Crochet Kitchen Mat: 50 Beautiful and Charming Designs

Crochet Kitchen Mat: 50 Beautiful and Charming Designs
Robert Rivera

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A manual technique with centuries of tradition, crochet has French origins and is always reinventing itself in new pieces and styles.

Crochet can be used in any room of the house, but the kitchen gains extra charm when a beautiful crocheted rug completes the decor.

For those who love crafts, this is a good opportunity to let their creativity flow:

1. roses for a flowery kitchen

This set has a neutral white base, rounded edges, and few details in its extension. The special highlight is the application of small roses in each of the rugs.

2. and simplicity for those who want something more discreet

Clear options in one tone are great choices for those looking for a kitchen set that does not weigh down the decoration of the space. With rounded edges, it has a hollow center.

3. simple crocheted rug for the kitchen

A classic model, this rectangular format option guarantees a multi-use piece, which can be positioned in different places in the environment. Elaborated in a single color, it can guarantee more liveliness to the kitchen.

4. how about mixing crochet with other materials?

Here, the base of the rug is elaborately woven, and the details made with crocheted beaks make the piece even more charming.

5. relaxed look and lots of color

If you are looking for something thematic and casual to decorate your kitchen, you will be delighted with this option. Here, the game imitates the colors and shape of the fruit when sliced, brightening up the environment.

6. neutral tones, but with presence

This rectangular kitchen set is made in shades of gray.

7. favorite duo: black and white

For those who are afraid of daring in decoration, but are looking for something striking, a good tip is to bet on a set of rugs with black and white tones, a classic of decoration.

8. the more details, the better

Despite being made with white thread, these rugs stand out for the richness of detail resulting from a combination of various stitches, simulating the silhouette of a flower.

9. an option for a romantic kitchen

Adding flowers and pieces in shades of pink ensures a romantic and delicate decoration for the environment.

10. simple and easy rectangular kitchen set

This video teaches how to make a complete set of mats for the kitchen.

11. flowers of different shades

With a contrasting background, the choice of black and white guarantees even more highlight to the flower applications with varied colors, enhancing this rug set.

12. using two shades of yellow

A kitchen with yellow elements overflows with joy. By adding a set of rugs in these shades, it is possible to add liveliness to the room.

13. three pieces, two sizes

Although the kitchen set traditionally consists of two rectangular rugs and a treadmill, the latter can be replaced by a smaller piece, adapting it to your kitchen.

14. for small kitchens, only one piece

If space is tight, a good alternative is to use just the kitchen runner. It is not only elegant, but will also help to protect the floor.

15. fun motifs brighten up the space

It is worth betting on rugs with fun prints to make the kitchen look more relaxed.

16. strawberry kitchen set

Another very casual version of the crocheted rug set that helps add more personality to the kitchen decor.

17. for cartoon lovers

Another fun themed option, this kitchen set bets on the colors and silhouettes of the famous cartoon mice to make the kitchen decor even more charming.

18. mickey/minnie theme kitchen set

If you have children at home, you will love this beautifully themed kitchen set.

19. a model made with string

When betting on a kitchen set made with string, the decoration becomes even more striking. Elaborated using two different shades, it has a rounded shape and delicate stitching.

20. one tone only, with a simple look

Although it does not have many details and has the standard rug format, this set adds charm to the decoration, betting on a striking tone for the environment.

21. treadmill with pearl application

In addition to having details cast along its entire length, this model of treadmill gains even more charm and delicacy with the application of small pearls in the flower core.

22. penguin kitchen set

For those who want a themed kitchen or like a more relaxed decor, this rug model can give a lot of personality to the environment. Check out the video to learn how to make this nice piece.

23. to spice up your afternoon tea

Another beautiful example of how investing in a themed kitchen set can be a good option. Here, the designs of the cups and teapots set the tone for the place set aside for afternoon tea.

24. with differentiated format

Although the most commonly used model for decorating kitchens is the rectangular rug, the fan shape is a good alternative to get out of the ordinary.

25. a trio in blue and white

Although the blue color ensures softness to the environment, its more vibrant tones help to brighten up the decoration.

26. red and white mix

Adding the color red to the kitchen decor is a good way to warm up and brighten up this environment. Here, it is mixed with light tones, giving even more emphasis to the rug set.

27. a well-marked border

With its central part elaborated with white thread, the highlight of this rug set is the worked border, using two different shades of thread.

28. yellow plaid and flower details

Once again the black and white duo shows itself to be a wild card in decoration. With details in a checkered pattern, this set still receives an application of yellow flowers.

29. vibrant pink for a kitchen full of personality

To avoid monotony in decorating environments that use a neutral color palette, nothing is better than adding decorative elements with vibrant hues, transforming the kitchen.

30. how about a four-piece option?

The secret to using the kitchen set correctly is in choosing its position well. Just add it next to the most used appliances, as well as in the sink area.

31. a model with special highlight

The distinctive design of this set ensures a special highlight for the trio of colorful flowers, enhancing the look of the kitchen.

32. flowered kitchen mat set

For those who want to add flowers to their kitchen decor this is a great option. On the light background, the applications of colorful crocheted flowers stand out in the room.

33. various shades of orange

Orange is another color that is often used to bring life to the kitchen, just like yellow. The different shades of orange in this set ensure a very cheerful look.

34. another option in orange, full of charm and delicacy


Besides the cheerfulness, depending on how the piece is made, orange can also bring a fresh and delicate touch.

35. crocheted kitchen set Ana Laura

An option with darker tones, this set of rugs for the kitchen has a brown background and borders made with blended thread. Check out the step by step instructions and add more charm to your kitchen.

36. how about a treadmill with a differentiated look?

Escaping from more traditional looks, this treadmill has a different format, being formed by independent pieces joined by elaborate stitching.

37. a wildcard look for any kitchen

Rich in details, this kitchen rug set is a great option for decorating colorful kitchens, enhancing the decor without weighing down the look.

38. deluxe kitchen set

Elaborated in a neutral tone, this is the ideal model to enhance the kitchen decoration without weighing down its look. With rounded edges, this set has three pieces.

39. the beauty of blended lines

For those who want to get away from the simplistic look of carpets, with only one or two shades, a good idea is to bet on elaborate sets with blended lines, resulting in a unique look.

40. flowers are always a great idea

In addition to bringing all the beauty of nature into the kitchen, by using rugs with flower applications it is possible to enhance the look with color and delicacy.

41. and they make any game super charming

They enhance the pieces and are very versatile, among several models and colors.

42. a garden full of color

With a neutral base, this crochet set has the beauty and casualness of flowers in vibrant colors to embellish the kitchen.

43. let your imagination flow

In the case of making your own set of rugs, it is worth unleashing your imagination and creating differentiated models, with varied patterns and an exclusive look.

44. foliage kitchen set

This video tutorial teaches you how to make a beautiful rectangular rug set with two different shades of green.

45. and add more color and joy to the environment

A multicolored option, this rug set has a black background, ensuring total highlight to the chosen tones.

46. how about a neon piece?

Ideal for those who are not afraid to dare, this neon pink treadmill needs nothing else to shine.

47. or a super-discreet piece?

Made with two shades of brown thread and cream thread, this rug set created a beautiful and delicate composition.

48. an elaborate rug may be just what your kitchen needs

This tutorial is for the professional crocheter, but it looks stunningly beautiful decorating any room!

49. single-tone pieces are also charming

This green treadmill complements the decor with a touch of color and brings life to the most neutral kitchens.

50 - Regardless of the style of the rug, your kitchen will look great!

In addition to being beautiful, crocheted pieces provide a cozy feeling, transforming the look wherever they are inserted. Choose your favorite kitchen rug model and put your handcrafted skills into practice right now! Take advantage and also check out crocheted bathroom rug ideas to decorate your home.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
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