35 models of crocheted door weights to brighten up your home

35 models of crocheted door weights to brighten up your home
Robert Rivera

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Open doors are perfect for airing out the house, but it's hard to keep them open - after all, every time there's a strong wind, they slam. To put an end to this problem and still beautify your room, there's only one way: use a crochet door weight. So, check here 35 very attractive models of this piece and tutorials on how to create one and refresh your space!

How to make a crocheted door weight

A crocheted door weight can take many shapes and decorate many rooms:

Square crocheted door weight

This type of weight is easy to make and still very beautiful, so if you don't want to go to a lot of trouble to create your own piece, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

Cat door weight

Do you like kittens? If so, you can also create a wonderful crocheted cat door weights by watching this video to learn the step-by-step process and reproduce it in your home.

Crocheted Turtle Door-weight

To make this cute turtle you will need: cotton string, 3mm needle, sand or stone, 2 plastic bags for souvenirs, scissors, 2 eyes, an upholsterer's needle, hot glue, and padding. This model is a little more work, but it is worth doing, because it has a passionate result.

Crocheted dog door-weight

The dog is another popular animal among crocheted door-weights, so if you like this pet, you can make a crocheted door-weight pattern with it.

Ladybug crocheted door-weight

If you prefer a ladybug, then you have to check out this tutorial. Because this animal has so many details, creating this weight is a bit time-consuming. But this ladybug is so charming that it can also be used as an ornament, so if you have practice or like a challenge, give this step-by-step a try.

Crocheted door weight for kitchen

Chicken weights are often used in kitchens, so if you are looking for a piece for this environment, you should go for this model! To make the cute one in this video, get a 1.75mm needle, scissors, lighter, hot glue, thick silk thread, sand or stone, 2 eyes, 2 clear plastic bags, and stuffing.

All the videos present good options for crocheted door weights, so if you want to make more than one for your home, you can start with the tutorial you like the best and gradually make the others. What do you think?

35 pictures of crocheted door weights to freshen up your space with originality

See now 35 beautiful crocheted door weight inspirations to decide which type is best for your home:

1. a crocheted door weight can take many shapes

For this reason, it is able to give distinctive characteristics to the environments

3. a weight in a sober color makes the space more serious

4. one that can take many shapes gives versatility

5. the pet weight is excellent for children's rooms

6. because it gives a fun look to the place

7. the cat copy is very successful

8. after all, he is beautiful

9. can bring joy to the place

10. and can have several shapes to suit the owner's taste

11. What do you think of one with a long neck?

12. a turtle can provide more color

13. while a little owl makes the environment cute

14. with her eyes closed, she is passionate

15. and with a ribbon on her head? charming

16. to bring delicacy, bet on the centipede

17. a ladybug with bows is also good for a sweet spot

18. how about a charming little snake?

19. the dog weight is another well used

20. that decorates a corner beautifully

21. and allows you to be creative in the piece

22. many girls like the doll's weight

23. a model of a character is cool

24. because it shows the child's tastes

25. fun weights can also decorate adult spaces

26. in the kitchen, too, chickens are always present

27. because they are beautiful and match the place

28. a flower weight provides a romantic look

29. that is why he pleases so many people

30. the square model with flower is good for delicate places

31. using a pair of weights is cool

32. to give more grace to the singing

33. a fold makes your weight more original

34. one color is equally good to give originality to the piece

35 This weight is so beautiful that it can be used only as a decoration!

There is no denying that a crocheted door weight is very cute and cuddly, isn't there? So make your own to improve the atmosphere in your spaces and enhance your decor! To have more crocheted door weights in your home, see beautiful crocheted cache pot options.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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