privacy, and enclose flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and other elements.

It is possible to find many different shapes and styles to divide spaces, and this element can also become another decorative item in your home:

50 pictures of wooden fence to divide and decorate

Wooden fencing is a popular choice for a variety of boundaries, check out several inspiring ideas:

1. a wooden balcony fence is a versatile item

2. widely used to protect and beautify the outside area

2. can also be used as a support for climbing plants

4. a way to enhance the main façade

5. or a great way to delimit the pool area

6. the wooden fence brings a rustic look

Perfect for use in a country house

8. a charming option to replace walls in the garden

9. choose a model that goes with the style of your home

10. choose a composition with straight slats for a modern balcony

11. pieces with different heights bring a dynamic touch

12. rustic wood fencing is widely used for farms and ranches

13. your design can be an attraction to the space

14. wood brings an atmosphere of simplicity

15. and it's great for charming little corners in the garden

16. the hollow shapes do not interfere with the appreciation of the landscape

17. in its natural appearance, it has a variety of tones and textures

18. a fence can bring more privacy to your yard

19. it is an excellent bet for leisure areas

20. can be used in humid and sea-safe places

21. add a country touch to the garden

22. and to compose a classic look for the garden

23. a material in harmony with the plants

24. and that stands out with its charm and practicality

25. an elegant outdoor space with white wooden fence

26. wood helps create a cozy atmosphere

27. often used to enclose swimming pools

28. a beautiful option to close the winter garden

29. a simple proposal goes with any style

30. easily divide up the spaces in the backyard

31. it is possible to create creative and original compositions

32. and a nice gate for the entrance of the house

33. use a wooden fence with a screen for more protection

34. sophistication and discretion for the backyard

35. a practical wooden dog fence idea

36. rustic natural wood fence for farm

37. a simple and economical option to divide the land

38. a modern and elegant model for the garden

39. with logs to match the atmosphere of contact with nature

40. more safety for the pool area

41. transform the look of the house with a wooden porch fence

42. a closed model is ideal for those who prioritize privacy

43. small sizes look lovely in flowerbeds

44. a charming detail for the balcony

45. change the style of the wooden fence with white

46. add a contemporary aesthetic to the outdoor area

47. or a differentiated and rustic entrance to the house

48. the fences adapt to the most diverse needs

49. great for getting around paths

With all these options, it is easier to give the proper attention to protecting that space in the backyard, remodeling the garden decoration, or sharing the outside spaces of your house with practicality and charm.

How to make a wooden fence

Instead of ordering templates or buying ready-made pieces, you can choose to make various styles of fence with your own hands, learn from the following tutorials:

How to make a wooden dog fence

Here's how to make a wooden fence to prevent dogs and other domestic animals from entering your garden: a simple job, but one that requires attention, planning, and some basic tools. With this idea, you can protect your plants and make your yard much more charming.

How to make a bamboo fence

Check out the video on how to build a bamboo fence for your home. An easy project to do, with a resistant, affordable, and very attractive material, especially for those who want to maintain a natural and rustic look in the outdoor area.

How to make a garden fence

Learn how to make a small fence with wooden slats for use in your backyard. A great option to decorate your vegetable garden or a garden bed. Besides, the materials are cheap and its assembly process is simple and fast. To make it easier, you can buy already cut wood.

The wooden fence is a practical element to delimit the external areas and you can adapt these models with the size and width you want. It can be used for several purposes, such as dividing the spaces and ensuring security, besides, it also contributes to leave your garden organized, pleasant, and full of charm.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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