100 ways to use color in a small room

100 ways to use color in a small room
Robert Rivera

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Some people believe that a small room should follow the standard of light colors, but this is not a rule - the truth is that you can use and abuse of creativity to decorate the space, using even dark tones, warm or clean And here you will learn how to choose the ideal color and on top of that enhance the space with precision.

10 Best Colors for Small Living Rooms

The following colors were listed by architect Marcela Zampere, and are not specifically a rule, but are the most popular in different design styles.


"White is a basic color that brings amplitude to the space. It can be worked with several other tones and offers countless possibilities for decoration styles", explains the architect.

With white you can go far: it is possible to create from a classic decoration, to the famous and beloved Scandinavian one, passing through the contemporary, the modern, and even the rustic. What will differentiate one from the other are the complements you will add to the project.


"Gray is also a classic color, and can be used both in more contemporary decorations and in more serious and sophisticated decorations - gray is a wild color that goes with all colors. Half painted walls are a great option for small rooms, for example, because the upper, lighter part reflects the natural light, while the lower, darker part brings all the charm and comfort to the room.environment," elucidates Marcela.


Zampere adds: "Beige is versatile and can also be used in several styles, such as hygge, Scandinavian, boho, and classic.


The lighter, burnt, and antique shades of pink bring delicacy, and are very much in vogue in interior design: "in small rooms we can use colored doors, they stand out, and become a point of color without weighing down the room. Even in the industrial style, pink combines harmoniously", suggests the architect.


"The lighter shades of green are perfect for a younger decoration and bring amplitude to the environment. Cooler shades can be perfect to create minimalist environments, while the darker shades of green look great to create a highlight wall and bring warmth to the environment.


According to Marcela, the shades of blue make the environment more serene and cozy: "Light shades can be used on more than one wall in small rooms, and the more intense shades look great as a highlight or half wall, since they bring a lot of elegance to the environment. Contemporary and minimalist decorations go very well with this more intense and grayish shade", she complements.

Earthy tones

"Earthy tones are in fashion and go very well with Boho design, which is characterized by the mixture of several styles. More rustic environments also look great in this color.


The architect explains that in small rooms it is preferable to use it in details, pieces, furniture, or walls. It goes very well in modern projects.


There is a stigma that black cannot be used in small rooms at all, but Marcela doesn't agree with this: "The color can be used in small rooms, yes, but I suggest it be used on one wall or detail. The other walls and decorative items make the room more pleasant and larger if they are in light tones.


"Wine tones have always been used a lot in decoration, but in small environments a little caution is necessary - more intense tones can tire, but when used in details they bring an elegant touch to the project", concludes the architect.

From pastel to warm tones, the colors included in your living room can be added from the walls to furniture and small elements. In other words, it's up to you to choose the dosage you want most.

How to choose colors for the small living room

If you are still in doubt about which color to paint your living room, be it a dining room, living room, or TV room, take note of these simple tips that can help you make the right choice:

  • Define the style: First of all you need to choose the style you want to adopt for your room. With this defined, it is easier to focus on some more limited options.
  • Get inspired: The website Tua Casa is a great source for this.
  • Test the color: If the idea is to paint the wall, there are applications that help you simulate the color in the room by simply taking a picture of the space and applying filters. It doesn't get any easier than this. You can also purchase test strips for the desired colors and choose the one that offers the best result on your wall.
  • Choose the dosage: Define how you intend to add color to your room - paint an entire wall? or the ceiling? a half wall perhaps? in the color of your sofa? in decorative objects?
  • Personal taste: All the above tips must have something very valuable being taken into account - your own personal taste. Choose colors that have something to do with you, because colors play an important role in the sensations of an environment and, above all, that makes sense to you.

Choosing the colors for your living room is an important task that will define a number of things, especially the style. Think carefully, do your best, and have a good makeover!

100 small room designs of the most varied colors and styles

The following list includes the most different styles of small rooms, which have received different colors in their decoration and which can serve as inspiration for you to carry out your remodeling.

1. a few tricks can help transform a small environment

2. and use the limited space intelligently

3. you can create depth by using a striking color, for example

4. or give a feeling of spaciousness with lighter, more classic colors

5. a painted door is sometimes the splash of color your room needs

6. a rug can contribute perfectly to the coloring mission

7. primary colors look great on a colored wall

8. see what a perfect combination of green and blue

And speaking of painting the ceiling...

10. notice how stylish the dining room became with the green wall

11. the classic trick: neutral colors and mirror for amplitude

12. notice that the touch of color came from the earthy rug

13. the earthy red makes the room very charming

14. speaking of earthy tones, how about this color palette?

15. a burnt pink for warmth

16. the depth of the TV room was given by the mint green

17. how can you not fall in love with the burnt cement wall?

18. it is perfect, especially in industrial style projects

19. its gray tone allows you to combine any color with it

20. beige can be applied in the project with woody materials

21. a room with several shades of gray

22. sometimes all your living room needs is a green armchair

23 This is proof that a sober decoration can be very stylish

24. the perfect marriage of gray, beige and an earthy tone

25. you can also apply color in the room with the help of natural elements

26. or go all out for a sofa in a striking color

27. like this one, which does not let us lie

28. a palette formed by beige, white and a shade of yellow

This wall looks great, don't you think?

30. the gray door made all the difference

31. a few plants to brighten up the house

32. with natural light guaranteed, you can invest in different textures

33 By the way, textures add a touch of refinement to projects clean also

34. here the colorfulness was on account of the decorative objects

35. a yellow panel, a blue sofa

36. the yellow carpet broke the seriousness of the white and gray

37. the pure elegance of a black wall

38 Who said that industrial projects don't include pink?

39. beige can also be used in contemporary projects

40. a small wall was given a big highlight

41. for the TV room, a "cave" project is worth

42 The all-white room was given a warm touch by the furniture

43. throw a colorful blanket on the sofa and notice the result

44. a small and highly comfortable room

45. combining colors with a strong presence makes the space joyful and jovial

46. in small doses, yellow gained great prominence

47. gray and white give everything a unique elegance

48. you can use the colors to demarcate different environments

49. or enhance light colors with good direct lighting

50. this ceiling in burnt gray is spectacular

51. for lack of one, there are several colors in the carpet

52. the serenity of a project clean

53. colors so cozy they feel like a hug

54. with the burnt cement wall, the clear furniture made the difference

55. minimalism could not be left out of this list

56. everything beige, in the right measure

57. notice the subtlety of the colored details

58. pastel tones have always been welcome in small spaces

59 The black marking presence in the cabinetry

60. shades of gray blending with green

61. notice how good lighting enhances even the most subtle colors

62. a project that represents the full meaning of peace

63 And often with the right colors, traditional furniture is not even needed

The painted wall eliminated the need for a TV panel

65. white on top to bounce light, dark underneath to make everything comfortable

66. light furniture is highlighted in the dark gray contrast

67. yellow making a difference in homeopathic doses

68. adding color to the pillows is always an easy way out

69 And when there is no fear of daring, a different painting goes well

Vectorizing color in the design gives a result full of personality

71 The dark floor called for lighter alternatives

72 The living room is one of the most used rooms in the house

73 And it is important that you think carefully about the colors you will use

74. to offer the feeling you like the most

75 - If the environment is used to watch TV, bet on comfortable tones

76. if you like to receive guests, cheerful colors are welcome

77. if you like both options, create a balance between the two proposals

78. it is also important that you keep your identity in the decoration

79. and studying your tastes with care is part of the project

80. you can rummage through your closet to discover the colors you like best

81. Do you prefer a small contemporary room?

82. Or do you believe that boho style is more your style?

83. industrial is on the rise

84. and modern never stopped being a trend

85. for the TV wall, black helps to create a cinema effect

86. earthy tones in a contemporary project

87. a whole identity reproduced in the decoration

88 The beige gained a new face with the combination of copper

89. the rusticity of burnt cement

90. that guaranteed feeling of spaciousness

91. the colorful between pictures and pillows

92. look how joy can be added with just a few colors

93. pastel tones making their presence felt

94. dark blue is a classic

95. marsala on the chairs to liven up the decoration

96 In integrated environments, the colors need to match each other

97. you can choose the painting of the walls according to the furniture

98. or the opposite, set the furniture according to the colors of the walls

99. the truth is that colors totally influence the style of the room

100. and choosing the ideal palette is a matter of taste and personality

After defining the colors for the space, it is also necessary to think about the cabinetry and furniture design, isn't it? For this mission, check out these suggestions for small living room racks.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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