40 astronaut cake ideas for a real space trip

40 astronaut cake ideas for a real space trip
Robert Rivera

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The astronaut cake is ideal for those who love science, the universe, and grandiose spaceships. This theme captivates both children and adults, and will make your event even more fun. Below, see amazing ideas and tutorials to make a cake in this theme and surprise your guests.

40 astronaut cake pictures that are out of this world

Can you imagine living an adventure in space with your friends? That's what the astronaut theme represents. Full of colors, lots of planets and spaceships, it is great for those looking for a fun party! Check out the best cake ideas below and choose your favorite:

1. the astronaut cake is very creative

2. it has vibrant colors

3. referring to outer space

4. and of course, the planets and ships cannot be missed

5. the theme is used in several types of events

6. how about a 1 year old astronaut cake?

7. this important date deserves a special celebration

8. because a baby's first 365 days come with many changes

9. candy can be simpler

10. or rich in details

11. it is also possible to use it in the mesversaries

12. and why not for older children's birthdays?

13. although it is common in children's parties for boys

14. there are female astronaut cake options

15. they have a beautiful astronaut doll

16. pink is usually more in evidence

17. but it is possible to play with other tones

18. a great tip is to choose pastel colors

19. because they make the cake toppers stand out even more

20. want a more classic version?

21. so invest in the blue cake

22: This color is very much linked to the theme

23. and blends perfectly with the other elements

24. How to resist an astronaut cake with a cake topper?

25. this type of decoration represents the theme faithfully

26. an economical and easy-to-make alternative

Just print the designs and stick them on the candy

28. if you want to dare, you can make sculptures with american paste

29. ingredient requires more skill

30. but the result is incredibly beautiful

31. the astronaut cake with whipped cream can be another option

32. besides being tasty, it allows several decorations

33: You can leave an impeccable matte finish

34. or create textures to represent the spatial ground

35. if you have many guests, go for the 2-story version

36. so everyone gets a piece of wonderful cake

37. regardless of the model chosen

38. don't be afraid to unleash your creativity

39. plan all the details with care

40. and have an adventure-filled space party!

Did you like these cake options? Get inspired by them to create your own and enjoy good times among friends!

How to make a astronaut cake

Check out the tutorials below and learn how to decorate your own cake:

Simple Astronaut Cake

How about a simple and very impactful decoration for your cake? In this video, you will learn how to work with the whipped cream, to create a spatulated effect and give an amazing finish to the candy. toppers to guarantee a perfect result!

Astronaut Cake with Chocolate Planets

Planets and spaceships are elements that cannot be missing in an astronaut-themed cake! In this tutorial, Letícia Sweet Cake teaches how to make a galaxy and chocolate planets decoration for the cake. Be sure to watch the video, because it is full of tips!

Cratered decoration for the astronaut theme

Do you want a cake with textures to represent the surface of the planets? Then, this video is for you! In this step by step, the pastry chef Lorena Gontijo teaches how to make textures in the cake with whipped cream. Press play and reproduce this idea at home!

Astronaut Mixed Cake

In this video, chef Léo Oliveira shows how to use whipped cream in pink, purple, light blue and lilac to make a decoration that represents the galaxy. She also adds some details to enrich the cake even more. Check it out!

If you want other ideas, check out galaxy cake options and unravel the mysteries of the universe at your party!

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