10 tips to put together a beautiful and creative Christmas tree

10 tips to put together a beautiful and creative Christmas tree
Robert Rivera

The Christmas tree is one of the greatest symbols of the year-end festivities. Choosing the ornaments, decorating with bows, and lighting it can be a fun and enjoyable task. To help you make your house look beautiful for this season, learn how to decorate your Christmas tree with class and elegance:

How to assemble a Christmas tree and make a great decoration

Setting up a Christmas tree can be a family tradition or something very personal, either way, this is a special moment. To make this task easier, check out 10 tips to set up your tree and make it look great:

1. choice of colors and theme

Before you start decorating, choose the theme for your Christmas tree. Will it be a traditional tree or a themed tree? What colors will you use? There are many ideas to have a golden, pink or white tree. After that, separate all the decorations you want to put up, this will help you visualize it.

2. harmony with the environment

It's no use choosing a decoration that doesn't match the tree's location, for example. If you have a minimalist house, an exaggerated decoration won't look so nice, will it? The tree's decoration must harmonize and balance with the rest of the room. It's even worth matching the shades of the decorations with furniture and ornaments.

3. start with the lights

After assembling the tree structure, start placing the lights. Position the flashes from bottom to top. The tip is: if you have pets, be more careful with the lights. Choose the color of the light according to the decoration you want, if your decoration is more silver, opt for colder lights, for example.

4. personalize the decorations

A precious tip is to personalize the Christmas ornaments: Christmas balls with the family name, ornaments with photos or initials. Another option to give a personal touch to your Christmas decoration is to make the ornaments yourself. This is a way to create a unique tree and show affection for all family members.

5. place the decorations in order of size

After placing the little lights, start placing the larger ornaments. Follow the order from the largest to the smallest and distribute them first on the inner part of the tree. Use the smaller ones to fill in the branches left on the tree. If you find your tree too small, use festoons to fill in the gaps.

6. an embellishment for the top

Choose a different and outstanding ornament to use on top of the tree. Christmas stars are widely used, but you can innovate the tradition and choose different items to finish the decoration.

7. tree in the corner of the room

Generally speaking, mounting the Christmas tree in one corner of the room is a great way to save space, but you can also save decorations, since one side will not need to be decorated.

8. turn on the blinker

After placing the large and small decorations, it is time to turn on the lights to see if everything is organized and decorated perfectly.

9. place the tree on a support

A tip to make the Christmas tree taller and more eye-catching is to place the tree on top of a small table or a stand. A good tip especially for small models.

10. attention to detail

The details will make all the difference in the final composition. When you finish placing the ornaments, combine them with a nativity scene, presents, or other Christmas decorations in the room.

There is no rule for setting up your Christmas tree. Prioritize what you have at home, and if you want, gradually acquire new ornaments to personalize yours. Besides, each year you can use different ornaments and create a unique look.

Tutorials to follow to set up the Christmas tree

In addition to the tips above, check out tutorials and guidelines for putting together the perfect Christmas tree. Press play and check it out!

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In the video, you learn how to choose the theme, choose the main colors, and organize the assembly of the tree. With these 3 main tips you can elaborate several decorations and surprise with the Christmas decoration in your home.

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If you want to decorate your entire house, how about checking out some more Christmas decorating tips?

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Robert Rivera
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