20 pictures of wallpaper for dining room that will enhance the space

20 pictures of wallpaper for dining room that will enhance the space
Robert Rivera

Wallpaper for dining room is an excellent idea to get away from the traditional and make the environment more modern. There are models for all tastes, ranging from neutral to patterned, enabling different proposals. Check below tips on how to choose yours and pictures of beautiful models.

How to choose wallpaper for dining room and make it look stylish

If this is your first time using wallpaper for decorating, take these points into consideration to make a good choice:

  • Application and durability: The application and durability of wallpaper depend on the type chosen, and the most practical are the adhesive models and the durability can reach up to 15 years.
  • Harmony or contrast: If you want a classic and clean environment, choose a wallpaper with the same style and tone as the rest of the furniture, but if you want a more modern and daring proposal, bet on the contrast of colors and prints.
  • Amplitude: Light models with small prints and a white background bring a feeling of spaciousness to the room, while dark/colored models are more eye-catching and make the room seem smaller.
  • Disposition: To avoid overloading the dining room, it is recommended to decorate only one wall near the table. For the others, keep neutral colors or use mirrors.
  • Textures: Besides the traditional models, you have the option of choosing wallpapers that simulate textures, such as wood, burnt cement, and marble, or the 3d wallpaper that brings the sensation of depth and gives an even greater highlight to the room.

Following these tips will make it much easier to choose a wallpaper for your dining room and make it look like you.

20 wallpaper ideas for dining room that look charming

In the following pictures, you will see how it is possible to transform the dining room by using wallpaper. Check it out and choose your favorite style:

1. wallpaper for dining room can simulate a painting

2. have creative designs

3. and prints of the most different kinds

4. geometric ones being among the most chosen

5. plain models leave a discreet environment

6. while the printed ones draw more attention

7. in this case, keep the balance with neutral furniture

8. not to overload the environment

9. it is possible to combine dining room wallpaper with mirrors

10. cover only part of the wall

11. or stick it from ceiling to floor

12. as in this elegant idea

13. floral patterns make the room cheerful

14. woody options are sophisticated

15. textured options stand out

16. and the most luxurious ones don't even look like wallpaper

17. your choice will depend on your style

18. and the feeling you want to create in the space

19. but have no doubt that the result will be beautiful

20. just like everyone else you have checked out

How about applying this material in other rooms? See wallpaper ideas for living room and get inspired!

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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